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The best fantasy book to read once in a lifetime. to The Accursed Kings Series Books, Maurice Druon. Featured recommendations to help you find the best new fantasy books and the best fantasy books and series of all time every month! Add your voice to the Top Ten Fantasy Book Series. Phantasy books bring the imagination to life and let the impossible come into being.

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Whilst there were fantastic tales even before the words were spelled, they have become fashionable over the course of the story. However, the twenty-first was a particularly fertile period of fantasy writing, in which J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter range heralded an epoch in which editors who were willing to open themselves up to new fantasy authors as well as magical people.

A lot of people have worked their way back from films like The Lord of the Rings or TV shows like Game of Thrones to their fantasy novels and looked for new writers after swallowing the books of J.R.R.R. Tolkien and G.R.R. Martin. When you are looking for your new, popular fantasy story, you've come to the right place.

We' ve assembled Paste authors and authors to create a collection of our favourite books of the kind, from high fantasy environments with distinctive magical schemes to simply fantastic tales to metropolitan fantasy with figures torn directly from their own reality. These range from young adult books full of witchcraft and force to fantasy epic stories about conflict and warfare.

We have restricted our selection to two books per writer, and these books contain book listings in multi-volume serials, separate fiction and a compilation of shorts. Almost 150 books were given at least one voice, but we have restricted 50 books that we fully endorse. These are the 50 best fantasy books of the twenty-first century:

100 best fantasy novels of all times

This was frightening, but we did it: a listing of the hundred best fantasy books of all times. and we thought they had it coming. It' a completely personal book and with a section of a hundred books we couldn't record all of the astonishing fantasy stories out there.

Hopefully you will browse this page and accept many of our tips, and you will also find some new tales to use. Anything we omitted, please include it in the commentaries below - we would be happy to see what books would be on your docket!

That' s what makes our book collection the best fantasy books of all times (in alphabetical order)! Okorafors YA cross-over novel of a Nigerian-American woman with albumine skins and a fountain of magic talents is an absolute breathtaking reading, a jewel in an overflowing sub-genre.

An unbelievably powerful writer in the imagination of young adults, Tamora Pierce and Alanna: The First Adventure is truly the first quest in the torture tall world to span several other episodes. Is a bizarre story that is fantastically easy to comprehend as a kid, with its ludicrous scenes and absurd words, and lots of adulthood as one of the first portals imaginable in the world.

Defining a contemporary classical. It is also a flawless work for our contemporary US culture, emphasizing how inseparably US identities are linked to migration. The story of Robin Hobb follows Fitz, the bastard son of a would-be kings, from his beginnings in a dirty barn to his adulthood as a distinguished and dreaded bomber.

One unlikely kind of character, Fitz's story is sure to tire the reader of traditonal fantasy characters. Katherine Arden's Russian-inspired fantasy becomes a new one. It follows a young woman with the skill to see the folkloristic creation in and around her town, much to the dismay of her step-mother and the sisters.

This is an important work in the annals of the game. The JY Yang Tensorate range follows the twin Mokoya and Akeha, one with the capacity to see what will be, the other with the talent to see what can be. Heaven' s black tides are part of a couple of short stories that can be seen together with the red threads of happiness.

The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie leads the reader into a shabby and gruesome universe where anyone can perish and the hero sometimes fails. With a colourful mixed cast of personalities, including a war-weary savage and a torture man who questions his calling, The Blade Itself, along with the following fantasy movies books, sent in a more dark and bloody mood.

As The Last Wish introduces the Rivia's Geralt to the realm, the first full-length novel is written by The Last Wish, a man made the final killer of creatures through mutation and pre-work. This is the book The Witcher videogames are built on, but you can immerse yourself in both media first.

McKinley's classical story of a girl who finds herself in a different cultural environment has fascinated the reader for years. This is a great book for young and old. A cornerstone of the imagination of young adults, writer Lloyd Alexander narrates the story of Taran, an assistant pig keeper who dreamed of being a heroe.

This is an important reading for every fantasy readership. This is the first volume in the show to follow the battle between rule and the Empire. This changeling is a warning fairytale for the era of the Net. All the stories in this volume are located in Ambergris: an imaginative national state, constructed on the country of the mystical Grey Caps: a mushroom-like breed of tunnellers who can still stand up and regain what once belonged to them.

