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Commented list of publishers of travel and travel guides. World Southwest USA & National Parks - DK Travel. Guide to the publication process. As you can start your own publication and be successful as an independent publisher. Are time travel just a confusing plot used by science fiction writers and Hollywood filmmakers to amaze and entertain?

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New York-based Abbeville Press is an impartial visual arts and picture book publishers. Established in 1977, Abbeville has long been a major player in the artwork book publishers' arena and is currently making progress in the field of electronic and iBooks and many other e-friendly format. He is a specialist book editor covering a broad spectrum of historic and modern topics.

This includes not just autobiographies, short films and successful tales, but also motivating and inspiring novels that focus on the fields of history, theory and heroes. He is a world-renowned publishers and distributors of antique, clothing, gardening, designer and artistic work. Eagle mainly releases outdoors guides for Arizona, Colorado, Utah, California and Nevada.

We are a nationwide third-party publishers with a highly skilled distribution, administration and manufacturing group. Founded in 1999, we are specialized in the publication of travel guides and magazines for US armed forces and economic organisations. More than 100 years of expertise in the field of design, graphics, writing and editing.

The Allen & Unwin is Australia's premier freelance publishers, releasing some 250 new publications annually, ranging from literature and business literature to a wide variety of general non-fiction, academics, professionals and children's and young adults' literature. Since 1967, it has published a wide variety of novels, detective stories and mystery stories, literature ranging from literature, history and feminine literature to fantasies, memorabilia and pop music.

The Appletree Press is one of the biggest publishers of travel and gifts guides for an global travel industry. Published in eight of its own tongues. Acadécadé Publishings is an independant specialist publisher founded in 1988 in New York, USA. You are publishers of US and foreign literature and non-fiction.

Atlantic Publishing has been offering information to help stimulate career development, create companies, administer people, make investments, retire, understand technology, develop relations and lead a fulfilled life for over 25 years. All of our award-winning writers and contributors are committed to keeping our product up-to-date.

The Autumn House Press is a non-profit organization in the state of Pennsylvania whose purpose is to publicize and support poems and other beautiful music. Avalon' travel guide offers a mix of convenience and mind and offers a great prospect for those who plan an afternoons walk, a round-the-world trip or anything in between.

Seven large serials are published by ATP: The Beartooth Publishers publish topographical hiking charts and hiking guidebooks for outdoor-consumers. Bergli Publishers has been producing cross-cultural gap-filling literature in Switzerland since 1988. We are an independant book publishers specialized in non-fiction. All our products are sold all over the world. Powered by tales often ignored or ignored by the bigger publishers, BillyFish Book wants to connect gifted writers with an audiences of writers longing for buoyancy, inspiration and entertainment.

We' re happy to receive contributions from authors in the following categories: adventures, travel, inspiration, motivation, environment, kids and animals. Black Inc. was established in 2000 and is an independently owned publishing house for high value non-fiction, literature and poems in Melbourne, Australia. Included in our imprint are the Quarterly Essay Journals and the Nero and La Trobe University Press titles.

Our passion is for important new works of art in the fields of story, policy, biography, critique and contemporary events, as well as fiction and poetry that open up new world. We publish the yearly Best Essays, Stories and Poems series. We were named Australian Small Publisher of the Year in 2007, 2009 and 2015.

The Bloomsbury Publishers is a major independently owned publisher founded in 1986. The four re-tout de Seine vier Abteilungen umfassen Bloomsbury Academic and Professional, Bloomsbury Information, Bloomsbury Adult Verlag, Bloomsbury Adult Verlag et Bloomsbury Children's Publica. The Blue River Press has more than 100 printed titles and e-books sold nationwide by the Cardinal Publishers Group and publishers of sports, healthcare, fitness, educational, gaming, popular cultural, travel, local interest and other music.

Blue Bridge is an independant non-fiction book publishers located near New York City. The BlueBridge book topics are culture, biography, nature and sciences, inspiration and self-help. The Broken Column Press is a privately held press headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. It is our publishers policy to create top of the range works of literature. We' re not going to release everything, just the best of what's on our desktops.

We specialize in Freemasonry, literature, non-fiction and travelogues, but we are open to other concepts that arouse our interest. The Bunker Hill Publishing is an independant publishing house with an interesting collection of art, photographs, sciences, history as well as literature for the little ones. The Burford Book Company is an independant book publishing company located in Ithaca, NY, in New York's Finger Lakes.

