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Choose a fairy tale, a horror story or a science fiction story. Genuine authors who help your children write real stories. She and Antonia talk about how to take control and write their own love story. Featuring billions of readings, Episode is the world's largest collection of interactive stories in which YOU choose your destiny. Alternatively, become a creator and write your own!

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Episode 0212 - Write your own love story - personality type and growth

Joel and Antonia discuss how to take charge and make their own lovestory in this film. The majority of histories contain a kind of antagonism. Lovestories of Hollywood usually contain conflicting connections. The majority of tales concentrate on a Romeo and Julia scene. Relations in reality seldom reflect a Romeo and Julia fighting pattern.

We are made of our own lovestories. They' re our role model for how true and proper our lives are. Tales are more focused on loving than on remaining in it. It' simple to fall in lovemaking. It'?s hard to stay in Iove. Don't get so hooked on loving yourself that you don't care about the reward of loving.

Proud & Prejudiced - a story of a person's passion for growing. Rather like in reality: 2 humans fighting to get over their problems, which keep them apart. There' s an item in a romantic story that the man has to pay for something he did. To fall in love is an important part of our egos, for our existence as a race depends on reproduction.

Is your imagination what you expect? When you want to perform calibration, do not go to Hollywood. Lovestories can be nice. Discover the splendour of your own world. Not only do you have the ability to watch but also to take part and have the epoxy adventure you yearn for. So what's your romance?

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