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All the best-selling novelists of all time. We' ve read novels by contemporary and deceased writers, but few are still remembered. Investigate how America's leading science fiction authors are shaping their future. Only the best authors rewrite and rewrite. Recent authors tend to think that editing is just a short reading through of typos and spelling mistakes.

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So I' m about to return to the periodic postings, with excuses for my weirdness. I do not want to keep suggesting the same writers. It was no issue to suggest new writers, but there is a danger that the best writers will become less visible because I haven't recently suggested any of them.

It was reminiscent of me when I read a new play by Felicia C O'Sullivan in which she proposed that her fiction (which is excellent) might be less valued than her other script. The last edition of the 2017 edition of the ESL 2017 features a "Top Ten" of writers, two of whom were featured in the eNews.

This Top Ten has now become a Top 11, with the added of a second history of snippets (stallion tea Lim). I would like to reiterate the above mentioned listing to remind you that when I introduce a certain author's history, I usually recommend not just a single history, but a wider work.

That is certainly the case with these authors: Keep an eye out for a new edition of the next day's edition or so. This is a short summary of the histories I've added to the mailing since early 2018.

Best Fiction of 2017

It' been a mad 12 month in the worid, and now more than ever we are looking for fiction to enable us to flee or even help us understand things. In the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Langdon begins the volume as a visitor of the former pupil-billiar Edmond Kirsch, who presents a provoking exhibition and points out two basic issues of mankind.

She can' t let go until she gets two cases: a sex worker who was knocked unconscious, who claimed to have been attacked in the "reverse house" before she fainted, and a young lady who was shot in a nocturne. For this detailed, feministic historiography that has already been nominated for the National Book Award, you may want to have handkerchiefs at your fingertips.

The innumerable admirers of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale and his latest Hulu adaption are being chased and suppressed in a dystopic universe in which expectant mothers are criminalised, chased and suppressed because the infants they carry seem to be the vice-chair.

The third part of Follett's outstanding Kingsbridge Historic Fiction is the Kingsbridge Cathedral, built over a blood-soaked, shared England in the sixteenth cent. She persecutes and executes Protestants, among them the aristocratic Ned Willard families, who have been charged with being likeable with the heresies.

If the Willards loose their businesses to the Ned Margery household, Ned also looses Margery - but only in physical terms, because their passion for each other goes beyond economics and the world. Once again, Follett links well-researched historic precision with an thrilling storyline of spying, thus carrying on one of the most dramatic tales of all times.

The Nordic mythology, by Neil Gaiman-Working from the primal Nordic sagas, Gaiman uses his talent as a writer to transform the ancient sagas into a coherent tale in which the deities appear as figures with motives and mistakes and tell us the tale of Odin, the God' s ancestor, and his son Thor and Loki from the beginning, but not quite as we have seen them before, as Asgard came into the ownership of his famed mallet.

Naiman has remained faithful to the Apocalypse of ancient myth, tales that portray the realm as a place of conflict and force, where death in combat was probably the best choice. When you have seen the gods of America, you know that Gaiman has a knack for making old tales not only new, but unmistakeably his own.

John GrishamGrisham's Rooster Bar shows that he is still at the cutting edge and recounts the history of the idealist but broken legal pupils Mark, Todd and Zola, who pledge their futures in the shape of a loan to a third grade university. Saeed and Nadia, a young man and a young lady, meeting in a class room "in a town swelled by fugitives, but mostly still peaceful, or at least not yet open in the war".

" She is wearing a full blackened gown, not because she is a believer, but because she wants to move around on her own in this nameless Moslem town, where she has made the uncommon decision for an unwed wife to move into an apartmet. Tom HanksActor Hanks' Uncommon Type has several Oscars and is still one of the most beloved theater actors of the present, so you may be excused that this compilation of 17 shorts is just a vain-job.

However, Hanks has a skilful sense of skill and fantasy; all of them are connected by the recurrent picture of typeswriters (Hanks is a collector), those long outdated typeswriters that now constitute an easier age. At times the typist is just a temporary picture in the back, at other times it's the whole point, but Hanks recounts a series of unexpected tales based on the typer, among them a rapid-fire journey through a hilarious, fateful romantic episode, a vacation supper that is something more dark and profound than a simple domestic plot, and even a sci-fi tale of traveling through age.

