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Here you will find job offers to which you can apply, full-time or part-time jobs. Freelance Copy Typing Jobs & Projects. These beginners' guides explain everything you need to know about working at home. An typist is an administrative professional who performs transcriptions and other paperwork to enable the creation of printed or electronic documents. Find typing jobs in Kuching, Sarawak with company ratings and salaries.

Typewriter jobs in London - July 2018

You have good timing capabilities and can work precisely even under stress? Prior typing background; Graham Matthews is currently working with an NHS Trust in the Essex/London region looking for a medical secretary who can..... You have good timing capabilities and can work precisely even under stress?

Part-time jobs in London - July 2018

Dictaphone. Working with the pharmacist to make sure that the patient receives their medicines on schedule........ Healthcare clerk - part-time. Engineer working hours and administration. It is your responsibility to produce all KPI reporting for the customer at any given point in the process and to make sure that these..... You have good timing abilities. You have good writing and keypad knowledge.

Exceptional timing and enjoyment of on-time work.

Type jobs from home

When you have quick hands, paperwork from home is a good way to add to your earnings. These typing jobs are usually for freelance translators, and they usually charge per second, per word, per button or per second. However, in this listing of home office businesses you will find jobs for all skill echelons - from beginners to experts.

Have a look at the listing of businesses below, but also check out these transcriptions and paperwork ressources. Not for beginners, many of her subtitling, transcribing and translating jobs are in her Orange County, CA office. Healthcare transcript firm recruits staff in the USA and Canada who have work at home in a wide range of layers as well.

Writing for all clerks from home. As well as the fundamental rewriting tasks, agreements are signed with rewriters, copyreaders, real-time authors or subtitles in the US, UK and Canada. The majority of the transcriptions work consists of transcriptions of telephone conferences, face-to-face sessions and in-depth discussions for the finance world.

Previously known as Clark Fork, this firm employs seasoned lawyers and general translators as freelance agents. Global crowd sourcing firm commissions freelance writers, writers, translators and researchers. Self-contracted workers (who are US citizens) are jobs for the transliteration of this business. Candidates will need three years and a helmet, a footswitch and transliteration softwar.

Although it sometimes recruits juridical, medicinal and general Transkriptionisten, it does not always recruit for all these post. The firm employs at home transcribers for transcriptions for legal and insurable purposes. Send your CV and the firm will get in touch with the candidates if it has vacancies. The use of 60 Watt-PM and compliance with the law is necessary.

Formerly known as Webmedx, the documentary healthcare provider employs healthcare translators and QA professionals. There is also medicinal transliteration work, which costs significantly more than general work. Scribie' s work-at-home transcriptionist writes sound data in 6-minute segment. It also works with transcriptional examiners and proof-readers.

SpeakWrite hires secretaries in the USA and Canada to work as freelance translators and needs a writing rate of 65 WPM for its work. Although there is no charge, but a transcriptionist must have a certain kind of workstation. While this is not as much input work as transcript and so it doesn't cost as much, but it is a place to get started.

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