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Enter your story here. Be sure to use the character, props, and location listed above in your story. Here is how to use the New Type Mode in Stories. I fish for stories as Director of Content Strategy for RepEquity. It is my job to find the core of the story that we want to tell for every customer.

The new notebook range is based on the theme'Balance'.

The new notebook range is based on the theme'Balance'. To reconcile our work, our physique and our lifestyle and what this means in today's global environment. Ultimately aiming to find oneness in ourselves, we are hoping that our product will show issues such as polarities, rhythms and connections and serve as a memory of ourselves.

recognize your thoughts and harmonize them with your bodily activity. While our new range of greetings postcards are proud to present subjects of harmony through composing and writing, it is a further evolution of our Sign-Painting series. You are encouraged to party and reconcile what is important to you by providing you with a targeted, courated set of gift ideas distinguished by day-to-day events and memorable events.

The monogrammes of our launched collections pay tribute to the ancient tradition of signwriting, a sophisticated form of letter paintings in urban space. Everybody and everything has a story. Hopefully you will use these mailings to tell your story, whatever you decide.....

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Let your story look good. Once you've made your story, you can alter what it looks like. So what can you do? So what can you use to make your story look great? Yes, you can modify what the characters look like. They can make a story look old or contemporary using the typeface you select.

What is your trademark?

with your own history as a brand." There are actually only seven different kinds of story from Shakespeare to Spielberg to Soderbergh, an advertising week proposed by TBWA on Wednesday. It' s a challenging task to find the one that best fits your label and then tell it skilfully, credibly and - if you want to encourage the consumer - very well.

TBWA's globally imaginative chairman, Rob Schwartz, guided the debate surrounding the assertion of writer Christopher Booker in his Seven Basic Plots that seven archetypical topics return in every form of storyline. Bookers considered why people are psychological preprogrammed to think of histories. The two panellists, Droga5 Artistic Design Manager Ted Royer and Kathy Hepinstall, a former designer, concentrated on how brand theories apply and how designers can use them to create compelling storylines for them.

The seven main plot below - with samples from the arts and advertisements for tales that suit everyone. That kind of story goes back via Beowulf to David and Goliath and certainly much further. That'?s the classical under-dog story. It is a history of innovation. Among the stamps that tell tales of innovation are Gatorade, whose "Replay" initiative gave ageing members of high schools sport crews the opportunity to reclaim their youngsters through re-matches against old enemies; and Prudential, which presents the beginning of a new section and not the end of an old section.

The Lord of the Rings is the classical example. This is a story about transformations through travelling and home coming. Both The Wizard of Oz and Where the Wild Things Are are travelling and returning histories. The Corona is one of the Marche's trademarks that also inspires you to go on a voyage and invite you to "find your beach" and come back in awe.

Chrysler, who rises from the bottom of Detroit's coffin, and Johnny Walker, whose whole story revolves around the ascent of a humble Scotch farm boy to the top of the world. Of the Greeks up to Shakespeare these are histories about the darkness of mankind and the futility of man's experiences. Advertisement has little use for such histories, except in PPE work, where shocking toutics and depressive histories can get someone to worry about a topic.

On the downside of the drama and the last of the great story-telling trophies, it is perhaps the most difficult to do, but is very much loved both in pop arts and commercials - with Old Spice and Geico among the market leader in the room. Black proposed that the seven plans could deliver a blue print to figure out what a story should be if there are none or none powerful.

Both Royer and Hepinstall spoke during the panels about the importance of creating powerful tales that sound real and cannot be deceived or unmasked as fraud. "Most of the reports are:'The man is mute, the woman repairs it, now he's better',' said Royer. "It' these little tales I think a whole bunch of folks are reacting to.

If we do it right, we can tell some really nice tales. "At the heart of every make, Royer continues, is a good story that waits to pass. "Trademarks are stories," he said. "You want to impersonate a story. What is your quest? We' re talking about missions all the while, and it's just another way of saying,'What kind of story are you?

So, what kind of story do you want to tell? Part of our task as an agent is to revive that and find out what this story is. "A new fold in the bricks-and-mortar era is the kidnapping of trademark tales. "Hepinstall said, "The funny thing to me is when a story is taken over by folks now.

Shell' s latest poster and the Walmart/Pitbull episode were cited as proof of the catastrophes that can occur when trademarks loose their grip on their story. He spoke about Droga5's "Day One" work for Prudential, which covers not only the history of the Prudential label, but also the unique histories of many of the 10,000 retired every single working days - fearing that Prudential will turn into an optimist one.

If you see it as a point that moves forward, as a point where there can be room for improvement, there can be innovation, there can be bigger issues at work than just anxiety and disorientation, then I think the Prudential is a market missions that goes beyond the product it is selling. "So much retiring that advertises has been rag-to-riches tales, he added, playing golf with lots und sailing in the picture world.

The change to a revival story gives the label a relativizable plateau, especially in difficult periods. Podium participants also debated the phenomena of the use of products as history - especially the Nike FuelBand. Designed by R/GA, this is the Nike brand's vision, which is essentially a story of the search for the ideal human being.

These seven main plot could inspire creative people when it comes to creating storys. Hepinstall said that sometimes it can help to concentrate outwards, away from the label, towards the consumer - and find out their experience and story. A" brilliant boost of power over the history of the customer" can trigger a marketing strategy, she said.

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