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First-rate fantasy authors

("Brandon Sanderson") Top ten fantasy writers. With films like Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, the fantasy genre has become more popular than ever. The Albuquerque author, known from the Thomas Covenant series. bestselling author for the New York Times. W.

Campbell Award for Best New Author in Science Fiction/Fantasy.

Featured Ten Fantasy Authors

In recent years, the fantasy category has become more popular thanks to the hit of the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter series. It' s unbelievable that the fantasy generation was once regarded as a sub-genre of science fiction and only acquired its own individuality in the 1970s.

While some literary buffs will argue that fantasy fiction should not even be released and will not really contribute to the arts of literary writing, whether they like it or not, fantasy is here to remain and will become even more popular. She is a relatively newcomer to the fantasy world, but in her day she has made a very big name for herself.

She has an extreme character-based approach to her writing and creating original environments where she can place her tales. Whilst lacking the profundity of some other authors on this shortlist, she is telling a very sound tale that is well timed to complete the work.

Terry Brooks, writer of the Shannara and Magical Kingdom textbooks, is a basic foodstuff of fantasy music. His Shannara works are definitely some of his most profound and best works, but every one he has ever composed will be a good one. When there is one serious mistake you can find in Brooks, it is that he hasn't been writing enough of them.

Since the bestseller "First Rule of the Wizard" was first released, Terry Goodkind has released many books in his serial "Sword of Truth". Goodkind differs from other authors in that he connects a gravelly and perilous environment with an easily readable writing that surprises for a work of such deepness.

When you' re in the spirit of reading that makes you think about the roles of morals and morals in your daily lives, this is a set you'll like. A few critics criticise Mercedes Lackey as too soft and too easy to be regarded as a serious power within the fantasy world.

They are definitely lightweight and easily readable, but their personalities are profound, their tales gripping and when you end one of their titles you can't help but have a hot feel in your soul and a little grin on your face. Robert Jordan, the creator of the highly acclaimed Wheel of Time Series, has been the driving power of fantasy for years.

His heritage continues after his demise and there are many who think he is the greatest fantasy writer of all times. ordan may be worthy of being higher on this mailing lists, but when he is piled up against the others, the fact is that his work has not had the influence on the kind that these others have.

Had he not been dead, it is quite possible that he would have contributed even more to the game.

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