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Best Advertising Networks for Publishers (Update 2018) The first thing that comes to the forefront of any conversation about monetisation is Google AdSense. While there is nothing particularly bad with that - it is ultimately the world's biggest ad web, but sitting on an assumption that AdSense cannot be surpassed by other ad webs is not prudent.

Its can take a multitude of shock and try to find out which ad web or even combo of ad webs that are generating the highest revenues for you, but if you eventually find it out, it would well have been worth the endeavor. These are some of the best advertising budgets for advertisers looking to increase their revenues.

Adserra is a premier ad agency with more than 10 billion ads per months. It supports advertisers from all industries and guarantees 100% monetisation of their ad stock. Adserra provides a wide range of efficient ad types in all common web and web sizes: Pushup, Intstitial, Display Banner, Popunder, Slider and more.

Publishing houses receive punctual monthly installments via the main paying methods as well as a dedicated customer advisor and real-time statistical information. The Adsterra also has a 5% recommendation programme. The ad service is provided by Yahoo! Bing's context-based ad networks, which consists of a large fleet of domestic and domestic marketers and ensures 100% utilization across all industries and ad sizes.

Several of the editors of Media. net are Forbes, Elle, Reuters, Cosmopolitan, Esquire and others. Supporting industry standards IAB size, the Gigabit Ethernet has full support for high-quality displays from all important devices. As well as the displays, also support indigenous, in-content indigenous and portable attached displays. Last year Ad Maven became one of the top alternative to Google Adsense.

They offer their publishing houses a broad palette of monetisation techniques such as banners, popunder, lightbox, interstitial, slider advertisements and more - they handle over 500 million advertisements per days. Recently, the ecosystem also introduced "native pusher notifications". It' a neat, easy-to-use, non-intrusive ad serving style that's compatible with Google policies and works with Google ad serving for cell phones and desktops.

One of AdSense's best alternative ad network solutions, AdSense has the capability to excel AdSense for many publisher. Since AdSense is a RTB (Real Time Bidding) plattform, AdSense competes directly with Ads to monetise every advertiser's impact. And as a byproduct, publisher deserve some of the highest page RPM in the business.

Your ad is also fully compatible with AdSense, so you can even duplicate your page rpms by executing AdSense and Adbuff together. At Adbuff, we have some of the more stringent admission policies for Publisher and Advertiser. You currently accept publishing houses that have British pages with most of the traffics from the US, Canada, Australia and the UK.

Publishing websites must have at least 2,000 unique viewers per days. Adbuff is the first ad serving service to be taken into consideration for top advertisers looking for the best alternative AdSense ad networking. Conventional advertising has a big issue that leads to a big loss of revenue: Many people either deliberately or unconsciously disregard it because it is usually seen as a break-in.

InfoLink is a great advertising ecosystem that avoids this issue by providing an innovating suite of free and paid ad blocks: Today, InfoLink generates high levels of income for over 200,000 publisher in more than 130 different markets and works with the world's largest marketers such as Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon and eBay.

Your site is very easy to incorporate into your site and is open to any publisher, with no set-up charges and no minimal page or visitor requirement. Income Hits uses context and focused ad servicing technologies - which makes the GDPR era really affordable - to monetise websites, mobiles, add-ons, widgets, toolbars and much more.

One of the largest indigenous advertising network on the web, Revcontent currently delivers 100 billion monthly reviews of the world' s largest online advertising network with a 900% increase last year.

It' s hard to admit Revcontent because it refuses almost 98% of websites that are applying - more on the qualitiy of its publisher networks than on number. The Fox News, Hearst Corporation, Yahoo! and ABC are among the approximately 1,000 publishing houses that make up the group. The AdBlade product line includes support for both IAB' mainstream devices and NewsBullets devices that are designed to provide up to 3x the power.

Underertone specialises in offering several highly effective ad sizes in parallel to the industry standards IAB ad sizes, such as IAB rising star, several different film sizes and its own set of top of the line ad sizes that have been developed to be more user-friendly. Combined with the fact that many of Undertone's own owned ad blocks use your ad stock in a non-traditional way and ensure that there is no cannibalisation of legacy adware, this means that Untertone can provide 100%-1500% more value for CPM than conventional ad blocks.

Although your running performance can differ, Bidvertiser is an advertising net with an interesting monetisation model: The publisher does not only earn cash for every ad he clicks on, but also extra income if the click results in a click to convert (i.e. sell) the ad for the publisher. The BidVertiser software can support several ad sizes, among them banner, skyscraper, rectangle and city.