From Strange Weather, by Joe HillOver the last two decades, Joe Hill has proven to be a murky fiction power plant, a multi-faceted champion of the uncommon able to write everything from a troubling nightmare all in a tweet to a massively post-apocalyptic poss. His new Strange Weather compilation of novel books extends his range even further, with four "lean, mean" stories about people' s feelings and upsets.

In this enlightening, amusing premise to Hoffman's bestseller Practical Magic (also a 1998 movie with Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock), the reader will find out how it was for the witch nurses Franny and Bridget (Jet) Owens to raise up in New York City with a pathetic mom (understandable, given the fact that any man who fell in love with an Owens girl will come to a cruel end).

You' ll love the youthful desires and heart aches of Hoffman's moving, personal River King kit. The devilishly wise Magpie Murders begins with the text of a classical thriller that takes place in a dozy British town; the latest novel from the beloved crime thriller serial Atticus P√ľnd by Alan Conway.

Horowitz demonstrated his ability to write compelling tales in his bestsellers Moriarty and Trigger Mortis, but Magpie Murders is a mysterious journey de force with a secret that will take things to an amazing new allure. Sleeping Beauties, by Stephen King and Owen KingPutting a falsehood to the thesis that the letter talents do not have a genetic component: the King Lineage.

More than proving that he is able to create an exciting, scary thriller, Joe Hill's brothers Owen comes into play with his first story in the steering house of the familiy, which he wrote with the world's best-selling author of horrors. Unexpectedly, the assumption is murderer, and oh-so-timely: it's a near futures, all of a sudden fall into a coma-like state.

Disturbing the Holy Shroud, they wake up as wild beasts. While masculine societies struggle to conform to a womanless environment, we are following a female who is resistant to sleep. And with the awesome length you'd want in any album with" King" on the front page - and the thrill and cold that go with it.

It will be as exciting as any shooting game because of the intellect and (above all) patient of the men and woman who work in it. Gregory Maguire's A Tale of the Once and Future NutcrackerThe best-selling writer and Broadway smiley Wicked takes a new look at the nutcracker in this "double origin" tale of the renowned wood toys and their maker Drosselmeier.

Hiddensee combines myth and historic legend and is a Grimm narrative story and is full of joy and intrigues. He is a National Book Award and American Book Award winner (for Charming Billy) and a Pulitzer Prize finisher on several occasions. Everywhere, by Celeste NgFans of Anne Tyler's Digging to America and Liane Moriarty's Big Little Lies will gobble up Ng's gripping new play.

As the vivacious performer and lone parent Mia gives up her long distance sickness and settles down in the wealthy, tightly knitted Cleveland outskirts of Shaker Heights, she quickly becomes friends with the owner's Elena's family. The Bardo's Bardo, George SaundersSaunders' acclaimed shorts, have a lot of speculation about her. Inspired by Lincoln's influence, they decide to protect his son's mind from their own statical destiny - and all this comes with Saunders' hallmark of humour, an attention to insane detail and a brushstroke that makes you miss the fact that on a cold wintry evening you read and don't hear a tale by the fire.

Jessica ShattuckIn Jessica Shattuck's third novel (and her first historic novel), three wives from the Second World War who are united by the role of her man in the struggle, the wives in the palace come together with their parents to build a new world. Marianne von Lingenfels, the ad hoc head of the woman, is offering the now destroyed palace as a secure haven for her Bavarian relatives, but the emotionally resilient situation is difficult to overcome, since the past sin affects the woman in different ways.

Ward's former novel, Sevage the Bones, won the 2011 National Book Award for his essential portrayal of Hurricane Katrina. Here is drug-addicted and impoverished matrixarch Leonie, a dark lady who lives on the Gulf coast of Mississippi, desperately looking to be a better mother, but struggling with what that means and how to do it.

Artemis, from Andy WeirWeir's first novel in the sequel to The Martian's, became a bestseller phenomena and a big box-office success is a very different kind of history, even though he does share his predecessor's dedication to intelligent, logical sience. There, she encounters an older lady in a care home who has a picture of Avery's mom - although Avery has never known her.

Avery has to reassess everything she thought she knew about it. What is the best new fiction textbook you've seen this year?

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