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So if you are looking for great reading, here are my current book suggestions to inspire you to travel far away countries: Techniques like these help to create non-fiction books that are fun and exciting to read. You will find fiction and non-fiction, activities and educational apps about maps, geography, travel and cultures of the world. You can find children's travel books online. The best children's travel books on our marketplace.

Twelve non-fiction about travelling

"Augustine von Hippo once said: "The word is a novel and those who do not travel are only reading one page". It' truely the expanse of the earth can be likened to a work. However, some of the greatest and most life-changing trips and discoveries in our lives can best be found in literature, so that the reader can relive the writers' journey in their lively imagination.

Are you looking for the ideal way to arouse your thirst for travel? We' ve piled up 12 non-fiction travel guides that you can find in your library or bookstore. Davidson documents her nine-month trip through the desert of Western Australia with four campers and a companion canine.

It was this Ulysses that encouraged Davidson to travel and learn nomads. There is no travel report by Bill Bryson about his Europe trip in the 90' with recollections of his summers in the 70'. The journalist Mark Adams painted a picture of Machu Picchu, on the basis of the tales he edited as a travel and adventures journal.

Jason Elliott throws "An Surprising Light" on the lovely but apparently perilous Afganistan. When he left the safety of Kabul, he hitchhiked, walked and horsebacked to learn more about the less visited area. In order to give you a break from all the deep textbooks, here is a refreshing and very funny look at travelling.

In this non-fiction about travelling, two men travelled through north Mongolia from a small city called Moron to another small city, called Moron, on a pair of bicycles. Writer Tom Doig, along with his best mate Tama Pugsley, covered 920 leagues in jersex units and recorded their unheard-of meetings.

In The Wild is the tale of a young man called Christopher McCandless who abandoned all his physical property after graduating from the university to just travel and life. Posted by climber and reporter Jon Krakauer, the writer followed McCandless' travels while telling of his younger self's attempts to ascend the Devils of Alaska.

Though McCandless' own history with his own downfall ended in an deserted coach in Alaska, his vision of adventures, travel and compliance has illuminated and inspire innumerable backpacker tourists and travellers from all parts of the globe. One of the stories of the fight against evil spirits, reincarnation, recognition through travel, game is a reminder of the US writer Cheryl Strayed, who walked the 1,100 mile Pacific Crest Trail (PCT).

Following the triumph of Into the Wild, Krakow published another exciting tale of its own survivors during the 1996 Everest catastrophe, which has seen the third most frequent death to date. When he almost gave up rock-limbing, Krakauer chose the Everest Quest in May 1996.

When she divorced, she would spend the next year travelling the globe in quest of everything. She found the joy of food in Italy for four month, and in the next three month she found the value of India's religiousness. The other three month she stayed in Indonesia where she found it.

Thesiger' s classical travelogue tells of his experiences on the journey through the empty quarter of the Arabian Peninsula from 1945-1950. The focus is on the thousand-year-old Arabian ethnic group, the Bedouins, and the changes and evolutions in their cultures and environments after the Second War. At one of the sessions, Thesiger voiced his concerns about how his trip, which would put them on the worldmap, could spoil their external state.

Bryson's life-changing discovery from his inquisitiveness for the Appalachian Way near his home is another Bill Bryson iconic favourite, AWC. On a hike with his old boyfriend, with whom he had difficulties travelling, Bryson leads you to the various hardnesses and failures of the trails.

Did you know, by the way, that some of these volumes have been and are being adopted for film? For me, the underworld is the greatest of all the stories and is still awaiting to be explored by others. So, don't stop to read, and by read I mean travel!

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