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Book goodies for your literary life. The BOB NEILL'S BOOK OF TYPEWRITER ART does not require such a recommendation. ETCetera magazine's Classic Typewriter Page discusses its guide to contemporary typewriting culture. This is Jack (Jack Nicholson) working feverishly on his new book. She discovers one day that he is burying the illegal typewriter in the garden.

Travelling with a typewriter, Michael Frayn

After all, I like to read my travels. It is not long, complex fiction stories or in-depth guidebooks, but rather a collection of brief items that awaken places to live. When I learned that the famous dramatist and writer Michael Frayn had written such a book, I was very interested in getting my hand on a copy.

I am not sure whether I should describe "travelling with a typewriter": The book'A Reporters at Large' is a book of travelling or historical books describing the author's trips around the globe in the 1960' and 1970'. This book was released a few years ago when the writer was over 75 years old (he is 80 years old this year), so it can in many ways be seen as his memories of the time when he was speeding around the globe as a journalist for the Guardian and the Observer.

Cuba, in the first years of hope after the takeover by Castro, Israel, which is dealing with the results of the Six-Day War and is teaching Berlin to experience life with the Wall. His intention was "not to tell the unusual, but the common, the characteristic, the everyday".

The description of Cuba, for example, focuses on Cubans, because the writer tries to comprehend what the revolution has mean for the individual and his everyday life. He is talking to many in Israel about their idea for a peaceable tomorrow - exactly the same discussions could be had now.

He was interested in the West Berliners' attitude towards those in the East and the other way around. Not much tourism information is given in this book, but if you plan to go to Cuba, Paris, Israel, Berlin, USA, Japan, Moscow, St. Tropez, Sweden or Vienna, your journey will be very much lit up by his insight into the area.

Available in the Faber & Faber, England, 2010 pocket book (ISBN 9780571240906) at a reduced rate from The Book People or in the Book Depository with free worldwide shipping.

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