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To learn more about our brand new book lists, reviews and updates, join our book club. Book is a set of printed sheets held together between two covers. Sheets of paper are usually covered with text, language and illustrations, which are the main point of a printed book. An author of a book is called an author. Here you will find many great book recommendations.

This is a charming tale about a young man who has seen life growing and changing as the years go by.

This is a charming tale about a young man who has seen life growing and changing as the years go by. This is a history for anyone who knows what it's like to be small. It is a feel-good tale with an important value statement about each person.

Just One You is a good book for inspiring discussions and reflections on the respectful treatment of each and every one of us and the appreciation of the unique character of ourselves and others. We' ve also fallen in with the doll at Amazon that fits the history. This is an information text that is available and fits KS1 very well.

The book will answer the question of how the heart and the lung work and what their functions are in the mortal world. Completed with images, charts and proposals for activity and research, this is a great book to help promote the topic of HR in KS1. They may also like the other works in the range, your bones (available here), your brains (available here) and your digestion system (available here).

It is a book about how our astonishing minds work. An excellent book for the introduction of the concept of thinking about growing, this brilliantly illuminated text will help us understand how our brain grows and expands as we make new experience and learning from our errors. It is a sensitive tale that seeks to empower kids to appreciate themselves and others and not the need to conceal their culture.

Let the students select their own tastes, introduce themselves and express themselves with this massive attractive book full of options. Every page is thematized around a different option and with all possible options from the lame to the totally crazy; select furnishings for your perfect home, pick a pets (watch the dragon) and pick favorite foods (the icecream looks good, but I'm not sure about the boar's head!).

Everything about the little beings that are living on or in humans and animals. Learn about the protozoa that inhabit the skins, coat, fur, plumes, intestines, liver, heart and intestines. Featuring charts, comics, and easy-to-read texts, this information book is available and appealing. This" Lift-the-Flap" book is a festival of tongues and culture and shows visitors from different nations saying "Hello" in their mother tongue.

A captivating book inviting the reader to shine a flare through each page to uncover concealed detail in the images of the various parts of the human organism, such as the nutrition that travels through the intestinal system or the infant in the mother's womb. Let's Make Faces is a great book that stimulates creativity and encourages the use of emotional words in different face states.

This is a straightforward, rhythmic text from the inspired Mo Farah in cooperation with the well-known picturebook writer Kes Gray. Light illustration and repeating text make this tale a favourite tale ideal for working with kids and inspirating them to get their body in motion. This book investigates the five meaning and what each meaning for funny figures, light illustration and easy info graphics is.

The book, along with the other book from the Atchoo! An information text that commemorates the variety of visitors from all over the globe. In this funny, hands-on storybook, you can see that there' s something to party with all kinds of different forms and dimensions. To see each book artwork on Amazon, click on it.

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