Top ten Ebook Publishers

The Top Ten Ebook Publishers

Inkshares ("US") or Unbound ("UK") We have taken over all the major aspects of NOOK Press and created a unified experience to make publishing your print or eBook as seamless as possible. All in all, it is a great publishing tool for first-time publishers of eBooks. The top ten books in the category non-fiction are:

Publishers.... and other forms of madness: 2017 Smashwords Survey

Smshwords is a favourite eBook sales plattform for self publishers. English-language publications Since 2008, SmartWords has released over 450,000 books by 130,000 writers and small publishers. As well as its own trading platforms, the company also sells smash words to several retail stores and forums. iBooks is the biggest smash words reseller, followed by Barnes & Noble, Kobo, the smash words store, Scribd, Amazon and several smaller stores, among them overdrive.

Each year Smashwords analyses in their eBook posting ?what, what does not work, which rates are best, etc.. Smashwords CEO Mark Coker, after nearly a century of eBooks publication and through many polls, has insight that is of inestimable value to authors embarking on self-publication. Here are some results from the 2017 Smashwords poll.

Top Seller Classification Most of the Smashwords textbooks are fictional. Smashwords' best-selling book class is Romanticism, which makes up almost 50% of the work. Top ten literature classes are as follows: The top ten best rated titles in the non-fiction category: Romanticism works so well. Why? Romancance has more committed people than any other kind of music, but above all, these people are insatiable.

Fiction tends to read quickly, and these people are going to eat one literary per person per working hour, which means that there is an infinite need. In the eyes of business, experts in the field of romanticism have the advantages of a powerful local federation, as well as local organisations and publication-oriented writeing-lectures. Romantics are very productive, so they have a tendency to apply cutting-edge merchandising strategy (pre-orders, free production launches and common new releases).

There are still 33 free copies more than payed for. Free promotional offers work best for serials and for writers with an extensive back list. Well, the most expensive one is still $2.99. The most revenue-generating prize is $3.99. Most of the downloaded files cost 99c.

Writers who are just beginning should value their work at $2.99 to attract readership. However, once they are in place, they should raise the cost of their work. Favorite writers can ask more for their works than those that are relatively new. In most cases, longer titles are sold more than short.

In the top 100 sales groups, the mean length of titles was 111,000 words. The number of words drops to 90,000 words from that point on, which is still a significant work. There are an approximate 113,000 words for the top 70 romantic novels. This means that romantic people like to dive into a work.

People who like long textbooks don't seem to like long headlines. In the top 100 best sellers, the number of stocks with approx. 25 signs declined by up to 30 signs. Envelopes are selling textbooks, and love envelopes are selling many more. Romantic writers don't need to be diverted by many words on the front page.

SMASHWORD started its pre-order programme in 2013 with the pledge that it would bring significant benefits to the writers. Astonishingly, very few writers used this function - only 12% of the titles were pre-ordered. But over 60% of the highest earners use pre-ordering for at least one of their work.

Allocation of the fictitious classes with pre-orders was quite even. Approximately a fourth of the Romantic, YA and Historic Belles Lettres are available on pre-order. Serials are still the best way to find a reader. Seven of the top ten episodes began with a free of charge volume (all seven were romantic titles).

Of the top 100 shows, 67 began with a free copy. It is important to keep in mind that the set, which began with a free volume, finally three to five time more than the set that did not. Between seven and eight games per season on general terms.

Three fourths of the best-selling smash words come from a serial. Serial publications are selling significantly more than independent works. Serials are sold almost fourfold more than individual items on general lines. 4 ) Don't build your publication strategies on a simple metrics - try to find out what works for you! Smshwords offers a range of unbelievably useful free tutorials.

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