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It' worth looking around to find a publisher who produces the type of book you want to create. span>7 tips for posting your poetry guest-blogs entry by Sandra Beasley It is so important that you do your schoolwork before you send your paper to a publishing house. Ensure that you make a note for each publishing house you research. As an example, if you usually release free verses, but your poetry is all sunsets, it probably won't work well. When your budgets allow, buy one of their latest publications so that you can have it in your hands and are comfortable with the good book you are printing.

Search for book review of recent works to get a sense of what other poetry writers think about the book they are publishing. What do they do with their work? Please review their policies and find the answer to important questions: Does the author bear the cost of the preliminary edition? So how many are in the first edition?

Are you using an on-demand printers such as CreateSpace (printing cost is usually much higher)? Are you offering free or discounted photocopies so that you can profitably market your book at lectures and other occasions? Is the length of your script suitable for the pages and/or the number of poems?

When you are unable to respond to some of these queries by searching the editor on-line, please e-mail him politely and professionally with your queries. The majority of our editorial staff is pleased to help. If you have other suggestions for submitting your paper and what you are looking for in a poetry publishing house, read this useful Sandra Beasley guestblog post: If you also have other hints for first-time submissions, please annotate and tell them below!

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