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Read more about self-publication in the following articles:. A list of the largest book publishers in the United Kingdom. This is the final list of book publishing services near your location that will be evaluated by your neighborhood. Named "Publisher to Avoid" by Mark Levine, lawyer and author of The Fine Print of Self-Publishing. Ageless Authors, our new publishing house.

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Large publishing houses can obtain up to several hundred copies of a manuscript per weeks. If you have not already posted your work, the chances that a large editor will even look at your footage are not very high. The majority of large publishing houses do not even get unasked to produce a manuscript. So your hardwork can go directly to a trash container, or you will get a note rejecting a ticket without it being used.

Legacy publishing still offers you the same advantages as publishing with a large publishing house. Although legacy publishing is not very large, we use the same enrollment process as large publishing houses and the same distribution networks to obtain titles in large bookstores. Publish your product to print and make it available to distributors, resellers and librarians around the globe.

You can also buy your copy directly from Like the big publishers, Legacy Publishing is paying royalty fees for the purchase of titles distributed through bookshops and other retailers. Although we don't have an New York office, we have over 18 years of publishing expertise and over 500,000 printed work.

Publishing with legacies publishing gives you a different point of departure. They can see the entire market image from the point of views of a publishing house and the prospective purchaser of your work. The authors will discuss the best way to present their materials to the audience for whom the original text was created.

Legacy Publishing provides you with the personal support that you may not get from other publishers. We only accept a certain number of titles per year, so we can give each one more personalisation. We have been supporting you in the areas of editing advice, artwork creation, lay-out and advertising for over 18 years and support you with our expertise at every time.

Legacy Publishing believes in the author-involved production of the work. It is our aim to create a professionally written textbook with the utmost emphasis on the work of the writer. Sixty percent of the biggest publishers take over the editorial work, 23 percent choose the definitive publication, 20 percent will not even consulted an artist on coverage designs and 37 percent will not include writers in their advertising for their own work.

At Legacy, we believe that the writers should have the definitive editing permission, inputs and satisfaction, if not enthusiasm, with the covers and interiors. By publishing with legacy publishing, you are part of every stage of the publishing process, from the first concept to a retail appearance. It is our aim to help the writer deliver the most professionally produced books possible without affecting the artist's work.

Legacy publishing can be the only way to get it out. It is possible that you cannot get anyone from large publishing companies to look at your ideas seriously. A lot of well-known writers were repeatedly refused by big publishers before they were released. The same publishers visited the writer many a time, whom they refused at first when the popularity of the novel attracted their heed.

Legacy publishing can be your only real-world way to bring what you have to say to the people so they can determine if your or not. Legacy publishing gives you a higher rate than you would normally get from other loyalty editors. It' not a question of avarice, but ask yourself why you are satisfied with 4%-6% emoluments from a large publisher when you can have more!

In contrast to Printed on Demand, we make available to you from the first edition onwards a copy of your books to boost the first sale of your books from your hot markets (friends, family, partners, etc.), to participate in signing books and to promote your work. Publish with legacy publishing saves you precious amount of work. Although a large publishing house has accepted your work, it will take an annual period of 18 month on which the first copy will be published.

Featuring Legacy's people, knowledge and practical commitment, the same product can be on the market in 90-120 workdays. Legacy publishing removes the hassle of wait and wonder. It can be a disappointing and awkward moment to wait for a poster from a publishers who may never come. Legacy Publishing is a pro-active publishing proces!

We register your product with printed products and make it available to distributors, resellers and librarians around the globe. You can also buy your copy directly from Like the big publishers, we pay royalty fees for the purchase of titles distributed through bookshops and other shops.

Although we don't have an adress in Nework, we have over 18 years of book printing and over 500,000 titles.

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