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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Total Recall is an insightful self-portrait of his illustrious, controversial and truly unique life. Are you looking for inspiration and true life stories of other travelers? But a real twist makes the plot even more jingling. If you can easily laze around with a real survival story, why go on an epic, life-threatening adventure? I'm writing a true story about my life.

Eleven fiction you never knew were built on unbelievable true stories.

Or in some cases, the reality is the foundation of an unbelievable notion. There is nothing better (or more overwhelming) than to read an amazing novel, not wanting to finish it and then find out that it is actually out there. There is so much more to read that you can go further into the history from there - non-fiction books, the lives of those you used to know as personalities, and of course a good old Wikipedia-dives.

When you like to know that a textbook is built on life before you immerse yourself, you're lucky! Many of them are out there, and some have been some of the most loved books in recent years. When you are looking for a good nightmare tale, there are definitely tonnes that you are dealing with - and the Wikipedia Schwarzenlöcher (Black Holes) that come with them.

But did you know that he went to a very genuine restaurant that scared him so much that he was so excited to be writing a novel that would give him a fright? Heartbreaking everywhere, but did you know that Hazel Grace Lancaster was built on a young lady who knew John Green?

There are 11 books here that you never knew were true stories. The book was selected for its fine script and astonishing history, without question, but what most folks didn't know was that the astonishing history of Agnes Magnúsdóttir is true. Caleb's Crossing revives a historic character that most of us never knew was there.

Little is known about the "real" Caleb, and Brooks is creating her own interpretation of her own to perpetuate it in literature as well. The life of Sylvia Plath and her personality Esther Greenwood are often confusing. Maybe this is why Kate Moses felt she felt inspire to approach the end of Plath's life in her novel entitled Winters.

The last two wards of Sylvia Plath's life have been murky, and Moses' novel reveals some of the many issues they have. Do you know that Psycho was even a novel, let alone a novel predicated on actual occurrences? Turns out Norman Bates of Psycho glory is actually built on the true killer Ed Gein.

is frightening enough, but to know that they are built on reality? That'?s the true nocturnal dream. This frightening guesthouse in The Shining is the whole meaning of the whole text; in a sense, the guesthouse itself is a charm. What most of us don't know is that Stephen King didn't reinvent the Overlook from the ground up.

King and his fiancée lived in 1974 at the Stanley in the Colorado Rockies, a ghost-hit city. King had a heartbreaking dream during his visit that inspired the stories and gave nightsmares to millions of lives for years to come. This is Agatha Christie, and this is perhaps her best-known work.

It' re founded on the very realistic abduction and assassination of Charles Lindbergh's boy in 1932, just two years before the publish. In fact, Jaws was taken from Peter Benchley's 1916 Jersey Shore Sharks Attack-Books. There was a sharks, five deaths and a very panic seaside city. It was one of the most famous stories of alltimes.

This heart-rending best-seller, The Fault in Our Stars, is built on the tale of someone John Green saw at a Harry Potter conference: Your work This Star Won't Go Out was published afterhumously. Although TFIOS itself is fictitious, it is all the better to know that such a touching tale was influenced by an just as unbelievable being.

As the theatrical releases come out this past monday, folks are once again fall in love with Ma and Jack's heart-rending film. There was a true felony Room is built on. It makes Room's happenings all the cooler. Nancy Horan's first novel, and he tells the tale of an illegal romantic scandal.

That' s how often the best stories end with the novel, but in Horan's case Loving Frank included the very realistic tale of Mamah Borthwick and Frank Lloyd Wright. This novel makes her history come to life in a whole new way, although most of us never knew that it was founded on true occurrences.

The Sue Monk Kidd is no unknown person in astonishingly fictional writings that conquer the heart everywhere. There was no surpise when The Invention of Wings was collected for Oprah's Book Club 2. Zero, but it was unexpected to find out that the novel is made up of some very realistic, very astonishing siblings.

Grimké sister writers of the novel were true abolitionists, and Kidd revived them in The Invention of Wings.

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