It can be hard to fantasy worlds, but Wells does it simply in the Raksura franchise, where she creates not only a whole breed and non-human civilization that works as perfect and smooth as if the Raksura really was there. All fantasies are not apocalyptic or high or strange.

Prechett is a satirical masterpiece and his books are laughing loudly and disrespectfully. It is a quick reading, full of the strength of the genre. It is another technical YA manual, but it can be relished at any age. King Arthur's story has been repeated many, many a time, but the Crystal Cave, the first of Stewart's Arthurian Saga, is the only one to present it from the point of view of Arthur's prospective adviser, Merlin.

Stewart's re-invention of this classical is full of adventures and magical and ranks among the best in its category. A novel that alone contributed to legitimizing the Lost Realms for all fantasy readership. Fantasy fiction is fantastic, but there aren't many books about able women like her.

Paksenarrion's deed is one of the few, and one of the best high fantasy legends there is, without exception. That' that weird anti-colonial fantasy novel you didn't know you needed. This is the first volume in an epoxy fantasy triology that George R. R. Martin and Patrick Rothfuss have described as the quintessence of their own triumph.

Kites have long been part of the fantasy generation and are therefore a trophy that is hard to reimaginate. This is exactly what McCaffrey did with Dragonflight, a sci-fi novel with fantasy features that plays on the Pern game. Their best were the Dragonlance adventures: a range of bricks in their own dragon-struck Krynn game.

Dragoonlance was backed by a range of spin-off stories, the first of which, The Dragons of Autumn Twilight, was also well received by non-gaming people. Cherryh's Arafelaga, whose first two books are gathered here, is a masterpiece of celtic fantasy. It is generally attributed to Tolkien that fantasy books were born, but without Lord Dunsany he would never have been there.

It is no mystery that Tolkien liked Dunsany's work and kept his books in his own private collection. Elf King's Daughter, a story of restless romances between a mortal monarch and an elfish prince, is a fundamental work of the kind that every fantasy enthusiast should be reading. Stormbringer, the story of the lost Prince Elric and his soul-eating devil-blade, is as much an accusation against swords and magic clichés as a rousing fantasy game.

Posted in answer to the able, muscular savages of sensational fantasy, Moorcock's Saga and her antiheroes have become favourites among fantasy enthusiasts for several years. The Eye of the World would not be a great fantasy show. Whilst there was an apocalyptic fantasy before Jordan, some would claim that it took the eye of the world to become truly expic.

This opening novel is the beginning of an enormous, multi-volume storyline and presents some of the most popular fantasy figures, all of whom are against the background of a vast ly diverse and original game. Sure, The Fellowship of the Ring is a piece of cake, but it's on everyone's best fantasy novel lists, but it exists for a good cause.

Tolkien's Trilogie is a masterpiece of global construction: a flawless combination of a mythical Europe and a unique view that is increasingly overshadowed by every work. Game of Thrones is the novel that put the imagination on the shelves - and TV monitors - of an audiences that may never have thought of themselves as a fan of the game.

This is an adventurous and bloodied story that links the intrigues and battles of the Rose War with psychic features such as kites, Zombie and Witch, A Game of Thrones and its episodes will no doubt be considered one of the great fantasy stories in the world. As George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, the great fantasy epos that begins with Gardens of the Moon is a gray cloth plaid wall hanging.

No cartoon-like good and bad guys in this story of imperium and ambitions. A flavour of Gardens of the Moon will probably cause a appetite that can only be quenched by the nine following books. Finding a satisfactory independent fantasy novel can be difficult, but that's my advice.

It is half a fantasy of manner, half a courtstrigue, and it is a pleasure to see Maia, our hesitant but skilled heroine, as she controls his new responsibilities at school. There is no shortlist that would rival His Dark Materials, one of the best young grown-ups' imaginations that' perfectly suited for them. and I still think about it at least once a week five years later.

The fantasy story, which was awarded the Fog Prize, is a silk punk delicacy. Featuring politics, airships and rich figures, this volume will take you on an unbelievable voyage. This is a classics of infancy with funny fantasies and bizarre adventures: a group of cuzzes discovers an enchanting token that fulfils desires - but only half of it.

