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Priority is given to a major in communication, public relations, journalism, journalism or English. Collaboration with some of the largest publishers in New York. Pages in category "Publishers headquartered in New York City". It is a small publishing house whose goal is to make the world a safer place for children. from the New York mentality.



By means of specific international publication, we support industry marketing companies in increasing their world-wide awareness of brands and marketing. This is an important information resource for building and structural designers and for engineering managers. Reach an unmatched, Europe-wide public of designers, decision-makers, planners and purchasers from all production areas. It is a low-cost, English-language print/digital medium for the most important EU industry segments such as the UK, Benelux, Scandinavia, CEE, Germany, France and Italy.

IEN Italia is the 7th biggest industry in the word, with 14,100 decision-makers in more than 12,000 companies and the most focused readers in the field of construction and production. Manutenzione was founded in 1993 and is the Italian maintenance association's (A.I.MAN) formal report, which reaches almost 3,800 of the country's major production and converting locations.

It is the industry publication golden norm and has been the leading player in Latin America's biggest economies since 1974, with 130 billion dollars in exports annually. NEI Brazil's most comprehensive, up-to-date and highly skilled public from the fields of mechanical and electrical design, specifications, plant operation, company and procurement managment expects new and innovative technology and product development from NEI Brazil. Editing & Controlling News Europe was introduced in November 2004 and is marketed in over 50 European, African, Asian-Pacific, Middle East and American states. It provides solution for processing and controlling engeneers and managers.

Our journal deals with all aspects of chemical engineering: planning of processes and plants, operations and QC, servicing, energy, security and environment. Provides high-end readers in France's medium to high technology multi-stage industries. The PEI aims at designing and managing engineers in subsidiaries in France and abroad as the fastest responding industry publications in the state.

It is the most efficient way to reach top decision-makers in Japan's industry and mechanical engineered goods companies. Released in Tokyo, in Japan, each edition is a premier resource for new industry and electronics in Japan, the U.S. and other nations around the globe. Our website and newsletters provide the latest technology and material innovations, new industry product innovations, improved production methods and factory launches from around the globe.

The worldwide public consists of engeneers, executives and other experts who want to advance their work. EspaƱol's WorldIndustry Reporter website and newsletters are aimed at industry experts in Spanish-speaking Latin America with interesting papers on cutting-edge technology, material and industry product that are new to this fast-growing industry and help companies competing on a local and international basis.

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