Top Book Publishers in the us

The top book publishers in the usa

It was Macmillan who rounded off the top five. One of the leading book publishers in the USA, specializing in high-quality book publications for authors of fiction, non-fiction and almost all genres. McMillian U.S.;

Hachette Book Group. type of beach reader are you? The book publishing house is a slowly growing niche business for American companies.

Left - The American Philosophical Society

Cairo Press American Univeristy, a company set up in 1960, is the premier publisher in the Middle East. The AAUP, created in 1937, supports the work and impact of academic publishers, offers collaborative networking possibilities and assists its more than 130 member publishers in fulfilling their joint obligations to science, academia and the community.

Brookings Institution Press is the book and magazine publisher of the Brookings Institution, a non-profit organisation dedicated to research, educational and public relations work on important topics of American home and international politics. The University of Cambridge University Press is the University of Cambridge's publisher. CUA Press, also known as the Catholic University of America Press, is the scientific publisher of the Catholic University of America.

The Columbia Universiy Print was established in 1893 and is the United States' 4th oldest academic print media. The DCP's multidisciplinary editorial work ranges from the plastic and plastic art and intercultural criticism of American studies to the fields of international healthcare and medical science. This is a page for juridical theories with a book serial, Legally Semiotics Monographs, which concentrates on theoretical and post-modern concepts of the study of law, juridical principles and juridical language.

Duke University Press is a non-profit scientific publishers known primarily for publications in the arts and sociology. The Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, based in Madison, New Jersey, produces scientific literature for the academics community. Hackett Publishings was established in 1972 by philosophy students and specialises in the arts, in particular philosophy and classicism.

Harvard University Press, established in 1913, publishes classical works such as John Rawls' "Aory of Justice", E. O. Wilson's "On Human Nature" and Helen Vendler's "Dickinson". IU Press was established in 1950 and is considered to be the world' s foremost scientific publishing house with a focus on the arts and society.

Today, JHU Press is one of the world's biggest publishers, with 80 scientific magazines and almost 200 new titles published annually. LSU Press, set up in 1935, quickly became one of the country's preeminent scientific press and continued to receive domestic and global awards, with four Pulitzer Prizes among them.

The Macmillan Publishers is a worldwide specialized publishers with overprints in the USA, Germany, Great Britain, Australia, South Africa and the whole worl. MQUP is a collaborative effort between McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, and Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, and specializes in the development of Canada's perspectives as well as the publication of articles on foreign topics.

The Michigan State Universtity was established in 1947 and is the scientific publisher of the historical Michigan State U.. MIT is the only college newspaper in the United States whose lists are scientific and technological. National Academies Press (NAP) was established by the National Academy of Sciences to provide the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, the Institute of Medicine, and the National Research Council of the United States, all of which work under a United States Congress issued Charta.

The New York University Press has been a division of the New York University Division of Libraries since it was founded in 1916. Founded in 1965, Northern Illinois University Press has been dedicated to supporting and improving the university's research efforts by producing excellent scientific work for a worldwide readership.

The Oxford Univerity Publications is a division of Oxford Univerity and the oldest and biggest continuous working academic publications in the word. The Oxford Univeristy Newspaper will each monthly present an icons author and contain various on-line and magazine materials about this icon. The Paragon House collection includes a wide range of internationally and interdisciplinarily relevant literature of great interest.

Philosopher's Information Center is a non-profit organisation devoted to the provision of the best scientific resource for philosophical and related people. Politics is a major global publishing house in the field of sociology and the arts, publishing some of the world's best writers in these area. Princeton University Press is an autonomous publishing house with strong ties to Princeton University.

Rodopi is an academically minded publishing house on both sides of the Atlantic - in Amsterdam and New York - and has continuously created a conduit for academics from all over the globe. Founded in 1936 as a non-profit publishing house, Rutgers University Press is committed to promoting and disseminating information to scientists, undergraduates and the general population.

SAGE' annual publication programme comprises more than 600 magazines and over 800 volumes of literature, references and data bases in the fields of economics, the arts and society, academia, technology as well as medical research. Each year, Axel Springer issues around 2,000 scientific magazines and more than 7,000 new titles. An internationally recognized editor of important research and remarkable works of general interest, SUNY Press has supported the State University of New York's commitment to education, research and civil servants since 1966.

One of the world's foremost publishers of scientific magazines, textbooks, e-books and encyclopedias, the Taylor & Francis Group's contents cover all areas of the humanities, social sciences, behavioral sciences, science and technology. Texas A&M University Press was established in 1974 and is the main publisher of one of the country's foremost research institutes.

Maintenance of a catalog of seldom and scientific textbooks of philosophies. University of Arizona Press, established in 1959 as a branch of the University of Arizona, is a non-profit scientific and local bookstore. University of Arkansas Press was established in 1980 as the book publication unit of the University of Arkansas.

Founded in 1891 as one of the three initial departments of the University of Chicago, the press has set itself the task of disseminating science at the highest level and publishing serious works that enhance literacy, enhance mutual comprehension and enhance the richness of the world. Editor of beautiful textbooks about Asia, Hawaii and the Pacific.

To support the University's missions, the U.Illinois Press is providing significant scholarships around the world to strengthen and develop the University's image. Publicises academic and general language literature, among them poems, feature films and literature reviews, as well as local Middle West literature. Established in 1963, the Massachusetts Press is the book publisher of the United States.

The UM Press journal is published in a broad spectrum of fields in the arts and sociology. In the course of its existence, the press has undertaken to publish important works, even those that are not profitable for business publishers. University of Nebraska Press expands the University's educational, research and services mandate by fostering, publicizing and distributing works of literary and culturally significant and lasting value.

The University of North Carolina Press has gained nationally and internationally acclaim for ninety years for high-quality literature and its reflective publication. University of Tennessee Press is committed to the University of Tennessee's intellect, the academia in general, and the people of the State of Tennessee through the publication of high-quality works with scholarships in select areas and high-precision, informational local-study.

University of Texas Press is a book and magazine publishing house - a focus that brings together the lives, insight, and expertise of authors to be distributed in both paper and computer. The press will publish and distribute scientific literature in select areas and other written and written material relevant to Utah, the Utah area, the nation and the rest of the globe in accordance with the University'sissions.

University of Virginia Press was established in 1963 to promote the University of Virginia's and universities' intellect. The University Press of Florida (UPF), the State University System's editor, has engaged teachers, college graduates and discriminating readership since 1945.

University Press of Mississippi was created in 1970 and is sponsored by the eight state colleges in Mississippi. Vanderbilt University Press was set up in 1940 and is the main publisher of one of the country's foremost research schools. John Wiley-Blackwell is the global science, technology, medicine and science publisher of John Wiley & Sons, with strong backgrounds in all important academia and professions and alliances with many of the world's leaders.

Wilfrid Laurier University Press, created in 1974, has made a name for itself in the fields of historiography, literary, sociology, welfare work, live writings, cinema and communication science, abstract study, women's research, and theology. Press releases are textbooks and other material that promote scientific research, promote multidisciplinary research, encourage open discussion, teach both inside and outside the schoolroom and enrich the culture.

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