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First-class software for authors

Authors' best software is the software that works for them. A freelance writer's life may seem simple. Authors often work from home, determine their own lessons and choose which topics they write about. The writing software offers several ways to view the stories you write. If you are not using emulation or virtualization software, there is no way to run Word on Linux.

Scrivener' is the best software for authors, isn't it?

By " Omwriter " I think you mean an ommwriter who calls himself a plain text-editor. This would mean it is in a completely different catagory than Scrivener, Ulysses or Celtx, which have several features to perform the alleged duties that a novelist has. A number of incumbent authors still use old-fashioned text processors such as WordStar (A Writer's Wordprocessor).

Other people are swearing by voice recognizing software (author Joe Holt is writing textbooks with Dragon voice recognizing software) at least as often as others would have it. Writers will however, no mater what software they get; as an alternative, the best and most versatile software in the business will not make anyone an writer.

The outline needs a single-slice outerliner, a unique class of software outside the Macintosh that includes Opal and OmniOutliner. Many writers use a plain text or non-GUI text editing system for the first design, so that they can focus on the words themselves and are not diverted by the appearance of the page or a strange touch.

You can use the page composing or page layouts functions in a general GUI text processing or page layouts application.

Best Business Software for Freelance Authors

A free writer's world may seem straightforward. Authors often work from home, determine their own lessons and select the topics they work on. Self-employed authoring, however, is not as straightforward as it looks. It' a shop, and like any other shop, there are certain utilities you need to be there.

Tracking bills and expenditures is crucial for any company, even for professional work. More than three million small companies use QuickBooks to administer their financial management, says Intuit, the software vendor. QuickBooks Pro 2013 or QuickBooks Online Simple Start (links in the resources) provides all the functionality you need as a free author.

The majority of free-lance typing jobs involve more than just being on the computer to work. Taskmanagement-software can help you to keep an overview of each assignment and to finish the whole process on-schedule. There' are many good taskmanagers for Macs and PC's. Outlook comes with an integrated to-do schedule, just like Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

Productsteev (Link in Resources) is a full-fledged on-line taskmanager that follows the Get Things Done method. list it as one of the best taskmanagers on the open source system. On-line search is an important part of free typing. Notes-taking software such as Evernote, Microsoft OneNote or SpringPad can help you organize and have your information at hand (links in the resources).

Both Evernote and SpringPad are free on-line applications that allow you to upgrade your memos from your iPhone or Androidintosh. With cloud based repositories such as Dropbox, Sky Drive and Google Drive (links to resources), you can save your files on-line. This service is especially useful when you use a portable unit to type when you're away from your workstation.

When you store a file on-line, you can edit it with any machine without having to make contradictory changes. Thiria Ballad is a novelist, screenwriter and freak projekt. Wrote several textbooks, among them two fiction stories, lectures on objectives and planing projects for writers and enjoys cooking in her free timeframe.

It is the live evidence that you can make a livin' by graduating in Iowa. "Best business software for freelance writers."

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