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Writers even write, but they are not called typists. You (and most people) can type much faster than you write. Teacher typewriter and stenographer's manual: To use the typewriter, a series of graded . Post-war writing culture, Andy Warhol's bad book and the standardization of the error.

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I' m writing a book. Would it be better to type or type in my journal?

It' s hard to tell another individual how best to spell because it is a very intimate writing process* I seem to do it best with a favourite pens hand-writing, read the results loudly into a tape deck, listen, mark the hand-written copy and then read the mark-up in Dragon Dictate.

A lot of folks will tell you that no matter how you create your first design, it will profit from being overheard. When someone else is reading it out loud, you can tripped over it, you can listen to unelegant sentences better, and if you listen well, you can even listen to them.

I strongly recommend that you record and play it back so you can see what is on the page and what you want to say. Caution: It is simple to see breaks where you have omitted a decimal point and never see that the decimal point is not there.

I am sure you can think of other cases where it is not as useful to read to yourself as someone else does. I' ve written or edited three text books, a few essays and a CD of shorts, as well as a lot of travel guides and travelogues. So this shit isn't theorical.

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