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Selling my book: 15. août 2016 - third Writer's Conference in NYC+ for the first ever, zum ersten Malcolm''Pitching Your Creative Career'.

Large resonance of agents, 2 of them wanted to subscribe to an exclusive deal to representing your creative career. Aug 20, 2016 -- autographed an executive contract with my agents. Sept. 2016 - 2001 - 2015 Suggestion with my wife, who began to present the idea to the publishing houses. 1 February 2017 - Your Creative Career at was divested to Career Press.

1 June 2017?-?Your Creative Career is available for pre-order at Amazon. 22 January 2018 - Your Creative Career! When I had the brainstorming of writing a work three years ago, I chose to go the way of publishing as a trial and not as a work. I enrolled for my first author in 2015 - --'s Digest in NYC.

It was a rough design of a transition with convenience. On the last two days of the meeting there was the possibility to recruit literary agents during the slams. Although I wasn't yet willing, I registered and did my three-minute-jump. Agents were sitting at desks and we could throw as many of them as we could.

This is what I was looking for in the preparation of my playing field: Beginning with a phrase summarizing what the script was about. Also why I wrote this volume, which made me an authority on the subject. At the NYC meeting, after receiving feedbacks, I chose to revise my approach to the books to provide clearer guidance.

Because I wanted the script to be more useful. I had a great deal to talk about after changing from a Wall Street job and successfully founding a few innovative companies. I' ve made the decision to realign my approach from a transformation to becoming a provider of professional consulting services. I went to another authors' meeting in San Francisco in February 2016 and my ideas became clearer.

So I re-tossed the agents and realized I had to have a suggested work. It is not necessary for an agency to complete a non-fiction to refer a publisher, but there must be a suggestion to support the notion. So I began to compose it following Michael Larsen's How to Watch a Booksposal.

In August 2016, when I went to another authors' meeting in New York, I was willing to recruit agents. I' had a sophisticated notion and a suggestion. There was a very favorable reaction from the agents and within a few working hours I had two agents who were willing to enter into an exclusivity alliance.

More than 700 copies have been on sale and one of the interested agents has been in the business for over 30 years. September was devoted to refine the suggestion and John was prepared to present the idea to the publisher. Many items cause an acquisitions journalist to buy the product.

They had to get the right timings, look for the design of the books, etc. In January we were offered a release and Your Creative Career was divested to Career Press on February 1, 2017.

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