Top ten Book Publishers

The top ten book publishers

Techno Ratios Tags: books, market share, publishing. Ember Golden Books Bay Leaves Books Now I read! Publishers must publish books with great cover designs and interior texts. So I decided it was time for another top ten list. When you have Christian poetry, I would strongly recommend buying some of their books and see whether your book of Christian poems would be a good fit.

The Top 101 independent book publishers

These pages contain the pages of the best freelance book publishers in the United States chosen by John Kremer, creator of 1001 Ways to Mark Your Boooks. Not charitable book publishers. Publishers must release great covers and inside texts. A book publishing house must produce good quality titles with an appropriate choice of editors.

Book publishers need to run great advertising programmes. You must have at least ten printed copies. So this site offers book publishers who create great titles and cutting-edge advertising without the help of an external agent, federation or firm. Based on these criterions, we can't listing some really good book publishers like Andrews McMeel (associated with Universal Press Syndicate), Globe Pequot Press (owned by a major press group), Chronicle and Graywolf Press (a non-profit publisher),

They are AMACOM and Milkweed Editions (another non-profit publisher), Beacon Press (a Unitarian Universalist Asssociation division), The Mountaineers Block (affiliated to an association), Jossey-Bass (now a John Wiley subsidiary) or Microsoft Press (affiliated to Microsoft Corporation). As the above mentioned lists became too large, I resolved to devote another website to these dependant publishers:

One of the top 101 dependent book publishers. You should go there to review the detail of these and many other excellent book publishers who are not independents but who are reputable publishers. Visit the Independant Book Publishers Hall of Fame and the Independant Publishers Bestseller List. Publishers - View these book publishers to see good book designs and great promotional work.

There is much to be learned from these other book publishers. Authors - These book publishers are among the best independant book publishers. When you' re done subjecting yourself to the big New York book publishers and looking for a publisher that treats you and your book right, look at these businesses.

ABBEVELEL PRESS, 137 Varick Street, New York NY 10013; 212-366-5585. Kind of coffee tabletables. D Amberjack Publishers, P.O. Box 4668 #89611, New York NY 10163-4668; 888-959-3352. Published small adventure, medium sized reader, young adults, literature and memoir. It is Amberjack Publishing's tradition to look far and away for the best tales that are being published today and to link them with the best book collections with the best of them.

Deborah Sakach, Publishing House, P.O. B. 669, Dana Point CA 92629; 714-499-8070; Fax: 714-499-4022. The Applewood Press, Phil Zuckerman, Editor, 128 The Great Road, PO BOX 365, Bedford MA 01730; 781-271-0055; Fax: 781-271-0056. Established in 1976, they have specialized in reprints of old books on US historical, pop cultural and nostalgic subjects.

You have 250 printed titles. The Bard Press, Ray Bard, Editor, 5275 McCormick Mountain Drive, Austin TX 78734; 512-266-2112; Fax: 512-266-2749. Speciality: Accountants. Barfoot in Barefoot and Nancy Traversy, 2067 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge MA 02140; 617-576-0660; 866-417-2369; Fax: 617-576-0049. U.S. offices; headquarters in the UK, specializing in children's literature.

Berrett Koehler Publishing House, Steven Piersanti, Publishing House, 235 Montgomery Street #650, San Francisco CA 94104; 415-288-0260; 800-929-2929; Fax: 415-362-2512. Established in 1992, they are the spearhead of the Consortium for Literacy to promote the literacy of book by executives, directors and labor. Main focus: economy, personnel, careers, managment. Publisher: Bess Press, Buddy Bess, 3565 Harding Avenue, Honolulu HI 96816; 808-734-7159; 800-910-2377; Fax: 808-732-3627.

The Classic Press, W. Paul Coates, Editor, P.O. BOX 13414, Baltimore MD 21203; 410-358-0980; Fax: 410-358-0987. They' re gonna be there. Black books. Publisher: John F. Blair, Carolyn Sakowski, President, 1406 Plaza Drive, Winston-Salem NC 27103; 336-768-1374; 800-222-9796; Fax: 336-768-9194. Established in 1954, the independently run business produces around 20 publications a year. Specialities: local literature.

