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I' ve never read a book by Katie Contugo, but I was happy to try it when I got an ARC from HarperCollins Canada Frenzy Presents Event, and it was an enjoyable read! Katie Cotugno gave it to me. See the full review - Fighting for Justice:

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but, you know, ends. As a tribute to Ryan, Gabby and their listings, I will mention my ten most important causes for loving this book. but, you know, ends. As a tribute to Ryan, Gabby and their listings, I will mention my ten most important causes for loving this book.

Ryan, on the top, seemed like this fortunate jockey who was really loved, could have any girls he wanted, and thought it was a big one. He felt lonely in the crowd and longed for one-on-one conversations, he felt left by his supercritical dad, and he spends most of this book yearning for the kind of little woman he didn't think was possible.

Every single mornin' Gabby had to fight her fear. She was overjoyed to find Ryan some consolation. Fellowship is the core of this history, and it was a very nice fellowship. There were ups and downs, and I like that the challenge of women/men friendships was raised because they were so real.

It may have been a very embarrassing beginning, but it flourished into something very particular. Families were very important in Gabby and Ryan's life. Gabby's was more than marvelous. and I couldn't wait to see what Dad made of his recipe book. It was open about most things, and I was surrounded by affection every single day we met a whole home milieu.

There was no wonder Ryan decided to go to the Harts on Friday evenings. Romanticism was present throughout the book. Both Gabby and Ryan investigated serious relations with other human beings. In fact, I have teardrops on my face as I am writing this review, because I felt much too much when I was reading this book.

We' ll be part of Ryan and Gabby's life for four years, and I go spaga for novels that let me modify and develop the character over a longer span of years. I also compared and contrasted Ryan and Gaby at different times, and I liked to write down all the changes they experienced.

and I liked that Gabby and Ryan had these anxieties and sharing them with us. I was so excited about this almost imperfect tale of boyfriendship, familiy and dear. Please reading these quotations and feeling some feelings with me: It was Gabby's national insurance cover, her resilience against lamentable, paralyzing fear; she had no clue what she would do without it.

Thinking about it gave the same uncomfortable feelings from before, as if everything would be changing, whether he wanted it or not, and he couldn't do a thing to stop it. "I' d notice," said Rinpoche immediately. Actually, Gabby. It was his boyfriendship that was the best thing in their lives.

But what is even more serious than that is the indisputable fact that some very important, attached parts of her had closed when they separated, and now she seemed to be plunging through outerspace with a million leagues an hours, her air reservoir quickly empty.

Seated here with Gabby made him think he could use it. When he was here with Gabby, he felt strangely courageous. I would like to thank the editor for the progressed copy of this book.

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