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Britain's 25 largest publishers on Facebook

We' re ranking the UK's largest publishers by their interaction on our own personal page on Google and we see that things are getting hotter and hotter on British mobile networks. Over the last few weeks, we have seen that British publishers are increasingly influencing our monthly ranking. First, the Mirror was the first'Legacy Media' output to become one of the top 10 international publishers on the facebook.

The Telegraph then became one of the top Twitter publishers, and we saw some powerful performance from UK local publishers. That goes hand in hand with the announcement that the Independent is to become the newest London-based press agency to extend its interests to the US and join the Mail and the Guardian (both also offering Australia's digitised editions).

That' s why we have chosen to look at the largest UK pages on Facebook, as we recently did for France, Canada and Germany. Spike was the top ten, sorted by all Facebook interaction for January: Currently we have no special Guardian or Mail Online interaction for both of them.

With almost 14 million listings during the course of the months, The Mail Online is the group's most dedicated site. Her greatest tale of the months was entitled'Man is creating a Nigeriaan doll for his nephew and she now sells better than BARBIE' and had more than 33,000 stocks and over 241,000 matches. However, these headlines are changed when they are published on Facebook.

A smart slice of socially optimized content drastically shortens the length of a headline, making it much more attractive to people. In recent month they have quickly outstripped many of their UK colleagues (and some of them from the US) and developed into a considerable visibility on Facebook newsfeeds. Both the BBC and the Guardian have over 9 million interaction.

Canada is one of the few countries in the world where the Guardian's most divided history of the months was a review of Nigerian terrorism that saw almost 185,000 people interacting on Facebook. Approximately 8 million Facebook interaction for the relatively small number of histories they created in January. That' a cute part of the overall amount for and seems to be increasing.

BuzzFeed is followed by a small drop-off to the next five pages, all over 2. Five million surgeries. A thing that at least three of these tracks have in Common is a inflexible payment wall that accounts for the absence of formalities. Meanwhile, the telegraph's mobile phone wall, which allows click-to-read content from online newspapers, seems to have had little (if any) negative impact on their societal coverage.

In January, 6 million social networking contacts on Twitter and made it into the top 10 Twitter websites around the world in the same months. Further down the page other big-name companies are making themselves felt in the UK press. Please see below for the top 25 for January, ordered by the overall number of Google Earth encounters. We' ve collected our information with the help of Spike, which follows the histories, video and other contents that humans exchange and engage with in live.

It is used by some of the world's premier publishers and publishers of electronic music. Whilst we try to get full reporting, we sometimes miss some contents for some publishers.

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