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The Loyola Marymount University offers two different degrees as Master of Fine Arts at its Los Angeles-based School of Film and Television: The film program of a university should educate the students in all areas from script to editing. Find out about some of the best film schools in the world, including information on current tuition fees. The best film schools in 2016: USA Top 25 (Ranking)

It used to be much easier to become a filmmaker: all you needed was a 16mm cam, some leftover footage and an inspiring schoolteacher. However, today movie schools are regarded as pointless unless they provide state-of-the-art augmented reality laboratories, high-end digitalteadicams and at least one course by James Franco - all this makes the application for these institutes more bewildering than ever before.

For this purpose, THR presents its 6th yearly rankings of the 25 best US schools (and a listing of the 15 best international schools). Like always, the journal has compiled the shortlist by consulted with academics, industrial specialists and numerous graduates from movie schools. Yale is your teacher if your class is like World Cinema - which investigates the "coexistence of globalisation and the survival of ethnic identities".

The movie programme also impresses with impressively good partnerships: A number of graduates believe that the biggest advantage of the college is its seclusion. "Upstate New York's other movie academy also concentrates on foreign cinematography, with exchanges in Bosnia, Peru and Italy (where the undergraduates work with the great Bernardo Bertolucci). They also have a large campus and send internship placements to Cannes and Sundance.

It also fights for good citizenship and dedicates the other half to grants for disadvantaged people. By 2014 it had 800 graduates and undergraduates; this year the enrolment has increased to 1,200. There are only 15 MFA and only 10 MAs a year.

"The SFSU was my favourite SFSU adventure, running around town with a 16mm Bolex and just a vague notion of what I wanted to film," remembers Ethan Van der Ryn ('85), who later became soundmaster for the Transformers and The Lord of the Rings franchise. It is one of the few schools that allows pupils to keep their right to work on their campuses.

"Film maker Saman Kesh ('11), who is connected to Cube at Lionsgate and Controller at Fox, says. "art center recently entered into a $300,000 fellowship agreement with the Huace Group of China and will expand an evergreen media lab in early 2017.

It is an art college - probably the art college - and so it is not astonishing that half of the films programme is focused on entertainment. Partnering with Laika, the Oregon recording company that shot the Oscar-nominated Coraline, has turned the academy into a Hollywood entertainment boutique. With more semesters abroad than anyone else, you can go to London, New York, Los Angeles and now Cuba.

There are three Brazilian student volunteers supporting NBC Sports in broadcasting the Olympic Games in Rio. "This is the only academy on this shortlist that makes its own streamsitcom; every three months a new Buzz clip - about a pile of graduates from colleges hung in a coffeeshop - is made, managed, processed by another group of pupils and streamsed on the school's website.

While the show will be made in the new 22,000 square meter SCAD movie building, the college also has a Atlanta based electronic communications centre. "This was a complete set of optical effect programs. "The youngest movie academy on this schedule - the 48-hectare Sarasota, Fla. In 2007, the university' s movie programme was started - in December, it will open a 30,000 square metre sound stage and post-production centre, the first ever commercial movie installation on the Gulf Coast.

Ringling Studio Lab Programme, a alliance with Semkhor Networks, will continue to attract talents and work with the likes of Kevin Smith, who will be shooting his next movie there in November. USA Premier Motion Picture Academy, which offers about 200 specialised classes, is 2,000 mile from Hollywood. However, this is a plus, says Eric Freedman, the new deacon of Columbia's School of Media Arts.

"From one of the most vibrant digital audio-visual eco-systems in the country - Chicago. There is an $100,000 annually grant for studentfilms, a twinning with the Beijing Film Academy and - in Hollywood - a five-week long study-immed. The Lego Movie Editors Chris McKay, Barbershop Manufacturer George Tillman Jr., NOTABLE ALUMNI Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, This small college in a scenic area of Winston-Salem is transformed into a state-of-the-art technology center.

Featuring a new song in everlasting amusement and augmented reality this autumn, a VR film will be made by Jacquie Barnbrook, maker of The Maretian VR Experience. By 2015, the college has finished its 30,000 square meter large electronic audio-visual facility, which houses state-of-the-art devices for electronic designs, games, animations and visuals.

This year the movie programme got new excavations: The BU is also known for its L.A. office on Wilshire Boulevard, where 200 college graduates study with industrial professionals. The MFA programme concentrates on documentary films and only documentary films. Now, thanks to the new $85 million McMurtry building that houses the Department of Art & Society has its own cutting room for each one.

This is not so narrow, considering that only eight MFA candidates per year are admitted to the programme. An intimate atmosphere holds the pupils together for a lifetime. "I' m still working in close collaboration with my schoolmates six years after I graduated," says Jason Sussberg ('10), co-director of the forthcoming The Bill Nyeilm. "The Script to Screen grade allows the student to watch the trip of a movie I'm working on through one semester," says the Oscar-winning actress ('93), who gives classes on college and records them.