Publishers Blue Tulip at Recreational genres: Romanticism for young adults, historic romanticism, sci-fi romanticism, urban phantasy romanticism, modern romanticism, romantic drama and reign romanticism. Blue Tulip's staff uses its combination of expertise in the areas of corporate strategies, editorial, marketing as well as book promotions to offer both novice writers and experienced writers the ideal opportunity to bring their work to the public.

Publisher, Vicki Lansky, 15245 Minnetonka Boulevard, Minnetonka MN 55345-1510; 612-912-0036; 800-255-3379; Fax: 612-912-0105. Speciality: Parent's textbooks, tips for the home and Christmas-title. The Brick Tower Press, John T. Colby Jr., Editor, 1230 Park Avenue, New York NY 10128; 212-427-7139. Specialities: cuisine and seafaring. Kleine Presseverlag des Jahres 1999 published marvelous children's literature.

The Burford Boks, Peter Burford, Editor, 32 Morris Avenue, Springfield NJ 07081; 973-258-0960; Fax: 973-258-0113. Specialities: Gulf, wartime stories and memoir, insect fish, cookery textbooks. Sara Cardoza Publishing, Sara Cardoza, Associate Editor, 857 Broadway, 3rd Floor, New York NY 10003 ; 212-255-6661. I' m Avery Cardoza, editor. Gaming logs. The Career Press, Ron Fry, Editor, 3 Tice Road, PO Box 687, Franklin Lakes NJ 07417; 201-848-0310; 800-CAREER-1 (800-227-3371); Fax: 201-848-1727.

SPECIALTYS: Career, jobs (including last minute tips), businesses (including The Smart Woman's Guides), training, private finances, marriages, offers, travels (50 Fabulous Places....), and encyclopaedias publish works and softwares that support the web, networks, computer graphic arts, games design, coding and computer engeneering, profes- ci[ Read Brent Farmer, Charlesbridge Publishing, 85 Main Street, Watertown MA 02172; 617-926-0329; 800-225-3214; Fax: 617-926-5720.

Specialities: children's books: literature, natural, environmental, alphabetical text. Coyote Press, Alice "Lou" Alpert, 300 Crescent Court #1150, Dallas TX 75201; 214-871-5599; 800-929-6104; Fax: 214-871-5577. The editor-in-chief of Chelsea Green Publishing, 85 N Main Street #120, P.O. Box 428, White River Junction VT 05001; 802-295-6300; Fax: 802-295-6444. Specialities: Mother earth, environmental, gardening, autonomous housing, construction technology alternatives.

Chronicles - 85 Second Street, San Francisco CA 94105; 415-537-4460; 800-722-6657; Fax: 415-537-3730. Specialities: "The Chronicle Book collection specialises in high-quality, affordable literature for grown-ups and kids. We have bestselling cookery textbooks, artwork, design, photo and architectural magazines, colour natural history textbooks, award-winning poems and literature, local and foreign guidebooks, gifts and stationary.

" You are a member of the Independent Book Publishers Hall of Fame. Clearing Light Publishers, Harmon Houghton and Marcia Keegan, Publisher, 823 Don Diego, Santa Fe NM 87501; 505-989-9590; Fax: 505-989-9519. Specialities: The Common Courage Press, Liz Keith und Greg Bates, Publishers, 1 Red Barn Road, Postfach 702, Monroe ME 04951 ; 207-525-0900 ; Fa. 207-525-3068 ; The Publishers.

Special fields: Questions of societal equity. Copy Books, Paul Farrell, Editor in Chief, 37 East Seventh Street, New York NY 10003; 212-228-0175, extension 215; Fax: 212-995-0322. Clairmont Avenue, Birmingham AL 35222; 205-714-3007; Fax: 205-714-3008. Published local title. David Black Publishing, Connie Kallback, Editor, 3803 U Bayshore Drive, Palo Alto CA 94303; 650-691-9123; 800-624-1765; Fax: 650-623-9271.

