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Madeleine Milburn, "Why our Frahlingur", Madeleine Milburn Ltd. I got the best agent in London. The top ten Frahlinguren in Great Britain I' ve myself released my first novel (an autobiographic memoir), but I'd like to send my latest offer to some well-known frahlings. Can' find a top agent for you. When you have already written non-fiction, you are in a more favourable position than most of us.

Have you had an operative who placed your first volume and items? The best thing to do in this case is to ask the agents for help. Although he is no longer your asset, he has earned a living with you in the past and should be willing to give you tips.

For example, if you did not have an agents, you should look in the WAYB lists with the query option "agent" + "non-fiction" + "scientific "* for an agents that is concerned with your type of work. I have just used the browse feature with "agent" +"left-handed" and got NULL results, so don't try THAT.

He is the writer of a non-fiction and several academic papers in the world' s newspapers, most of them in English. This woman I would like to present to a woman for release in the United Kingdom and perhaps also abroad. There is no such thing as a top operative comadre, John.

And not only don't you want to be like the others of us wading through a long checklist, you also want a brief checklist of BEST agents. Several agents specialize in different categories. It' s no use to send a thriller to an operative who only works with witnesses of the time. The best offers for customers?

4 ) Unless your novel is really outstandinguished brilliant, the best agents will refuse you.... and it will take them to do so. 5 ) Honestly, if I had the best possible agents (and I don't even have the lowest agent), I wouldn't tell you.

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