The point-and-click utility provided allows you to adjust the design of these entities to the look of your website. The bid system guarantees that the publishing houses always achieve the highest possible sales per entity. The Vibrant Media ad ecosystem provides better ads and color filter-friendly ad sizes such as In-Text, In-Picture, In-Bild, Flash, In-Picture, Light Box, Story-board, Mosaic Vibrant and Firecane.

With over 900 million ad views on more than 100,000 specialist websites that span its publisher ecosystem, Clicksor is the world's largest publisher. As well as standard advertising banners, Clicksor also provides In-Text advertisements, Richard Medias, Internet sites and Pop-Unders as alternate advertising format. Clicksor will scan the text on your site under the cover and display advertisements using the latest content-based technologies, resulting in a higher click throughput.

ComScore' top 100 ad-financed websites, with a publisher ecosystem that includes more than 30 vertical contents and averages nearly 2 billion ads per advert. When you search for a particular group of marketers, provides ad units by marketers, sector, medium and categories to best match your site.

Each day, Creafi Online Media services over 300 million ad views using state-of-the-art targeted methods such as behavioural addressing, retargeting and semiantic targeted. By allowing an advertiser to customise who sees their advertisements on the basis of behaviour and contexts, ad output increases and it is a win-win situation for them and the publisher.

Creafi provides several ad sizes and sources of income for the publisher and greater ad stock management. The Epom Market is a cross-platform advertising ecosystem with major marketers and publisher in over 40 markets in 15 industries. Serving 13 billion ad views, the net achieves 320 million one-of-a-kind users per month. 3.5 billion ad views are served by the group.

Provides category-based, portable and locally -based advertising to better target audiences, resulting in higher levels of CPM. As well as supporting basic advertising banners, Epom also provides support for ad blocks for footers, In-Text and Mobility. MNexus is an advertising ecosystem that works with Millennium 500 and worldwide brand names, some of which are exclusively for their net.

That means that the displays serviced by the local exchange are usually of high qualitiy and increase the user's enjoyment (instead of disturbing it). Symantec' broad reach extends to six different industries and provides publisher customers with access to six different payment options, a designated accounts management, high level of eCPM and 100% fills. The Haxhax is a high-quality, brand-safe consumer market place with over 100 hand-picked premier editors for home videos, Rich Medias, mobiles and more.

PROPELLERAd supports full-size advertising in all standards such as 728×90, 300×250, 160×600, 120×600 and more, apart from on click and in-banner display ad types. Publisher profit from 100% monetary stock, timely payments, a dedicated accounts management and in-depth real-time reports. Designed specifically for the blogger, BlogAds is an advertising platform that presents hundreds of top quality blog posts including PerezHilton, DailyKos, Wonkette and Cute Overload.

With BlogAds, you have a high degree of ad controls, allowing you to choose what ad size to display, define your own rates, customise the look and feel of your advertisements and either embrace or not. It' deserves a try if you are a blogserver who wants to try an alternate to AdSense. The PulsePoint ad management system handles 110 billion ad deals per month via its ad management system.

Because of their unique context, they are better targeted and more relevant, giving editors the ability to monetise imagery that would normally go unnoticed by shoppers. Realtime publisher interfaces provide fully integrated report on campaigns and activities and sales information. Your cross-platform ad experiences help your publisher maximise revenues from your endpoints.

As well as the default presentation, they provide advertisements in various other format s-in-text rollover, statically, ri, banner, across the page and more. One of the world' s premier advertising platforms, AdsCash offers high-quality advertising from top brand names and premium price plans to monetise publishers' digital assets and drive sales.

Support all industrial standards and high-end ad layouts including Site Under, Feoter, Intstitial, Slide In, Wallpaper and more. Chitika, a favorite alternate to AdSense, has over 350,000 advertisers on its ecosystem and serve over four billion adverts per months, making it one of the biggest advertising sites in the planet if you adhere to these standards.

As a rule, the licensing procedure for new publishing houses is quite uncomplicated and does not take much work. The Tribal Fusion website contents enable the Tribal Fusion website to find the best advertisers and the best audiences in near-realtime, to the benefit of both the advertisers and the publisher. The WWW Promoter provides high fill rate, competitively priced CPM, progressive addressing and effective ad servicing with its own ad service technologies.

You concentrate on creating a strong brand and advertiser based on your own networks and eliminate the chance of inferior advertisements being placed. Our in-house ad plattform has a report engine that allows editors to monitor their publisher performance in near-realtime.

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