Account book. Down-east Belgium, PO Box 679, Camden ME 04843-0679; 207-594-9544; 800-766-1670; Fax: 207-594-7215. Specialities: local publications (art, photographs, cookery, travel guide, children's books). The Nimbus segment specialises in marine, sport and natural music. Your new Countrysport Press Divison is specialized in fly-fishing, wing shooting and gun-dog-titling. The Encante Press, Marty Essen, publishing house, 1572 BLue Lupine Lane, Victor MT 59875.

Recently started to publish other writers' book about animal, environmental, nature, policy, sciences, travel and game. Special field: General textbooks. Gary Groth, President, 7563 Lake City Way NE, Seattle WA 98115; 206-524-1967; 800-657-1100; Fax: 206-425-2104. Karen Oosterhous, 2232 S. Main Street #272, Ann Arbor MI 48103.

Speciality: lesbians and feminists. Franklin, Beedle & Associates, Jim Leisy, Editor, 8536 SW St Helens Street #D, Wilsonville OR 9707070; 503-682-7668; 800-322-2665; Fax: 503-682-7638. Since 1985, 175 publications have been released, today there are 33 printed and 10 new ones on each year. You specialise in the publication of manuals, instructions and computer resources, which include the web, OS, programming tools and sophisticated computer workstations.

Free Spirit Publishing, Judy Galbraith, President, 400 First Avenue N #616, Minneapolis MN 55401; 612-338-2068; 800-735-7323; Fax: 612-337-505050. Areas of expertise: Educational resource for teachers, parent and child.  Fulcrum Publishing, Robert Baron, Editor, 16100 Table Mountain Parkway #300, Golden CO 80403-1672; 303-277-1623; 800-992-2908; Fax: 303-279-7111. Specialities: garden work, travelling, nature, story, Indian study, kids.

The Gem Guides Book Company, 315 Cloverleaf Drive #F, Baldwin Park CA 91706; 626-855-1611; 800-824-5118; Fax: 626-855-1610. Publishing and distributing textbooks on stones and mineral, jewellery making, occidental interest, indigenous America, nature holidays and touring. Hebbs Smith, Editor, Gibbs Smith, Editor; Madge Baird, Editorial VP; 96 W Gentile Street, P.O. Box 667, Layton UT 84041; 801-544-9800; 800-748-5439; Fax: 801-544-5582.

Specialities: West Humour, Cooking Book, Rocky Mountain Regionaltitel, Indians, Wildlife, Architectural & Designer, Motherhood, Children's Book, etc. This is David R. Godine, editor, David Godine, editor. The publishing house was established in 1970 and produces approx. 30 publications per year. Specialities: General interest. The Harvard Common Press, Bruce Shaw, Editor, 535 Albany Street, Boston MA 02118; 617-423-5803; 888-657-3755; Fax: 617-695-9794.

Publishers Harvest House, 990 Owen Loop North, Eugene OR 97402-9173; 888-501-0160. Published Christian and gifts textbooks, include some best-sellers. Natalie Old-book. Höm Press, Dasya Zuccarello, Publishing House, P.O. Box, 4410, Chino Valley AZ 86323; 800-381-2700; Fax: 928-636-7519. E-mail: Sixty-six tracks in the press. Areas of specialization: integral healthcare, alternate life styles, sexuality, psychological, women's literature, poesy, children's music.

The Holloway House Publishing Group, 8060 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90046; 323-653-8060; Fax: 323-655-9452. Theme: The world's biggest publishing house for paperbacks. House Hunter, Kiran Rana, Publishers, 1515 1/2 Park Street, PO Box 2914, Alameda CA 94501-0914; 510-865-5282; 800-266-5592; Fa. Box; 510-865-4295. Focus: Heath, Families, Society, Welfare, Sociology.

Ilumination Arts, John Thompson, Editor; Ruth Thompson, Editor, 13256 Northup Way #9 (98005), P.O. Bellevue WA 98009; 425-644-7185. This is a great children's book publishing house that deals with New age topics. Cross-cultural Press, Toby Frank, President; David Hoopes, Editor; 374 U.S. Route 1, P.O. Box 700, Yarmouth ME 04096; 207-846-5168; 866-372-2665; Fax: 207-846-5181.

