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The Booker prize-winner DBC Pierre recommends books that have helped him write, from merciless French sociology to Machiavelli's Handbook for Realpolitik. Writing is an academic discipline. And I differentiate between writing, as writers do, and creative writing. However, with an endless pool of books on writing and writing, which is best suited to your creative masterpiece? People from Tumlinson who share their thoughts, experiences and tips on writing books, movies, video games and more.

Twelve novels that will make you a better writer and storyteller

I always like the one I' m going to have. I' m getting the storyline, the protagonists, the author's vote. On the last pages I can experience a kind of premonition of the end, which is why I often follow a sequential and sometimes obsessive approach to the works of a novelist I like.

So, when I tried to pick my top references from the 2017 book reviews that will make you a better author in 2018.... well, it was torture. They' not necessarily my favourite textbooks (although some are), but they will make you a better author. And most of them are not new textbooks.

In 2017 I didn't start reading some of them for the first reading, I reread them. You can rediscover the best books: There are 12 ledgers here that can help you become a better author in 2018: Roz's novel is sorrowful, sincere and (often dark) comical. It' a great reading, even if you're not talking about ageing parent or grandparent - and not me; my parent passed away years ago.

It' by my girlfriend Mindy Fried, a social ologist who wrote about the care of her 97-year-old dad in the last year of his career, with a policy background (her dad was an actress, author and a work organiser who was named before the House Un-American Activities Committee). Writing about common things in an unusual way (B-to-B authors, I'm looking at you).

All of these works document everyday life experiences - but with a view and approach that makes the story anything but mundane. Years ago my boyfriend Mitch Joel suggested Steven Pressfield's work to me, and I read it in 2017. On the other hand, Steven's autobiography is about postponement.

And I hesitated to do so. It is not difficult to write," Steven wrote. Lucia Berlin publishes this set of shorts in posthumous style. It turned out to be one of the most important lexicons I looked at in 2017. It makes your poetic speech sizzle.

Not always a nice reading. However, Lucia's use of speech, the speed of her fiction, the unorthodox nature of grammar and the depth of her character remained with me long after I graduated. Sometimes I drive down the street by mechanical means, and all of a sudden I notice that I am commemorating a Lucia Berlin film.

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