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I guess it could be a short story with two paragraphs. Thinking and smiling, he chose the marriage license, and so began our life together, which was later filled with two children. It's worth a paragraph to say that this remarkable scene can be. Use of paragraphs in stories - Use of paragraphs in non-fiction. Part I' s last two paragraphs close with Nick's preparation for sleep as he crawls into his tent and goes to sleep.

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And my future spouse, Steve, asked the employee for a permit to fish. And she told him to buy a $1.50 angling licence and a $2.50 wedding-certificate. Thinking and smiling, he decided to get married, and so began our lives together, which were later enriched with two newborns. If we were not in agreement, I would reminds my man that he could have spared a lot of cash if he had picked a permit, which would have lapsed in a year.

That additional buck took him 53 years of wedlock. As my (now) spouse came to me for our first date, I opened the doors to my other half, just like me clothed, from top to toe: aviators Ray-Bans, Levis, Timberland boots, the same gelbeskijacket. After I had just cement a new tooth replacement crown, my dentist helper said to her patient: "Your friend will like your new tooth.

It was forbidden to deliver me a flower at work because my man had only passed away six-month before. He sent me blossoms on my birthdays, Valentine's Day and finally every year. He' s been sendin' me a lot of them. It became my first romance, but we were 90 leagues apart.

We kept our romance alive after the trip with hand-written messages. For the first year in three centuries I engaged a fiddler to perform our romantic music. After a horrible period in my whole lives when he was there.

It' obvious to most people that it means loving at first glance. To me and my missus, it was first impression affection. I had a two-hour conversation, learned a great deal from each other and fell in loveminded. I got a note from my late teammate about me going. I got a call from my man.

"Now I know that nothing in my whole world is more important than my own and I will do everything I can to keep ours together," he said. Later, we will see some repetitions of sitcom's from a long while ago that reminds me of our youth. He' ll fall asleep and it is almost lunchtime.

The hour was 6:30 and it was already getting darkness, with giant snow flakes. It was the first goddamn kiss and I saw a firework display. "My missus has been calling.

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