We specialize in nature literature, in the broadest possible sense of the word, with covers on everything from gulf to surf. We have an excellent selection of textbooks on marine fisheries, marine science, eating and drinking, horticulture and open air activities, adventures and other subjects, and soon we also have textbooks on various facets of Finger Lake lifestyle.

A freelance Australian eBook publishers that believes in good writings and only list songs that are valuable for your work. Featuring thriller, enigma, criminality, travel, memoir, literary, humour and self-change. Publishes California nature, travel and outdoor textbooks. Launched in 1987, Camino Buch aims to publish high-quality non-fiction of local interest to the Mid-Atlantic states.

We have a particularly powerful listing of articles on cookery, travel, horticulture and historical subjects, but we also produce biographical articles, regional references and textbooks on education and important healthcare topics. From time to time we also release nationally interesting literature. At the moment we are publishing about 6 to 10 volumes per year and are constantly looking for new materials and work.

Headquartered in Berkeley, California, Carousel Press specialises in traveling. The Chicago Review Press is an impartial publishers established in 1973. In the course of the years we have developed into a vibrant medium-sized printing house with more than 900 publications. Currently we release about 60 new copies under five prints per year:

The Chicago Review Press, Lawrence Hill and Zephyr Press, Ball Publishing, Zephyr Press und Academy Chicago. The Chicago Review Press writes general articles on a variety of themes ranging from literature on literature, films, popular sciences, biographies, history and travel to an award-winning series of children's literature. He has published articles on issues of interest to Afro-Americans, gradual policy, Near East research andeminism.

Specializing in gardening textbooks, Zephyr Press releases a range of educational publications for professionals. Headquartered in San Francisco, Chronicle is a San Francisco-based freelance publishers of cookery textbooks, handicrafts, children's literature, stationary, art, fashion, education, popular music, travel, and more. The Cider Mill Press aims to combine subtle readings, information and conversation between the cover pages of his creative work.

Published also children's literature under the Impressum of Applesauce Press. The Clover Park Press is a small publishers of biographies and general non-fiction. Cognizant Communication Corporation has been releasing information in multi-media format for more than 19 years for research in science, technology, medicine, economics and travel around the world. This publication is intended for students and alumni of university and vocational courses of study with an added emphasis on specialists in this area.

Indigenous newspapers with articles on Indians, healthcare, women and spirit. Publication and distribution of extensive bike travel guides for the self-employed cyclist - the cyclist. Publication of book about sailing and shipbuilding, cruises and adventure, fictitious and not in the South Seas. Well-known for its unmistakable, high-visibility textbooks, e-books and applications that provide information, inspiration and entertainment to any age.

There is also the award-winning Eyewitness Travel Guide for Kids and Eyewitness Travel Guides. DoctorZed Publishing was established in 2006 in Adelaide, South Australia, and is an independant publishing house for printed and audio-book. Dow The Shore is an independant publishing house specialized in the topics beaches and coast, New Jersey and Jersey Shore.

The Eakin Press produces stories and biographical material from Texas, Old West literature, children's literature, novels and non-fiction. The ECW Press has released nearly 1,000 volumes, which have been circulated throughout the English-speaking countries and multilingual. Next year we will publish 50 new publications and further on we will be supporting and promoting a lively back list with poesy and fantasy, popular art and policy analyses, sport literature, life stories and travel guide book.

Editor of rock climbers and boulderers in Wyoming. The Farcountry Press specialises in photo albums, children's serials and local story magazines throughout the country. Find Horn Press is an independant North East Scotland publishers offering a broad spectrum of subjects such as natural, spiritual, animal and human alternate healthcare, self-help etc., as well as maps, CD and DVD collections.

There are 3 different'imprints' available: The Firefly Book Ltd. Founded in 1977, is a publishing house and seller of non-fiction and children's literature in the United States. Firefly's aim is to offer the reader nicely crafted professional literature at affordable rates. It specialises in the fields of literature, biographies, children's literature and non-fiction, young adults and medium sized reading, e-books, literature, sport, reference works, photo magazines, cookery and travel literature and style-book.

is a publisher of literature and non-fiction in a broad range of categories and subjects, mainly in a number of different formats: trades paperbacks and ebooks (currently none of the following are published by our company: poems, eroticism, children's, youth, Christian, New Age, arts or textbooks). Fold-Word is a voluntary newspaper devoted to researching the globe, one vote after another.