Focus: Multi-cultural, inter-cultural relationships. American Lights Publishing, Stuart Matlins, Editor, Sunset Farm Offices, Route 4, PO Box 237, Woodstock VT 05091; 802-457-4000; 800-962-4544; Fax: 802-457-4004. JOHANSON Books, Barbara Johnson Mussil, Editor; Stephen Topping, Chief Editor, 1880 South 57th Court, Boulder CO 80301; 303-443-9766; 800-258-5830; Fax: 303-443-1106. Specialities: local, rest, nature, archeology, westerly story.

The Judson Press, 800-331-1053; Fax: 610-768-2107. Africa and America textbooks. Just-Us Boks, Wade Hudson, Chairman; Cheryl Hudson, Editor; 356 Glenwood Avenue, East Orange NJ 07017; 973-672-7701. Specialities: children's literature and educational material from the program Schwarz-Experience. Vic Cavallaro, Editor, 230 Fifth Avenue #1710, New York NY 10001; 800-890-7137; Fax: 800-890-7138. Specialities:

Childrens textbooks, pop-ups, folding and SoftPlay fabrics. Leeward & Low Beauty Book, Jason Low, Publishing House, 95 Madison Avenue #1205, New York NY 10016; 212-779-4400; Fax: 212-683-1894. This is a high-quality children's book publishing house specializing in multi-cultural topics. We specialise in literature and non-fiction with colourful characters for young and old, for those between 5 and 12 years of age.

Particularly interesting are realist literature, historic literature and non-fiction books with their own voices or approaches. No folk and wildlife tales are published. Learning publishing house, Adam Lerner, editor; Mary Rodgers, chief talking document urine, 241 First Avenue N, Minneapolis MN 55401; 612-332-3344; 800-328-4929. The publishing house for children's books mainly sells books for the educational and librarian market.

You have about 1,000 publications in printing. The Mark Batty Publisher (mbp), 36 Western Street Penthouse, New York NY 10018; 201-453-1775; Telefax 917-591-4144. Fine and Communication Designers. MclPherson & Company, Bruce McPherson, Editor and Publisher, P.O. Box 1126, Kingston NY 12402; 914-331-5807; 800-613-8219. The McPherson & Company collection comprises Imprint's Documentext (art and cultural title), Treacle Print (the initial name of the press) and Recovery Classic (reprints of missing works by writers of the twentieth century).

Besides the publication of modern US literature and non-fiction, McPherson publishes modern French literature in British as well. Press, Bruce Lansky, Editor, 5451 Smetana Drive, Minnetonka MN 55343; 612-930-1100; 800-338-2232; Fax: 612-930-1940. Special field: education, child care and humour title. Mél Bay Publications, L. Dean Bye, 4 Industrial Drive, Pacific MO 63069; 314-257-3970; Fax: 314-257-5062.

Speciality: Musicbooks, hymnbooks and methods manuals for all kinds of musicals. Ted Zapel, Editor, 885 Elkton Drive, Colorado Springs CO 80907; 719-594-4422; 800-937-5297; Fax: 719-594-9916. Specialities: Theatre, acting, clownery. The Mosaic Press, Howard Asher, Editor, 85 River Rock Drive #202, Buffalo NY 14207; 800-387-8992; Fax: 800-387-8992. This is a publishing house with 450 publications and sales in the USA.

Main focus: Internacional study, sociology, art, arquitecture, theatre, traveling, reading. John Rimel, editor, 1301 S 3rd Street W, P.O. Box 2399, Missoula MT 59806; 406-728-1900; 800-234-5308; Fax: 406-728-1635. Area of expertise: cows, ecology, local, history, local, recreational. Barbara Grier, Editor, P.O. Box 10543, Tallahassee FL 32302; 850-539-5965; Fax: 850-539-9731.

