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Best 30 Websites for Indie Authors The attempt to develop your publishing and literary careers is a real upset. We' re fortunate to know many truly excellent professionals who provide great insight, great advice and valuable feedbacks on a wide range of promotional issues and publishing opportunities. http://annerallen.blogspot. com - One of Writer's Digest's 101 best sites for writers, Ann Updated on Sunday and her blog contains periodic posts by former Big Six journalist Ruth Harris.

For more information, see 2 http://www.booksandsuch. com/blog/ - a literature management agency. You are selling to a broad variety of publishing houses in fields such as women's literature, general literature, non-fiction, gifts, simple reading and storyboard. com/ - Jeff Goins launched his 2010 blogs, with some hot issues in mind:

So what does it really take to be released? It gives hints for typing, creativeness and change. Reading 4 http://writetodone. com - Mary Jaksch, editor-in-chief, thinks that your typing practices need to be positively guided. Writes every Tuesday on her Tuesday diary. It provides consulting, support and inspirational services built on everything she has learnt about authoring, publishing and promoting in today's harsh publishing world.

6 http://www.helpingwritersbecomeauthors. com - K.M. Weiland supports writers through herĀ blogs. Your Blog is one of the 101 best websites of Writer's Digest for writers. http://www.trainingauthors. com - Shelley and Heather of Training writers aim to help writers succeed in achieving successful results in this area. http://davidgaughran.wordpress. com - David Gaughran concentrates on how to become public and how to buy more textbooks.

Wrote several textbooks on these subjects and gives a lot of information about self-publications. Www. 10 http://www.rachellegardner. com - Rachelle is a frahlingin for all that. Beginning her diary as an opportunity to build a fellowship of authors who are both publishers and in search of publish. Sandra Beckwith has more than 25 years of journalism expertise.

It gives advice and covers current issues for writers. The Alliance of Independent Author's Top Website for Self-Publishers award for Builder Book Buzz. - Cathy Stucker gives useful advice and technique for authoring, publishing and sales of music. It has free software to help writers set up their platforms.

http://selfpublishingteam. com - Toni and Shannon, the self-publishing staff, help independent writers release their work and create engaging franchise. Catherine is writing from Ireland and speaks a great deal about self-publication. Frances Caballo gives advice and ideas on how to use the use of digital content to your benefit in marketing your work.

Louise Myers speaks about the powers of interactive graphic design and gives you hints on how to make your website more attractive. Writers Unboxed has article from a barrel of collaborators who provide all the advices and thought-provoking impulses for the handicraft and shop of typing literature.

22Com/ - An writer himself, Hugh not only uses his website to support his own work, he also uses it to help other writers. It is best to browse the whole site by clicking on the button "Start here". ABOUT http://www.thebookdesigner. com - Joel Friedlander alias The Book Designer has numerous essays (divided into easy-to-navigate topics) on his site that help self-published writers with everything you need to know and do.

The new Publishers Weekly website for independent writers is in betasemode. You have instructions and poster profile, and you can make one of their published self assessments. Com-YES Konrath is an writer who writes a blog about the latest publishing news and issues that writers should become familiar with.

It also encourages other writers AND write blogs with useful self-publication tips. http://www.thefutureofink. com - The Future of Ink has a great deal of information to help writers make their own decisions about how to market their products. 30- http://indiereader. com - Everything about individual writers, novels and the free publishing community in one place.

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