Our publications include poems, literature, travelogues, translations and essays. Also we release the e-zine anFold. Fulcrum, an independant publishing company in the Rocky Mountain spurs, prides itself on its ability to encourage people to enjoy their lives to the full and learning something new every single working-day. In 2009, Gibbs Smith celebrates its 40-year history and specialises in beautiful illustration of style literature on subjects such as interiors, architectural style, cookery, children, living, greenery/sustainability and more.

Llandysul, West Wales, is a print and publishers group. Founded in 1892, the business is still in the same hands today. Today Gomer Press is both a flourishing printer and the biggest publisher in Wales. Each year we release over 120 publications specialising in textbooks with an unmistakable Welsh identification.

Founded in 1954, Goose Lane Editions is a literature journal with a particular interest in modern literature and poesy, as well as top-class non-fiction titles such as histories, biographies, Canadiana and arts-book. An Indie publishing house with its headquarters in Südwales, specializing in attractive, high-quality picture volumes, children's literature and stationary.

Publishing textbooks, note cards and a calendar with pictures of Alaska's best photographer. The GuestLife publications are for those who want to make the most of their visit to these areas. The Hardie Grant Book is a lively, prosperous, diverse as well as energetic company with a listing of textbooks on a variety of topics such as eating, wines, sports, story, real criminality, humor, pop art and people.

Today, our cookbooks and winebooks are among the best in the Australian market and have won prestigious prizes and many of Australia's most prestigious prizes. In our house we are publishing biographies, histories, politics, news, memoirs, arts, photographs and literature. Traveller publishes travel reports under the armchair Traveller Impressum.

No autobiographies, poems, novels for kids or novels for young people. Founded in 1997, Hellgate Press is named after the ancient Hellgate Canyon on the Rogue Riviera, the first stream in the United States to be described as a rugged and beautiful canyon. Whilst our main alcove is army and veterans memoir, we also specialise in non-fiction travel adventures and novels of war.

The Hobblebush Book is an impartial journal devoted to the publication of a book that has a singular sound and makes a distinction. Our publications include both literature and non-literary works. Though we do release e-books, we are devoted to the book as a nice tangible subject, something you can grasp in your hand, marvel at and sniff while you do it.

The Homestead collection includes a broad spectrum of interesting works, including novels by bestselling writers such as Warren Adler, novels by award-winning writers such as Margaret Sanborn, award-winning photographs, histories, art, travel guidebooks, walking and trekking tours, topographic and nature studies, specialist magazines, children's and Indian magazines, note cards, postcards, posters, print and book plates.

The Huntington Press is also an incumbent editor of information about Las Vegas for gamers, audiences and local people, audiences and the music world. We are known for our mathematical rigorously gaming textbooks such as The The Theory of Blackjack, The Frugal Gambler, Frugal Video Poker, Knock-Out Blackjack, Kill Phil and Kill Everyone.

We' re almost as famous for our Las Vegas literature as Whale Hunt in the Desert, Gay Vegas, The Battle for Las Vegas, Beneath the Neon, Cult Vegas and Hiking Las Vegas. In 2009 imaginary publishing and its imprint were founded by father/son teams Charles Nurnberg and Jeremy Nurnberg with publications on the topics of sciences & natures, arts & culture, sport, reference and magical learning.

Currently 25 volumes are published per year. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, Imbrifex Boooks is the descendant of, since 1996 on-line. Imrifex Publications releases award-winning printed, e- and audio works. You can buy our literature, memoirs and travel guides in bookshops, on-line and in various shops.

Be it metaphoric or adventurous utopia or real-life adventures, our quest is to make available to you the necessary literature for your trip. Interlink Publishers was founded in 1987 and is an independant publisher specialising in current, regionalised how-to guides containing new ideas for conventional horticultural topics. Founded in 1984, Island Heritage is one of the biggest publishers in Hawaii, producing special presents and memorabilia for the islands of Hawaii, among them titles and DVD's.

The Italica Press is a publisher of British translation of mediaeval, Renaissance and early contemporary works, historic travel, British translation of contemporary Greek literature, bilingual poems, dramas and a number of studies in art and touring. Headquartered in Charleston, Joggling Board Press is an independently owned publisher devoted to the creation of high caliber literature and non-fiction that reinforce the story, cultural and cultural heritage of the South-East.