"The pupils are initiated into the decisions and changes we make during the trial. There is also the Austin Film Festival. She has good industrial ties for a Boston college. The work placement programme is super-aggressive and places undergraduates with Hollywood production companies, networking sites and recording companies. "She says the work placement programme gave me entry to Hollywood.

Back in Back Bay, the graduate of Jay Leno and Norman Lear University, a BFA programme in comic art was started in 2015. Wesleyan's College and the Moving Image is both a conservative art academy and a movie academy, which means that the student is trained not only in the practice of making films, but also in scholarly critique and historicism.

Jeanine Basinger, the much-loved icone of the faculties, created the science of cinema - and we mean that. Among the students are the New York Times movie reviewer, A.O. Scott, and the managing director of the A24, David Laub. Effie Brown ('93) did not come to the LMU Schule of Film and Television, so she signed up as a theatre student to corner the movie deacon and asked him to change her.

Headquartered in Westchester, California. stays small - 12 pupils per instructor - but the syllabus keeps growing. It launches a new institution in neighbouring Silicon Beach and new certification programmes in the fields of documentaries, electronic story-telling and medium. There is a good explanation why Ted Sarandos, Steve Mosko, Ed Carroll from AMC and even Hugh Hefner sent their kids to this college - and not only because the Orange County Camp is near home.

The Chapmans Dodge College of Film and Media Arts is fitted with a $42 million, 76,000 square meter system created by Bastien and Associates, the same company that created Soundstage for Paramount, DreamWorks, Universal and Warner Bros. Say Matt and Ross Duffer ('07) that recently came out big with the Netflix nightmare show Stranger Things:

It' s not too presumptive - our final paper was about a shape-changing Kannibal, and the college and college kids liked it. "Of course, the college that Walt Disney constructed in Valencia, California - he presented it to the general audience in 1964 with a film during the première of Mary Poppins - is known for its ability to produce first-class entertainers.

" For this autumn, pupils will be able to draw inspiration from One Act to Cinematic Event, a group that James Franco has been teaching at CalArts for about five years. Making a Murderer would not have been possible without Columbia's MFA programme, which celebrates its fiftieth year in 2016. This detective story line was created a decade ago when two PhD candidates - Moira Demos ('08) and Laura Ricciardi ('07) - began to follow the case of Steven Avery.

Doing the show for Netflix in early 2015, they selected one of their former teachers, Maureen Ryan, as our director of programs, as our consultant. It was a grumble when the 2014 study programme moved from a two-year to a four-year programme, but UCLA's School of Theatre, Motion Picture and Television is still the first port of call for a large number of emerging directors (only 2 per cent of students are accepted).

One part of the purpose is the free access to cinematography, which encourages student - and graduate - to experimentation. Recently, when Francis Ford Coppola ('67) developed his own livecinema design - a mix of livecinema, movie and television in front of an audiences crowd - he crewed his aluminium matter with 75 people.

The Tisch Schule of the Arts of the NYU, the best and most renowned US movie academy just off the Hudson River, is renowned for such heavy weights as Martin Scorsese, Oliver Stone and M. Night Shyamalan night music. It' s just vision and soundtrack; I could talk and make it work in fractured English," says the filmmaker, who will be releasing his 120 frames per second experimentally in November, Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk.

The NYU student team produces more than 5,000 films annually - some on old- scholastic celuloid - and can choose the minds of David Fincher, Sofia Coppola and other A-list film-makers as part of the recently started Chair's Workshop group. At this year's Student Academy Awards, AFI made a name for itself and was the first award winning the medal - in the categories Narration, Golden, Silver und Bronce.

She can exhibit the awards her graduates have won over the past year, such as at the Cannes and Venice International Filmfestivals, in the school's recently refurbished wooded college oncampus. For the first year in 2015, more women than men were admitted to the new directorate.

With the appointment of Oscar-nominated Matt Chesse, the school's cut tracks get a push, and the students' dissertation movies are sure to be distributed via, where they can be borrowed or purchased. USC's school of Cinematic Arts has existed since 1929, but THR's No. 1 motion picture academy - for the 4th year in a row - is always one jump ahead of its age.

USC is currently focusing on VR and extended realities, with the VR contents firm Jaunt announced in January that it would finance a VR insubator at the university. However, the schools are also ahead of the game in other respects and are driving Hollywood towards diversity: A $10 million foundation was established in October, in part by Alaun George Lucas ('67), to provide funding to under-represented community members.

The Birth of a Nation filmmaker Jason Michael Berman ('06), who is teaching a course, "Filmmakers from different background have really unbelievable and important tales to tell to be able to provide these fellowships to these undergraders. "USC's position in the Exposition Park also keeps the college at the top and offers simple entry to many of the best minds in the industry.... and James Franco, who is teaching one of his extensive movie series there.

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