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Currently (GVPH) is known on the German and foreign markets with more than 700 securities. We specialize in science, technology, management, social sciences, humanities, encyclopedias, dictionaries and manuals. In 2006, GGC extended its geographic and global reach under the name Global Journals (GJ) through the launch of two research journals - Journal of Indian Health Psychology and Global Journal of Business Management - and plans to launch more than 100 new journals in cooperation with leading Indian academia and research institutes.

In 2010, GGC further strengthened its domestic and global reach by publishing 70 science, technology and management textbooks under the name Global Academic Publishers & Distributors. In 2013, GGC further strengthened its domestic and global footprint by launching three new businesses under the Global online Booking Store (GOBS), Global Exports (GE) and Global Arts & Crafts brands for export and on-line sourcing.

Our goal is also to organize domestic and foreign meetings, workshop and training sessions and to create an inspiring environment for interdisciplinary cooperation and professionalism. All our products are produced using the latest print techniques. It has dedicated its entire existence to promoting research and high-value publication and is actively involved in promoting inter-religious dialogue, global peace and harmony.

DK Publisher

DK produces nonfiction books for grown-ups and kids. DK's goal is to motivate, train and amuse people of all age groups, and everything DK releases, whether in printed or electronic form, represents the DK style world. With an unparalleled word and image mix, DK provides unsurpassed clearness on a broad spectrum of subjects.

We' re known for our innovative designs for both printed and electronic media. We offer adults trips, which include award-winning DK Eyewitness guides, story, science, culture, natural sciences, sports, horticulture, cooking and education. Covering everything from pets and the physical world, to home help and handicrafts, to an amazing listing of licensed works, among them the best-selling livestock catalogues of LEGO®.

As the mother corporation of Alpha Books, editor of the Idiot's Guides and Prima Gaming franchise, the world's premier provider of strategic gaming value.

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