During its ten years of existence, the media has received an above-average number of local and international accolades. Each year John F. Blair releases five to ten new works. We specialise in local non-fiction with a focus on local literature, travel, cookbooks, folk music and biographies. Only one or two works are published per year.

The literature presented to us should have a reference to the southeast. Celebrating and promoting all aspects of Japan's cultural life around the globe - from animes to Zones, from New York to Montreal and Quebec City - Kodansha provides literature, maps and maps for the historical North-East. Library-tales Publishing is an independant book publishers established in 2011.

It focuses on the publication, commercialization and distribution of self-help, memorabilia and specialized literature by skilled and gifted people. At present, an annual number of 20-30 new publications are published on the market, Library Tales Programming was established at the height of the electronic publication revolutionary and one of the first publications was a Memoiren über Kindle.

Today, Library Tales Publishing has national and multinational distributors, movie titles and agents around the globe and is highly committed to investing in electronic and direct marketing opportunities; its editing decisions are primarily driven by high value contents and long-term relationships with its writers. Little Bookroom travel guides take the reader off the well-trodden paths and offer an inventive introduction to the world's most popular city.

Editor of natural, leisure and pop-historical publications. The editorial programme of Lord concentrates on the following fields: economy, educational, gender study, local geography, politics, public policies, social sciences and urbanism. Has also published children's and youth literature and illustrative travel guides. A not-for-profit book publishers, LSU Press is devoted to the production of scientific, general and local literature.

Founded almost four centuries ago as a publishers devoted to what Nick Lyons, the founders of Lyons, called a life style of "responsible open-air sports", Lyons Press has developed into a premier publishers of high-value literature on fisheries and hunt, conservation, nature, game, defence heritage, US historiography and the game. Menasha Ridge Press's award-winning, best-selling titles and ranges are renowned for their innovative approach, expertise and detail.

We have published a number of up-to-date travel guides that give those who love the outdoors the information they need to have a great South East adventure. of the Minnesota Historical Society Publications. Established in 1859, it is the oldest publishing house in the land and the biggest historic social media in the state.

It is our aim to distribute our products to a wide public of general and specialist readership. The media understands that where we come from is vital to us and is publishing volumes that investigate the importance of the place in this wealthy and diverse area we call home. The Mountaineers Book - along with its Skipstone and Bridled River Imprint series - has published a wide range of textbooks on nature protection, nature protection, nature preservation and more.

If you are interested in the outdoors, want to lead a healthful life style or become a good environmentalist, Mountaineers Books has the information you need to accompany you safely and reliably on your next trip. NH Publishers is an Aussie based in London, Sydney and Auckland.

The standard for high trendy qualitiy, non-fiction in all fields such as cookery and healthcare, nature and horticulture, sports, travel, biography, real criminality, self-help and references to daring, extensive couchtable textbooks with the most vibrant full-color images. Feminist publishing house for high-quality gay music. OHP is a small independently owned publishing company based in Greenville, North Carolina.

Our particular interest lies in literature with a main emphasis on travel or intercultural experiences, literature or non-fiction. Publishes literature and poems, with an occassional change from travel, translations, kids and Autobiographi. It is a premier travel book publishing house with travel books to many different locations, towns and points of interest in the United States and around the United States.

Since 1993 we have been releasing top of the range textbooks. and Avery Cardoza is the co-editor. All of our products are sold to the bookstores through Simon & Schuster, one of the world's leading publishers. Pantheon is part of the Knopf Doubleday Publishers Group and produces world-class music. Cay Publications sells tens of thousand of textbooks and a growing range of military leaders, travel cards and children's textbooks.

With Paul Dry Journals, our goal is to release living literature "to wake, please and educate" - and to stimulate dialog. Belletristic, novel and storytelling, non-fiction, memoir, story and essay on topics from Homer to Chekhov, birdwatching to Japanese and New York City to Japanese shoguns.

A local travel guide publishing house specialising in Missouri legacy, travel and adventures. The Pelican publishing house was founded in 1926. His story is linked to the name of William Faulkner, whose first journal was edited by Pelican. Peoplelican is nationally recognized as a medium-sized enterprise with a back list of over 2,500 stocks and fifty to sixty new stocks per year.

