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Amazam is the largest eBook retailer. Achieve a global eBook distribution network. World-class retailers (including Amazon, Apple, B&N, Google Play, Kobo), library providers and subscription services.

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E-book distributors promote and resell your electronic music. Amazons is the biggest eBook dealer. Work with your tracks directly on Amazon or with a digitally managed distributionservice like Overdrive or Ingram Digitally that will distribute your tracks to them. This is Barnes and Nobles, the second biggest eBook Dealer.

This eBook Store is a sellers of eBooks and a supplier of eBook shops for publishing houses. Selling eBooks allows self-publishers and publishing houses to choose their DRM-option. obo is one of the top 5 eBooksellers. The NetLibrary has introduced the eBook class and is rapidly becoming the preferred supplier of eBooks for academia, government, medical, business and many other library environments.

Featuring easy-to-use features with acces to various file types and bestsellers from the world's major publishing houses. The NetLibrary constitutes a uniquely integrated heritage: a trustworthy collaborator for libraries and publishing houses, with a strong dedication to technology innovations on end users' names. More than 1,000 Publisher have OverDrive as their source for high-quality media via our online publisher e-warehouse and OverDrive.

Over 13,000 digital library, school and retailer organizations around the world trust OverDrive to provide them with the best choice of the year. MoreDrive can create a customized, feature-rich eRetail shop that allows you to distribute eBooks and audio book to your clients. Leadingmanufacturers like Harlequin provide their clients with direct access to over-drive MIDASĀ® products.

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Prevent US at source taxes on US purchases (for non-US citizens) - we have the appropriate US taxation identity recorded with the US taxation authority, so there is no them. Our resellers are all accepting eBook files in Mobi for Amazon and all others.

Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Google, Barnes & Noble, OverDrive and eSentral support hard disk layout data. Do you need an eBook-converter? When you don't have eBook documents and your eBook is in Word, PDF, Pages or InDesign, you must first generate eBooks. You can use our eBook converting services if you need help.

Paid a one-time per track subscription rate - no concealed or recurrent charges and we don't add any royalty for you. To distribute the eBook you need: matching eBook data (all eBook data must be IDPF validated ), front page (see envelope specification) and eBook meta data (via the eBook Info form).

To distribute the printed version, you need a PDF with contents, envelope and meta data (via the Books Info form). We have the largest eBook merchants, top eBook subscriptions service providers, large libraries, and testing and referral sites among our sales leverage. Please see our eBook Redistribution Network page for more information.

Wherefore should you select our eBook sales service? There is a one-time royalty for each item, and unlike many other eBook sales companies, we do not add a royalty on the license fees that your eBook items earn. You' ll get 100% of the profit sharing earned through our eBook sales channel. With over 150 resellers, more than 65,000 directories and subscriptions from around the globe.

As soon as we have received your payments for your purchases from our dealers, we can forward your funds to you every month, quarter or year - just as you wish. Tracking your eBook purchases and bonuses through our on-line report system (which we call ED). It collects all current license information and license information we get from our distributors.

Create charts and charts that show how many eBooks have been purchased, which merchants have made the most purchases, and licensing fees. When you are not resident in the USA, you can apply 30% source VAT on US purchases. Since we have the appropriate registration, your U.S. emoluments are not taxed at source and you do not need to fill in any extra U.S. taxation paper.

Please indicate the channel on which we should share your eBook. There' s no obligation and you can always ask for your eBooks to remain unreleased through our sales channel free of cost. While we can provide eBook merchants with global coverage, most of our eBook sales channel options allow us to limit access to certain geographical areas.

For example, if you only have the right to sell your eBook in North America and the UK, we may indicate that these are the only areas where your eBook is for sale. 2.

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