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What do I do to earn money with my publication? Which services do the best self-publishers offer? Would it be better to print my book or publish an ebook? Her questions are an excellent question, but the term "self-publishing" can come in two forms: And Gittins, founder of Blurb, a printer and publisher for self-published authors.

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Self-editing is becoming an increasingly profitable choice for writers in the face of the escalation of business publishing, the convenience of print-on-demand technologies and the growing popularity of Amazon and other on-line bookshops. Ever since I became a self-published writer - my first novel The Rainbow Virus - I have developed a range of guidelines that I find very helpful:

The reasons for your self-publication determine how much work, efforts and funds you spend. Do you publish only one book for your loved ones? Is your book going to be an integrated part of your professionally "brand", or will it become a secondary occupation or amateur? Is it going to be a book alone, or the first in a series of titles aimed at building your name?

As soon as you have chosen the "why" of your self-publisher, you can find out the "how": here is the range of available options: only e-book, do-it-yourself covers and format. Use this option to test market a book, or for a book intended for your friend and your loved ones only. Some of the most common ebooks are Amazon's Kindle and Smashwords.

With their integrated whiteboard tool, you can create your own e-book at no charge and sell it on these websites. Whilst this option doesn't require you to pay for it, it will take a lot of your own effort to get it right, so be ready to get to know the layouts and covers designing tool. However, the results will almost certainly not be as high-quality as the work of a pro.

If I had tried to reformat my novel as an e-book, I could never have created the graphic items, like the section headings that differentiate my e-book as a profession-grade. Just e-book, covers and layouts. Through the expenses in the hundred of bucks, you can do a profesional job the covers and layouts.

Select this option if you want to improve your trademark and you are expecting a proffesional use from your iBook. It is possible, for example, to earn a fortune with an e-book without printing a mate. Printing and e-book, do-it-yourself covers, layouts. Although e-books are on the advance, a printed book is still regarded as the trademark of a "real" book.

Select this option if you want your book to have more credibility in the reader's eye. With CreateSpace or Lightning Sourcing you can create a printed book cost-effectively. But even if you invest a lot of your own resources to control the designing tool, your book will not always be of the same standard as a professional book.

Michele's paper describes the benefits of creating a professional-looking book and this book standard paper demonstrates the complexities of creating a truly professional-looking book type. Printing and e-book, proffesional covers, layouts and proofs. You can order a fancy front and back covers, as well as layouts, designs and ebooks for several thousand bucks.

This kind of investments make good business if you believe that there is a significant non-fiction book industry. If you' re planning on producing a series of them. It' also makes good business sense if the book will be an important part of your business name. Be prepared for publication by thoroughly studying the many self-publication related textbooks, websites and discussions groups.

It' really good to use and will both help you saving your own budget and make sure that your self-published book is manufactured and sold as well as possible. Luckily, in her New Self-Publisher's FAQ, Jacqueline Simonds had put together an outstanding resource pool. This is the Independent Book Publishers Association, which has many advantages.

Prior to writing your book, you must draw up a strategy for your audience and how you can get there. It will help you manage the contents of your book, and of course it will be indispensable for your strategy planning. Don't count on making a living. There is a saying in publishing: "You don't make your living with a book, you make your living with a book.

" They are unlikely to make significant immediate revenues from your non-fiction, but it can enhance your reputations, revenue written tasks, and allow you to make cash doctrinal training sessions and lectures on your topic. Prevent POD Publisher. Most" Printed on Demand" publishing houses - for example Arbor and AuthorHouse, iUniverse and PublishAmerica - require writers to pay instead of sell their work.

If you are considering one of these companies, please have a look at The Fine Print of Self Publishing by Mark Levine. That means good editing and compulsive proof-reading over and over again until you're tired of looking at your book. The trickiest mistakes can harm the authenticity of your book, especially a self-published book.

Not only typing mistakes, but also conceptional and textual mistakes will be missing. Here is a really good article on the publishing processes of the book editor K.M. Weiland, from design to pub. Registre your book at Bowker - the leading bibliographical information and ISBN supplier.

Free-of-charge or low-cost promotional efforts work best - which includes a website, online publishing, press release and the book's offerings on readers' pages such as GoodReads and LibraryThing. On the other hand, it is usually not as cost-effective to spend funds on advertisements and advertising work. Be sure to give a convincing account of your book. Listing your book under all possible headings and key words so that the results for those words have it.

A good Amazon feedback is crucial, so ask anyone who says they like your book to publish a feedback. Have your book rated by the best critics from Amazon and other great critics. Enable the Look Inside function by adding a book to your website in Adobe Acrobat Reader format.

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