Pelican is currently the biggest general specialist book publishers in the South. Established in 1951, Peter Owen is an independently owned UK based company that continues the production of new and interesting typefaces. Unfortunately, Peter Owen passed away in May 2016, but his heritage continues to live on in the company that bears his name and dedication to the publication of gifted and fascinating authors.

Publisher of humour and present textbooks, stationary, magazines, betrothal diaries, diaries, children's and photo albums and news-readings. The Pioneers Print is a publisher and a small distribution company for the media which, in additon to the topics of sex, physical well-being, sex, sexuality, community equity, nutritional movement and literature by young writers, focuses on the issues of surviving and sustainable on the farmyard and in the town.

Plexus is not only a local (NJ) publishing house, but also produces biological and ecological publications. We have a book collection ranging from technical-scientific works to stories, folk music and fiction. Granatapfel is a major publishing house for award-winning literature and gifts. We have been making a wide range of original items since 1968, from textbooks and diaries to home accessories and kids toys.

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, we are an independently operated private business with a commitment to excellence in our work. New Zealand's biggest independently published publisher, Potton & Burton has a varied selection of New Zealand non-fiction titles, all of which are written with a powerful sense of excellence and diligence. In the last ten years, the initial emphasis on photo and exterior literature has been extended to all areas of non-fiction.

For more than 35 years, Ralph Curtis and Publishing has specialized in the publishing of travel guide book with reptiles, birds, mammals and travelogues. Based in Sanibel, Florida, Ralph Curtis is offering a large selection of publications targeted at wild life enthusiasts and travelers.

Most of the publications are the US issue in collaboration with New Holland Publishers of London, England. It is an impartial book publishing company located in New York City and Telluride, Colorado. Our goal is to create nice, fun and fun gifts for grown-ups and kids. Rio Nuevo Publishers presents the best of the West in words and images.

His prizewinning works are focused on handicrafts, children's writing, cookery, history, horticulture, memoir, Native America, the natural world, the spiritual world and travel. The River Road Press LLC was established in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 2014. It is our goal to release writers locally and regionally with a strong emphasis on story, children's book and Louisiana people.

The River Road Press is a flagship book shop dedicated to the highest standards and promotes cooperation and creative partnerships with our writers, graphic designers, photographs and performers. Sand-lapper Publishers is a local, independant publishers and distributors of South Carolina based book publications. Since 1983 we have specialised in non-fiction in the fields of literature, travel, cooking, leisure, nature, photography as well as popular music.

Themes of particular interest are gullah, enslavement, plantation, lighthouses, the American Revolution, the Civil War and the state of Palmetto's historical nature. Since 1994 Santa Monica Press has published an ecological series of book. We have a long tradition of living and contemporary non-fiction, including pop cultural, cinematic, photographic, humorous, biographical, travel and encyclopedia work.

Together with our children's print Little Bigfoot, Sasquatch is one of the nation's premier stand-alone printing machines situated in central Seattle, just a few blocks from Pike Place Market and Elliott Bay. They are passionate about what they do, if we help turn their visions into beautiful designed textbooks that reflect the adventure and lifestyle of the area.

The Sentient Publications book is the result of the researcher's mind and the wealth of the intrinsic dialog between author and readers. Headquartered in Melbourne, Smudge Publishers. We produce BOOOKS about gastronomic touring. We provide imaginative service and tailor-made publicing. The Spotted Dog Press releases non-fiction on California and the West.

Sterling Publishing was established in 1949 and is one of the world's premier non-fiction publishers. We' re one-of-a-kind because we have the coverage of the big publishers and yet the enthusiasm and creative spirit of an independant journal. We are a small Maine publishing house and independant bookstore of Maine authors' top class titles.

The Stoneydale Press is a book publishers associated with nature and the Northern Rockies region. The Nature Press releases international and national thematic travel guides. Sumerset Press is a small, specialist publishers established in Northampton, Massachusetts, in 1994 by authors Jim Kaplan and Brooks Robards. She has written in three different categories: travel, sport and literature.

In contrast to many large comercial publishers, Summerset Press strives to publish high-quality texts and keep the baking list in the press. teNeues produces novels, stationary and calendar with a special emphasis on the fields of art, travel, photography, lifestyles, travel, architecture, fashions and popculure. Known as an art book publisher, Thames & Hudson also produces wonderfully illuminated works on a variety of topics ranging from art, beauty, fashion, photograph, archeology and historical.

