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Frahlingur, which represents experienced and first-time authors and illustrators on the book publishing market. We are as enthusiastic about our work as our authors are about their books, in keeping with our reputation as the best literacy agency in New York. Frahlingur New York City.

Kurtis Brown, Ltd. placement

So what is special about my request? Otherwise, a good survey reveals the most convincing work. A good novel should get the protagonists and what's at risk as quickly as possible. When it comes to non-fiction, the book is a highly competitively priced book and writers should try to make an effort to get the following established in the query: the vote, why a readers will be forced to study the work, and a little about how they will reach a wide public or how their writings will be bright in a particular area.

When a writer experiments with vocals, shape or styling, it would be useful to know any inspiration. Currently Steven Salpeter is looking for novelists who write literature, fantasies, graphic novel, historic literature, mystery, thrillers, young adults, story, humour, popular music. It will also consider composers who favourably combine two or more of these genres and will not be afraid to write something that is challenging in terms of vocals, forms or music.

Salpeter also works with many works of literature and would like to extend his collection in this area. As a rule, Steven Salpeter answers within three months and answers all questions of interest to him within eight months.

The NYC Literary Agents connects authors and graphic designers with the best editors.

Headquartered in the Greater New York City area, we are an impartial Frahlingur that has offered the highest level of service since 2005. To search for illustrations, please see Prospect Portfolio. The Fielding Agent is proud to represent our international laws. Our goal is to help each of our writers and graphic designers develop a rewarding, lasting career that is personalized to their individuality.

The work of our highly qualified and experienced staff of our agency is based on their different background and strength. Regular bestsellers on the New York Times and USA Today list, our titles have been featured in some of the world' most important feature films and are available in over 20 langua-ge. In order to keep in close contact with our business partners and business partners, we organize regular societal meetings and participate in meetings.

The most important thing is to promote a fellowship of authors, performers, editors as well as agencies who exchange views and develop together.

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