Areas of specialization: gay writing, novels and video. Oldest and biggest of these publishers. The New Directions, Griselda Ohannessian, Verlegerin, 80 Eighth Avenue, New York NY 10011. Nearly a non-profit publishing house, this was one of the first small independant publishing houses (founded in 1936). As before, it is a powerful publishing house with a focus on poesy as well as avant-garde and non-fiction music.

The New Harbinger Publications, Matt McKay, Editor, 5674 Shattuck Avenue, Oakland CA 94609; 510-652-0215; 800-748-6273; Fax: 510-652-5472. Areas of expertise: bibliography, tapes and video about mental medicine, healthcare, families, self-help. Neue Weltbibliothek, Marc Allen, Editor; Georgia Hughes, Chief Editor (Email: Georgian@newworldlibrary. com); 14 Pamaron Way, Novato CA 94949; 415-884-2100; 800-972-6657; Fax: 415-884-2199.

You have an activated back list of 450 tracks. Featured: New-Age books, comprehensive healthcare, natives america, ecology, relaxation, spa, individual development, oriental philosophies, domestic and animal, creativeness and composition, sustained life and pronounced sound. C W W W Norton & Company, 500 Fifth Avenue, New York NY 10110-0017; 212-354-5500; Fax: 212-869-0856; 800-223-4830.

Common title with many collegiate schoolbooks. O'Reilly & Associates, Tim O'Reilly, Editor, 1005 Gravenstein Highway N, Sebastopol CA 95472; 707-827-7000, 800-998-9938; Fax: 707-829-0104. O'Reilly, a self-publisher of UNIX literature, is now the world' s 4th biggest computer book publishing house. You are a member of the Independent Book Publishers Hall of Fame.

andrew Wooldridge, USA: Special fields: children's and youth literature. You also sell 8 other publishers. They' re only publishing writers from Canada. Press Overlook, Peter Mayer, Editor, 386 W Broadway, Fourth Floor, New York NY 10012; 212-965-8400; Fax: 212-477-7525. Specialities: literature, children's literature, arts, design, popcultures, etc. The Paladin Press, Peder Lund, Editor, Gunbarrel Tech Center, 7077 Winchester Circle, Boulder, CO 80301; 303-443-7250; Fax: 303-442-8741.

One-hundred hundred tracks in press. Headquartered in Parliament Press, Elizabeth Crary, Editor, 11065 Fifth Avenue NE #F, P.O. B. 75267, Seattle WA 98125-4518; 206-364-2900; 800-992-6657; Fax: 206-364-0702. Fifty-five tracks in the press. Speciality: Parent title. Margaret Quinlin, Peachtree Publishers, 1700 Chattahooche Avenue, Atlanta GA 30318-2112; 404-876-8761. Specialities: Kids, South ( "hiking, angling, nature") and self-help, especially education.

60-70% of the 25 new publications per year are children's literature, either illustrated or juvenile. People Productions, Doug DuBosque, Editor, 9415 NE Woodridge Street, Vancouver WA 98664; 360-326-8003. Specialized in art textbooks for kids. More than 6 million of the 60 publications have been distributed, 51 of which are still in press.

and the Permanent Press, Martin Shepard, Editor, Noyac Road, Sag Harbor NY 11963; 516-725-1101; Fax: 516-725-1101; 631-725-1101. Second Chance Press. Speciality: high-quality literature. 72054, Akron OH 44372; 330-762-6800; Fax: 330-762-2230. Speciality: children's literature. There are currently 43 publications in press. Selling over 850,000 volumes to Kodak and Walt Disney World for an jubilee campaign and 350,000 to Imation.

Her Nibble Me Boooks have been named Professional Candy Buyers of the Year Power House Book, 180 Varick Street #1302, New York NY 10014; 212-604-9074; Fax: 212-366-5247. Specialities: Cutting-edge photography, fine arts and popular cultural picture volumes. prometeheus boks, steven mitchell, editor-in-chief, 59 John Glenn drive, amherst NY 14228-2197; 800-421-0351; fax: 716-691-0137.

