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What are the best book publishers in North America?

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What do publishers really do with the book? What can I do to win alumni for a publisher? Can a book be profitably made? Do you know how many book publishers there are in America? Is it possible for a book to be edited by several publishers? What is the publisher's approach? Are publishers well advised to pay for the publication of my book?

We looked at Nielsen BookScan's shares of the book scanning industry last night.

We looked at Nielsen BookScan's shares of the book scanning industry last night. Among other things, these show the publishers' rankings of their purchases through British retail outlets. In order to tell you the complete facts, we do not normally give much consideration to these comparable numbers. Although we buy and use Nielsen Bookscan information, we do not buy the extensive record behind these numbers (Nielsen Bookscan has made this a favor to us).

In general, such comparisons of companies do not seem very important for what we do all the time. These publishers are very different from us: giant corporations such as Penguin Random House, HarperCollins and Hachette, for example. While they often have a thousand books, from Roald Dahl to Paddington Bear, we will have released just over 100 printed books by the end of this year, all of which have come onto the scene in the last three years.

In all honesty, we are so preoccupied with releasing our own textbooks (and of course our apps) that we don't waste much of our precious free day looking over our toes. We also know other publishers, of course. And we often see - and adore and buy - their textbooks in stores.

We' ll enumerate your book in our various "best of....." blogs. We ranked thirteenth in the category of illustrated albums - and we have had a particularly large number of illustrated albums this year so far. Total value of children's book purchases in the UK has so far fallen by 9% compared to the year before ( "I assume that the unavoidable decline in Hunger Games turnover could be half of that).

There are only six of the top 20 children's publishers (Walker Books and Simon and Schuster are the only other top 20 major publishers with an increase, as well as three publishers of bulk market/bargain books/licensed books). There is, of course, a large, enormous gulf between our own and, say, Penguin Random House's top-selling products.

Nielsen Bookscan's numbers don't match all of our bookstores. By the end of the year, many of the most commercially successful titles will be released by other publishers. However, we want the writers and illuminators we release to have the feeling that they are releasing with a company with some power in the markets, and it is good to see that these numbers from Nielsen Bookscan confirm that.

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