Headquartered in Duluth, Minnesota, There and Back Book publishes great travel guides of fine, rugged places. He is a well-known editor of historical textbooks specialising in publications on the US Revolution and the war. We have the necessary literature to fully understand these noteworthy occurrences in U.S. historiography, from the study of certain parts of a struggle, to the story of woman, to the testimonials of collector.

You can buy a book on supernormal occurrences and enjoy a guided tour of the Gettysburg area. The Torrey House Press (THP) produces literature and non-fiction for the bookstores. We' re interested in well-made works of storybooks and literature fictions with a topic of nature conservation, ecology or landscapes or about the policy and practices of sustainability.

For twenty years TouchWood has published literature of literature on Western Canada. TravelBrains, located in Bedford, NH, is an award-winning editor of audioguides and travel guides to historical and heritage sites. Established in 1999 out of a love for the combination of travel and study, our slogan is "Travel Adventure that makes you smarter".

It is our aim to help you gain a more significant travel adventure through a deep knowledge of the local historical, scientific and cultural background of your area. Created in 1993, Travelers' Tales brings out the best travel reports by world-famous composers and aspiring composers with the aim of inspiring and enlightening the reader through real tales of travellers who have discovered the depth of their experiences.

Included in the award-winning range are: countries and regions guidebooks, travel guide booklets on women's travel, sexuality, eating, humour and adventures, travel manuals, travelogues by individual authors and Travelers' Tales Classics, a range that presents out-of-print favourites in travel book. As the leading publishers and sellers of titles with roots in Asia's cultures.

Tuttle Publishing has been offering the rest of the globe accessibility to Asian culture, fine art, cuisine, language and literature since 1948 through the pages of our award-winning catalog. Twin Lights Publishers has been touring America for more than a decennium with the much-loved and ever-growing Photographic Portrait family.

Ulysses Travel Guide was founded in Quebec in 1980 and provides travel guide books to Canada and other countries in English and French as well as travel and language-books. Founded in 1938, the University of Georgia Press's main task is to promote and strengthen the University's place as an important research facility by publicizing excellent scientific and literary works by scientists and authors around the globe.

University of Georgia Press is the oldest and biggest book publishers in the state. Presently we produce 60-70 new titles per year and have a long tradition of releasing important scientific, cultural and literature works and volumes about the state and the area for general use. University of North Texas Press was established in 1987 and its first book was released in 1989.

Although we are the newest academic newspaper in North Texas (after SMU and TCU Press), we have quickly developed into a leader with the most printed publications (more than 300) and publications (15 to 16 per year). All of our products are sold and sold through the Texas A&M at home and abroad through the Texas A&M Universiy Pressconsortium.

University of Utah Press ist eine Agentur der J. Willard Marriott Library der University of Utah. The press is publishing and disseminating scientific literature in the fields of humanities, archeology, Mesoamericanism, Native Americanism, languages, environmental sciences, Utah and occidental historiography, Mormonism, Utah and local travel guides and publications, in accordance with the University's mandate.

The press has released and circulated more than 3000 publications since its first book in 1937. More than 1400 publications are printed, among them general interest literature (biography, literature, nature conservation, literature, poetry, photographs, fisheries, food, travel, etc.), scientific literature (American literature, humanities, anthropology, arts, classic, environment, ethnology, cinema, homosexual and Lesbian literature, histories, Jewish literature, Slavonic literature, etc.) and local Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest.

Wellcome to Watermark Publishing, a local publishing house specialising in literature about the 1950s. Situated on Bishop Street in the centre of Honolulu, we offer you the best of the islands - from sport history to small children's magazines, travel guides to farm souvenirs. He has published Scotch literature and related to Scotland.

and humor, with a little bit of fantasy. Publisher of high-quality, award-winning literature and non-fiction in the fields of auto-biography, economy, culinary art, economy, literature, history as well as populary. 1991 taken over by The Orion Publishing Group. One of Canada's foremost book publishers, Whitecap is packed with high-quality, eye-catching literature on nutrition, wines, health and well-being, local heritage and local travel guides.

The Wilderness Press releases backpacking literature for all types of people. The Wily Publications publishers specialise in non-fiction and historic literature with a particular interest in New Zealand's past and its culture and heritages. The Wizard Publications, Inc. is a small Hawaii-based publisher specializing in Hawaiian photography and travel guides.

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