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Learn how to make this dream job a reality while we talk to industry experts Lyn Hughes and William Gray about their top tips on travel writing. Travel literature includes outdoor literature, travel guides, nature writers and travel memories. He said: "Start your dream career as a travel writer today and get paid to travel the world. We've turned to some of our most popular travel writers to get their best tips and advice for prospective writers. Would you like to be published in a travel magazine or newspaper?

Advice from five experts on how to get into travelling writing

So, you want to be a travel agent? They want to travel the globe and send enticing stories of distant adventure back to journals, papers and web sites. Now, watching the travel release at the moment is a bit like trying to describe a scenery in the midst of a long-lasting easter.

At the same time, as the web develops, the web-environment - the reader, traveler, travel sector provider, advertiser, sponsor and tech tools manufacturer - is also evolving. These intersecting developments are creating more and more possibilities for travelers. What does all this mean for future travelers?

This also means that there are more ways to earn than ever before. And, taken together, these two mean that there are more individuals who are trying to make a living writing travel than ever before. As a result, the reality is this: more than ever before in the story of travel writing, more earn less than before.

However, let's concentrate on the good and discuss what you can do to maximize your opportunities to become a traveler. Today, if you want to present yourself as a travel author, it is important to at least build a website for your business portfolios, if not a blog: this is a poster board where you can present your life, past and future travel and travel and online podcasts, and where you can present your products, pictures and video.

With the ever-increasing density of travel authors, this website is your multilayered, rich media gateway for the reader, audience and editorial staff you are trying to contact. You have to set yourself apart from the masses with the help of hundreds of would-be authors roaming the Blogosphere. As counterintuitive as it may seem, it makes good business to put the emphasis on your contents, but it makes good business to put the effort you put into your own work.

Once you have found a website that you particularly like, please consult the publisher or producers to see if you can add to a topic that needs your particular expert knowledge. Ultimately, your aim is to build a rapport with an editors or producers that gives you a steady valve on your plays - and a possible stepping stone to another planet.

Travel authors and blogs find multi-day meetings such as TBEX, TBU and the Book Passage Travelers & Photographers Conference an ideal place to get to know members of your people, find valuable information and discover new drinks. Twenty-five years of travel processing has left the greatest error I've seen the same: They don't know what it's about, so they can't possibly comunicate it.

You do this and you have made a significant step on the way of the travel author.

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