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Marga Levy Frahlingur Frahlingur Barbara Levy, established in 1986, is a bestseller directory of well-known authors, moderators and editors. Our services cover all facets of our clients' professional lives, from the presentation of books, movie and TV adaptions, one-on-one performances, company speeches, media coverage and TV moderation contracts. Our customers work with us on strategic and professional development both in the UK and abroad, with the best co-agents acting as our representatives in our international and US distribution channels.

She is a member of the AAA and Barbara Levy has twice been a member of its comittee.

In 2017, we became the Viney Shaw Agency.

In 2017, we became the Viney Shaw Agency. Most of our editors come to us as novice editors and we are active in the search for talents and the development of new professions. The Viney Shaw Agency also honors the inclusion of middle-aged poets who take them to a new plane of awareness and revenue.

We' re always looking for excellent authors and authors. Viney Shaw Agency is one of the UK's most prosperous freelance agents and is generally in the top 50 of all UK and US frahlingarians, according to the Publisher's Marketplace, the world' s registry for publisher businesses, which analyses the number of contracts signed in the last 12 month.

Viney Shaw Agency brings together more than one hundred and twenty creators from various disciplines, among them novelists, bibliographers, historians, reporters and humour. Most of Viney Shaw Agency's customers speak German and are located in several jurisdictions, most of them in the UK. Our UK and North American sales are in the UK.

The Intercontinental Literary Agency (ILA)'s UK's premier international law firm handles our distribution of languages. The Artist's Partnership, London, or the Knight Hall Agency and Hollywood-based Intellectual Property Group exercise our tragic sophistication. Viney Shaw Agency is a member of the Association of Authors' Agents and complies with their codes of ethics.

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