It is a joy and a sweetheart and a consummate sequel to E. Nesbit's books. Undoubtedly the most powerful fantasy work and the most powerful set of... well, ever. Once a text becomes so famous, the myriad of culture can make it difficult to recall what made the text so attractive, but you just have to immerse yourself in the wizard's rock again to be remembered of the magical things here.

Novik's Temeraire books bring the air kite war into Napoleonic times. This nine-part set is a beautiful, varied fantasy, both well-researched and beautifully composed. Whilst Lord of the Rings is one of the most important books of the fantasy game, it all began with The Hobbit, a novel that showed kids that there really is such a thing as magical, and sometimes the most humble people could hold it in their pockets.

A magical story that will last for hundreds of years. But Howard has written many brief tales about this migratory soldier, but only one novel: The story finds Conan, now middle-aged and the emperor of a great empire, endangered with a plot to drop him off - one that includes an old demonspace.

After competing Clan' s that fight not only with weapons and their hands, but also with their own magicks, Jade City plunges into an unbelievably fleshy world, which even among some of the most splendid fantasy world. Recommended books, directly to your mailbox. It has won all prizes and is beautifully composed.

Following a young immigrant girl who was brought to Maryland in the 1970s to rescue the boy who owned a slave in Germany, and while it is a theoretical manuscript, his crude depiction of the lifes of US slave owners is anchored in a realist view that makes the reader think of the novel long after the last page is reached.

That set is so full of lush flesh that you never want to go away. Don't let the sensuousness of the textbook put you off; the complexity of the worldview and the artistic plot make this one of the best imaginations out there. Whereas initial contacts are more of a sci-fi genre, Lagoon contains a mixture of hedgehog element, which in the end weave a narrative based much more on the fantasy.

The best thing Patrick Rothfuss says: "The last unicorn is the best unicorn I have ever known. You' ve got to see it. You must reread it if you have already reread it. "It is a magic reading, a fairytale, yet not with the accuracy of a masterful story telling at the peak of his work.

Béagle has penned a classical novel, ideal for all age groups. Lynch, along with The Name of the Wind and A Game of Thrones, is one of the best imaginations and has made one of the most complicated figures in Locke Lamora. It' a must. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, a portrait fantasy that finds a group of British kids in a magic country of speaking beasts and fairies, begins Inkling C. S. Lewis's chronicalles of Narnia Serie.

Take a look at Santa Claus, an icecream goddess, and lots of sweets and you've got the formula for a fantasy novel that will delight the minds of ages of children and grown-ups! Chrestomanci is a charming entry into a multi-world world, and the homonymous Christopher Chant is a nine life young man who can journey between these world.

This is a basic textbook in epoxy fantasy, but also with one of the first great antiheroes. And Apprentice launched Midkemia: a fully realised fantasy scene based on the author's own Dungeon & Dragons advertising campaigns. The story of a lower child with a great magic fate is as classical as a fantasy story and is the gate to a vast world of Midkemia-stories.

Now, you should ignore this, because it does not really do full justice to Grossman's tales of magical, simultaneous dimension and the problems of young age. One of Mercedes Lackey's first books, Magic's Pawn is a great way to enter their abundantly featured Valdemar world. You can' t miss Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn show.

Arthur's legendary figure has always been a fruitful soil for contemporary storytelling, but Bradley has written what is probably the most important story of his two thousand years - the story narrated through the powerful woman's eye behind the enthroned world. It' a noteworthy accomplishment, a necessary reading like Dune or The Lord of the Rings.

Liu and Takeda's storyline is one of the most striking among the modern cartoons with East and Middle Asian-inspired world building and the filigree art-deco-art styles. Okay, this is a children's novel - but it's a one. As the young Elmer learns the history of a kite cub being held captive on a distant isle, he takes a trip to free the kite and meets unbelievable monuments and beasts.

It is unsurpassable charm and the illustration is iconical. Jessica finds the first volume in Due's African Immortals serial enmeshed in a perilous confusion that she never asked for when she finds out that her new man, David, is a member of an eternal cult whose infinite life comes at a horrible cost.

The Mythago Wood is a ghostly work of contemporary fantasy that submerges its hook and never lets go. The tale of a man who is dragged into a wood bigger than none is plagued by live folkloristic archeotypes known as "mythagos", Holdstock's novel leads the fantasy novel into profound psychological depth.

