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Suggested books for non-fiction authors and authors Save. A little-known secret to writing a bestselling non-fiction book. The platform is an author's ability to promote his or her own book. I' ve even recorded one book by any author. Composite Print & E-Book Non-Fiction.

A hundred of the most popular non-fiction writers: Biographic Sketches and Bibliographies - Bernard Alger Drew

Sections and book listings for 100 of today's most widely acclaimed non-fiction authors have been compiled in this accessible, unique resource guide covering all important non-fiction categories - real adventures, real crimes, travelling and environment narration, sciences, story, life histories and investigation literature. In addition to authors such as Sebastian Junger, Frances Mayes, Joan Didion, Bill Bryson and Anne Lamott, the book also contains some classic works whose works are still in printing and are widely studied (e.g. Truman Capote, M.F.K. Fisher and Carl Sagan).

Besides information about the life of this intriguing and varied group, visitors will find a listing of their work.

Meeting the NFAA Team

Publication of your work can be awesome and it is not simple. As more and more publications come onto the shelves every year, it is important to be informed about the latest sector developments, to keep your opportunities open and to keep your advertising bikes on the move. We' re here to help you on your way by offering you ways to reduce your time to learn and eventually help you get more sales.

What is the number of ledgers you need to resell to purchase your subscription? The majority of authors only need to publish a few per issue per months to cover the costs of their members. Even better, only one of our one-of-a-kind sales recommendations or tele-seminars could help you selling tens or even tens of millions of books!

When you' re having trouble selling your book or just need extra help, the NFAA fellowship may be the best way to invest in your authoring-careers! Approximately six week after the opening of the shop, I realised that I used to hate to run a retailer. It took me a while to master and then to flourish by learning how to make it work.

Starting to study and implement web based advertising technologies, I saw a direct influence on the shop-floor. Rather than composing the great American novel, I thought I could compose a book I'd like to do! I found it very easy to keep an account.

I' ve completed my first script for a start-up in a few month and I' ve chosen to take part in the San Francisco Writer's Conference 2005, where I had the chance to present the game. He said that I should talk to tens of thousand of people every year because editors wanted authors with a built-in crowd.

Still having a hang-over in Silicon Valley and not wanting to become a street warrior, I chose to turn to the web to set up my own plattform and find an audiences for my work. Having been eager with the old-fashioned publisher business, I finally made up my mind to release myself. Business Startup Checklist and Planning Guide was published in 2005.

Before it was printed, I had the advance booking booked on two month before it started printing and it started sellin' immediately. All of a sudden I had an audiences that was willing to buy my work! Afterwards, I made up my mind to make and distribute information journals like electronic papers (before electronic papers were popular), files and specifics.

And I was looking for a how-to guide, but I couldn't find one. So, I was studying how other group oversubscribed their commodity on line and I started list my own commodity for commerce. Next I was writing a script for a new volume about creating and marketing information materials.

Earn cash with eBooks, eBook and information products. The things began to snow after the publication of the work. So I enrolled with a Frahlingen and I' ve bought two more titles for sale to publishing houses (The Author's Guide to Build an Online Platform and LEAP! Achieving the growth of your company (101 ways). This year I saw a bunch of folks asking me for my opinion on how to publish their work.

In 2008, I created Authority Publishers with the inspiration of the opportunity to help them do what I did. Specialized in bespoke non-fiction publishers. I started the Non-Fiction Writer's Conferences in 2010 - the only non-fiction authors' meeting. My 8th volume was published in February 2012: Own Your Niche: Hype-free web marketing tactics to create authority in your area and boost your service-based business and in July 2013 my 9th volume entered the world:

Nonfiction marketing plan: On-line and off-line promotion strategies to develop your public and increase book sales. I have received company sponsorship, remunerated lecture options, press releases in Entrepreneur Magazine, BusinessWeek, Inc. com, Writer's Digest, More Magazine, Wired Magazine, Australia's Today Show and many other outfits.

More about me and my book here. Book ruling! You have the capacity to transform the life of the reader and the authors who created them. It is my passion to write, publish and promote non-fiction and I am passionately interested in assisting others to do the same.

Indeed, I believe that this has become my goal: to help other authors with their global textbooks achieve a wider audience. It is my aim to build a feeling of belonging and to divide ressources that will help you on your own itinerary.

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