Special fields: Genuine sciences, uncovering pseudosciences, humans right, societal questions, Psychologie, synopses. You recently purchased the back-list publications of Humanities Press and created a new masthead, Humanity Publications, to launch textbooks on humanities and humanities. PROMEHETEUS releases about 100 new publications per year. She is the publisher of her series of fiction and fantasy stories.

International Publications, J. Robert Stank, Editor, 7373 N Cicero Avenue, Lincolnwood IL 60646; 847-676-3470; Fax: 847-676-3671. Specialities: cookery textbooks, consumer, children's textbooks, sport, entertainment, handicrafts, lifestyle, general wellness and wellbeing. The Pushcart Press, Bill Henderson, Editor, P.O. Box 380, Wainscott NY 11975-0380; 516-324-9300. Special ties: history, literature, publishing, general. The Quail Ridge Press, Gwen McKee, Editor, P.O. Box 123, Brandon MS 39043; 800-343-1583; Fax: 800-864-1082.

Published cookery textbooks, the Mississippi range, some children's textbooks. 49441 Muskegon MI; 510-595-0595; Fax: 510-595-0598. The Wetlands Press produces literature and innovation for kids; Zenobia Press produces literature on behalf of girls and women's affairs. You will also be publishing the amusing Wannabe Guide and travelling humor/travel guide.

Robert's Rinehart, Jack Van Zandt, Editor; Betsy Armstrong, Editor-in-Chief; 6309 Monarch Park Place #101, Niwot CO 80503; 303-652-2685; 800-352-1985; Fax: 303-652-2689. Specialities: general, natural, ecological, literature, travelling, art and photograph, children's literature. Robin Haywood, directeur de la publication, 81 W Commercial Street, Portland ME 04101 ; 207-772-6833 ; 800-625-3386 ; Facsimile : 207-772-6814.

I' m Ronnie Sellers, editor. Publishers Weekly described this calendars and greetings cards company as one of the fastestgrowing publishers in the state. Her speciality are arts and humour magazines. Examples are Sixty Things to Do When You Turn Sixty, Getting Old Is a Joke, Cat Naps and 500 Cupcakes.

Sandalapper Publishing House, Amanda Gallman, 1281 Amelia Street, Orangeburg SC 29115; 803-531-1658; Fax: 803-534-5223. Founded in 1983, the Regionalverlag publishes up to 6 new publications a year, 100 of which are on the back list. In addition, the enterprise sells more than 300 publications by other publishers. You are interested in South Carolina or the South.

It'?s not a fictional, poetic or political thing. The Santa Monica Press, Jeffrey Goldman, Editor, P.O. Box 850, Solana Beach CA 92075; 858-793-1890; Fax: 858-777-0444. Eklektische Verlag is a publishing house that produces a wide range of publications on popcultures, travelling, humour, art and amusement, cinema studies, photographs, biographies, references and general non-fiction. It' still a great way to market fancy catalogues and non-booksellers.

Chad Haight, Verlag, 1904 Third Avenue #710, Seattle WA 98101 ; 206-467-4300 ; 800-775-0817 ; Facsimile : 206-467-4301. 40 new publications per year. Specialities: cookery textbooks, horticulture, regional publications, general. SELF-CUNSEL PRESS, Richard Day, Editor in Chief, 1704 N State Street, Bellingham WA 98225; 360-676-4530; 877-877-6490; Fax: 360-676-4549. It is a publishing company that produces self-help literature for laypeople, businesses, marketers, family/lifestyle and writers.

714-545-2526; 800-354-5348; Fax: 714-545-1572; Seven Locks Press, Jim Riordan, Editor, 3100 W Warner Avenue #8, PO B. 25689, Santa Ana CA 92799. Specialities: Zeitgenössische Ausgaben, illustrated volumes, gifts, celebrities,ative American. Sambhala Publications, 300 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston MA 02115; 617-424-0030; 888-424-2329; Fax: 617-236-1563. Buddhism, New Ages title, oriental philosphy, integral heath, psycology, Yoga, martial art.

