Top Children's Book Publishers

First-rate publishers of children's books

imon and Schuster children's publisher. Small, brown books for young readers. The Macmillan Children's Book Publishing Group. Quarto Publishing Group is an international publisher known for its illustrated books. We' ve got the right book for every reader - from YA fanatics to discerning fathers.

First-rate publishers of children's books

Childrens literature can be in different categories, from children's literature to fantasies to mysteries, and are targeted at different ages, from on-board logs for toddlers to simple textbooks for elementary schoolchildren and complete fiction for young people up to 18 years of age. 3. The multinationals - also known as mega-publishers - and theindependent.

These conglomerations are mostly New York City-based publishers, which issue many reprints in various areas and belong to much larger "parent" firms. The Random House has 10 departments in the children's area. Examples are Alfred A. Knopf books for young readers, Dragonfly and Wendy Lamb Books.

The Random House releases the well-loved Dr. Seuss show, whose writers included such well-known personalities as Judy Blume and Phillip Pullman. With its three business units, Simon & Schuster is one of the world's foremost book publishers. She has published the renowned Bunnicula works by James Howe. Childrens and adults are invited to browse the site.

Little, Brown Journals has two departments and manufactures children's literature of all kinds, from small children's boards to young adults' fiction. "She is also publishing multi-cultural publications in English and Spanish. Mr. Macmillan has nine departments, including Henry Holt and Company For Young Readers, Roaring Brook Press and Tor Teen.

McMillan produces publications for young people up to 18 years of age. The HarperCollins Group has 12 business units, including EOS, Harper Teen, RAYO and Greenwillow Schools. The Harper Collins collection includes a wide variety of prints in many different styles for children of all age groups, from storybook, illustration and chapters to young adultiction.

is the biggest children's book publishers in the United States and publishes more than 750 new titles every year. His prints cover Arthur A. Levine and The Blue Sky Press and Cartwheel as well. Putnam Penguin has 11 departments and manufactures literature for kids of all age and in most styles.

The departments are Dial and Dutton Children's and Puffin and Philomel and other. The Lerner Publishing Group, a large independently owned media, produces high-quality children's literature not only for the general young readership, but also for educational institutions and library. They publish many non-fiction publications such as biography, scholarship, social sciences, geographical research, activities and other educational publications.

There are seven prints, among them Carolhoda and Ediciones Lerner and Twenty-First Century as well. The Bloomsbury Children's Book USA was founded in 1998 by Bloomsbury Publishing plc, the former British editor of the Harry Potter series. They publish high-quality literature and non-fiction for kids of all age. They welcome textbook scripts and requests for longer works.

The Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Children's Book includes three reprints.

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