Topics for Short Story Writing Competition

Themes for the short story competition

I was saved more than once by writing prompts. I' m writing for myself, but sometimes I' m just stuck. They can ask participants to write short stories about different genres such as fiction, comedy, horror, etc. Need a little inspiration for this short story? You may find the following prompts helpful.

Group for Short Story Competitions (295 members)

At the beginning of each monthly survey we will find out what genre/subject/topic this competition will be, and then the contestants will have about 2 week to put their story in the right clip. We' ll then conduct another survey that will be open for the remainder of the months where folks can cast their votes for their favourite contribution.

Results will be published on the last working days of the months.

2018 Writing Contests - Practise your writing by writing on time.

The writing contests are a great way to test and enhance your writing abilities and stop hesitation. But by trying to complete our story in good timing to keep to a competition date, we are putting ourselves under a lot of aggravation. Remember that by winning or shortlisting in a prestigious writing contest you could be a invaluable supplement to your writing C.V. I will add contests here as I will be learning about them, so Bookmark this page for further ref.

Please let me know if you know about other contests that I can involve and I will be glad to provide the necessary information. Good luck with the writing and the competition entry. You' re not going to stop writing because these nice and inspirational drills will ban your writing pad right now.

Show details: 3,000 words of storytelling and 40 rows of poesy - see website for more detail. Show details: For more information on poetic works, see website. Show details: Show details: Commemorative lyrics and tales of protests - 5,000 words or 40 rows of lyric. For more information, please visit the website above. Show details: Up to 2000 words of short story without content restrictions.

Show details: There are two main types - see website for further information. The entries for the competition should be 1,500 words or less and can cover any subject. Show details: A short story of 1,500 words or less without limiting the subject matter. 2. $2,000 - more prices on the website. Show details: The short story should not be longer than 2,200 words.

Winners - $200 voucher and promotions on all Fairytalez community sites, your story and your personal page, your website or your blogs and second prize. Show details: The writing competition will run from February 26, 2018 to April 6, 2018.

Every one of the 17 authors left will be paid £100. Show details: Poetic should not be more than 40 rows and short fictions 2,000 words. We kindly ask you to review the web pages, as the contest specifications may be subject to changes. Eliminate your writing pad with nice and inspirational drills to help your creativity flow in a few mins.

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