Publication of 60 to 85 publications per year. To appreciate the link between the arts, the natural world and the mind. Guidance for the submission of books: Silberback Books, Howard Cohl, President, 11601 Wilshire Boulevard #1500, Los Angeles CA 90025; 310-479-1555; Fax: 310-479-1561. SKYTHORSE Publishing, Tony Lyons, Editor, 555 Eighth Avenue #903, New York NY 10018; 212-643-6816; Fax: 212-643-6819.

You are publishing textbooks on sport, historical, natural, humour, home and references. and Ithaca, NY 14851, 607-273-8519, 605 West State Street, P.O. Box 6483. He has published a number of textbooks on Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism. Dominique Raccah, Publisher, 1935 Brookdale Road #139, Naperville IL 60563; 630-961-3900 #224; 800-727-8866; Fax: 630-961-2168.

The Casablanca Press, Hysteria, Sphinx Publishing. Specialities: general, kids, romantic, beauty, phantasy, multi-media. Quickest expanding freelance publishing house out there. Special field: lesbians and feminists literature. Squared One and Rudy Shur, Editor, 115 Herricks Road, Garden City Park NY 11040; 516-535-2010; Fax: 516-535-2014. Reading, cookery, and more. The Stackpole Book, 5067 Ritter Road, Mechanicsburg PA 17055; 717-796-0411; 800-732-3669; Fax: 717-796-0412.

Specialities: Wildlife, Leisure and Sport, Historic, Military and Pennsylvania. Styerforth Press, Chip Fleischer, 25 Lebanon Street, Hanover NH 03755; 603-643-4787; Fax: 607-643-4788. Special fields: general literature and non-fiction. STILL PO Box 640, Walpole NH 03608; 603-756-9281; 800-847-4014; Fax: 603-756-9282. Fifty tracks in the press.

Stoger Publishing House, 17603 Indian Head Highway #200, Accokeek MD 20607; 301-283-6981; Fax: 310-283-4783. "The Stoeger Verlag is the leading publishing house for the publishing of publications on the outdoors, hunts, fisheries and weapons. Stoeger Verlag is situated in the historical south of Maryland and is devoted to the manufacture of premium publications at an affordable rate for the outdoors.

Stoeger has released or sold several hundred publications since 1924, mainly the yearbooks Shooter`s Bible and Gun Trader's Guide. "He has won many prizes and is on several best-seller listings, among them the New York Times, Nielsen BookScan and the Mid-South Booksellers Association. Second World Press, Haki Madhubuti, Editor, 7822 S Dobson Avenue, Chicago IL 60619; 773-651-0700; Fax: 773-651-7286.

Jennifer Elliott, Publisher, 2 Mechanic Street #3, Gardiner ME 04345; 207-582-1899; 800-582-1899; Fax: 207-582-8227. Specialities: general. J. N. Townsend Publishing, Jeremy Townsend, Editor, 12 Greenleaf Drive, Exeter NH 03833; 603-778-9883; 800-333-9883. Speciality: Animals and natural history textbooks. Travellers' Tales, James O'Reilly, Editor and Associate Publisher, 853 Alma Street, Palo Alto CA 94301; 650-462-2110; Fax: 650-462-2114.

You have won the Lowell Thomas Award for the best book in your five-year story three time. Specialities: travelling (especially travelogues), humour, mishap, romanticism and music. The Turner Publishing, Todd Bottorff, Publishing House, 200 Fourth Avenue North #950, Nashville TN 37219; 615-255-2665. Specialities: exploring the area, the area' s historical and fictional aspects.

Published 55 times a year. The Volcano Press, Adam Gottstein, Editor, 270 Consolation Street, PO Box 270, Volcano CA 95689; 209-296-3445; 800-879-9636; Fax: 209-296-45l5. Focus: Women's healthcare, domestic abuse and multi-cultural children's literature. The Workman Publishing Company, 225 Varick Street, New York NY 10014-4381; 212-254-5900; 800-722-7202; Fax: 212-254-8098. Includes Algonquin and Storey Publishing, Timber Press, Artisan and HighBridge Audio.

It is the leading pioneer in the publication of paperback and page-a-day calendering. He is a standardsetter who has distributed tens of thousands of copies. You are a member of the Independent Book Publishers Hall of Fame.

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