Whereas the history itself has all the clichés and trophies that make for a high level of fantasy, Rothfuss has succeeded in writing a gripping storyline with nice words for walking and music. Deserted when his mum and dad are murdered by the Chandrians, Kvothe recounts the history of his ascent from the roads of Tarbean to the university and beyond as he searches for ways of avenge.

This is one of the most important books of the last fortnight. It' s the cartoon and the storyline, but it's the cartoon itself that will get you into this fascinating story. Tanith Lee's most famous show, Tanith From the Flat Earth, is loose on Thousand and One Nights - this demon, god and mortal universe is a real gem that can be seen forty years later.

T.H. White's classical story is a basic foodstuff for every fantasy fan and follows the travels of a little lad called Wart, who grew up from Merlin's students to Arthur, the King of the British. As an independent classical author, the fantastic facets of One Hundred Years of Solitude are overwhelmed by the (rightly) conferred literature awards.

This is the story behind the TV show Phenomonon. Valente's Catherynne Valente's prose is a constant wonder, and her books are infinitely ingenious. It is a novel that, when it' released, shows the whole wide globe how strange and pretty fantasy can be. Featuring wonderfully different personalities and a wealth of science, the magical way Mieville wrote is unique in this game.

This is an astonishing story for those who enjoy the spelled words. Fantasy is an ever developing game. Adventure, romanticism, revenge, sword fighting - everything in Goldman's comic "shortened" fairytale is the basis of what the reader seeks in a fantasy. This novel also provided the basis for the eponymous iconic work.

Don't be fooled by the album' s front page - that's a lot of fantasy, but a lot of fantasy with a post-apocalyptic turn. Fun and extraordinarily well realised urbane fantasy with one of the youngest characters I've met lately. It is Rosemary and Rue who trace the roots of the city' s fantasy of October Daye, a semi-human half-Fae girl who was retired to the eternal realm by a horrible assassination.

So if you like Toby Daye, you've got a dozen more books to come back for next. This is one of the first and best specimens of our city' s imagination. It' a true work of art. A true piece of the darkest imagination. Sabriel is hunting down her lost dad in Volume One and must defeat the corpses' beings with the help of a series of necromancer clocks and a mighty speaking cats.

When you are looking for pride & prejudice encounters imagination, this is the story for you. Throughout the fantasy genres, city fantasy has become a major focus of attention among the reader. The reader loves Harry and the many personalities and animals he comes into touch with - and it only gets better with every novel out there!

Many people have described SWORDS POINT as a cultural classics, and there is a good cause for this. With The Dying earth, Jack Vance has virtually created his own genre: a story line that leads us a million years into the new age. Ahmed' s novel is an epoxy fantasy magnet-pus with its own voice, strongly anchored in Arabian music.

If you are looking for independent fantasy fiction, Tigana is the right place for you. He is versed in story telling, witchcraft, politics, as well as the complexity and astonishment of character that permeates story-telling. It' generally regarded as his best novel - although I think some of his other books are up there, too.

While I consider this work to be a red tape fantasy that makes it seem like true air resistance, Dickinson is writing any kind of political transformation like a jerk of adrenaline. One of the first works of metropolitan fantasy, Emma Bull's War for the Oaks turned the vague mediaeval fantasy of Europe upside down.

This is a story in which the fate of rocking vocalist Eddi McCandry looks bleak until she is dragged into a secret battle between the fairy peoples of Minneapolis. Who' d have thought this whole volume about a pile of bunnies would become so important. It was an immediate and eternal veteran for all age groups.

It' a story of adventures, bravery and life that follows a group of very particular beings on their escape from human invasion and the safe demolition of their homeland. It has a great deal of significance in literature but is still a good book to have. You shouldn't miss Juliet Marillier's delicious fantasy stories.

Whilst you could begin her celebrated Seven Water Trilogy (Book One is Daughter of the Forest), is a better place to begin with her charming, independent novel Wildwood Dance. It' s a loose play in the forests of Transylvania, following the young woman from Jena and her sister, who deal with witchcraft, affection and darkness.

In Wizard and Glass you can read the history of Roland's young age, a history of his comrades-in-arms and how his decisions affected many different realms simultaneously. It is also a separate and one of the most important books of the novel category, which has been accused by many of our writers of being the best Dark Tower novel.

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