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Global Business Knowledge is your resource Providing cutting-edge educational material in fourteen fields for higher, high school, vocational, enterprise and retailing training. We have a powerful publisher network in the areas of bookkeeping, tax, commercial and keyboards. In addition, she has published in the areas of company communication, careers, political science, economy, finances, management, sales, offices and property.

EMALALD is a premier publishing house for scholarly and specialist publications in the fields of economy, managment, economics, librarianship and information science, as well as technology, languages, linguistics/transportation. EMALALD provides magazines, textbooks, e-books, bibliographical data bases and case reports in the fields of accountancy, finances, human ressources and sales. Mcmillan Learning provides higher learning materials for faculty and college undergraduates in a wide range of subjects, which include science, pharmacology, nutrition, math, and economy.

This site provides eBooks, customized software, text books and high school/AP-ressources. It also includes course material to help trainers, which includes e-learning material, course packages and on-line skills practice. McGraw Hill Education provides resource for teachers, admins, parents, pupils, and experts. This website provides on-line module and a catalogue section for books on accountancy, economic communications, economy, finance, commercial legislation, organisation and administration, among others, as well as on the fields of sales and distribution, sales and distribution, sales and distribution, sales and distribution, and more.

McGraw Hill releases the market-leading text books on global commerce by Charles W. L. Hill and G. Tomas M. Hult. The Pearson Higher Educational Company has published a long list of printed and digital contents to help university teachers teach and work. This website offers course books, course module, a catalogue of text books in various fields, resource material for the department, on-line and librarian search tools, and downloads for teachers.

Role publishers offer a broad spectrum of scholarly and research ressources for lecturers, undergraduates, and libraries. It offers a catalogue of reference works for schoolbooks, eBooks, on-line magazines, scientific literature and on-line reference works in over fifty different fields, among them economy and managment, finances and accountancy and economics. The Wiley Group produces textbook and other teaching material for undergraduates, graduates and life-long learning.

This website offers eBooks, tutorials, tutors, authors and libraries. This resource focuses on the areas of accountancy, finance, economics and more. Cloud Kluwer offers a wide variety of material, among them novels, magazines, CDs and on-line articles for lawyers, businesses and undergraduates.

Our range of services covers various global issues such as taxes, business and parallel schooling.

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