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The award-winning New York book editors offer authors editing services. Experienced team with bestsellers from major publishers. If the publisher is a good publisher, he/she will honestly tell you if he/she believes that the book will sell. " Lisa Rojany offers the best book editing service in Los Angeles! This is the best book publishing platform for new and experienced authors.

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Book writers and reviewers published on this website specialise in a wide range of literature and non-fiction categories. Before you contact a frahling, editor or bookmaker, have your non-fiction or literature handwriting, brief history, scriptwriting, script or articles processed for you. We have a team of book professionals, proof-readers, indexers and layouters who work with scripts intended for either conventional or self-publishing companies.

Full listing of writers, reviewers, do you need help with submitting? Or, call the local branch exchange co-ordinator at 469-789-3030 outside business hour. Co-ordinator is not able to make quotations or processing time available to free writers on this web, but can verify that your input has been submitted and will speed up reply.

We have become strong supporters of self-publishing and we have worked with many self-published writers who adhere to high standards. All our freelance writers must take the same placement test as experienced publishers. You do not have to design your own script for a specific literature presentation or a specific publishers if you plan to do so.

Instead, you and your journalist have the liberty to realise your visions without the need for literature agents or publishers. You will receive the desired level of satisfaction from a professional, self-published book.


No. 1 for tricky sheen and ingenious book editing. We offer editing, proof-reading and script revision packs specifically designed to help you release the best possible versions of your work. It' s no joke to release a book that doesn' t go on sale, or even worst - gets poor critics. You need a book-reader who' re not shy about using a great deal of scarlet inks.

Sometimes, to repair a script, you have to chop off an army or a bone. Our aim is to help novels and non-fiction writers improve their manuscripts and release enthusiastically. DO YOU NEED HELP IN RELEASING A BEST SELLER? Are you looking for enterprise-class book editing service from publishers, you've come to the right place.

In addition to the editorial staff, we can also respond to all your queries on the subject of publication and support you in setting up your authoring platforms. We have self-confidence, calculation, expertise and ruthlessness in our work. We' re looking for writers with at least one MA in literature and 2 years of full-time book editing expertise, but we also give journalists a shot if they have at least 10 titles to publish and have testimonials from satisfied customers; or if they are themselves accomplished writers who have authored several of them.

While we recruit the best writers in the business, we still let them battle for the job by sending you a personalised test version in an environment where only the best can outlive. It is a way of separating the best writers from the best, and the best, but not surprisingly gifted, have to apply to a less ambitious group.

You can also get to know them, check their comments and enhancements, and make sure you get the best editors for your book. It' a simple check and slash: we will proof-read, capture spelling mistakes, correct grammar, shorten phrases, delete repetitions, mark some major problems, but above all prepare them for release and make sure they are clear and glossy.

Contrary to most other fundamental "proofreading" packs, our pack contains re-writing and enhanced wording as well as a one-page abstract of some major image problems that could be better. When we see something that looks awful, we'll fix it - but we won't worry when we try to resolve major problems like plots, motivating characters, plot-making and more.

NEW: Have a look at our literature service! We begin with a script revision - a fast reading to help us find all the big issues, dull parts that need to be trimmed, lessons that can be made more powerful, rewriting proposals, plot enhancements or issues, storyline arcs and structure-analyses. You will be assigned a copywriting trainer.

We are sending an edited article on the major topics that can be addressed. RUND ZWEI: a detailed, extensive line editing that involves typing new phrases, enhancing wording, organisation, plotting and tempo. We will reinforce your argumentation for non-fiction books and make it more exciting to write. Everything that is not easy to fix, we will mark or annotate as something that could be better.

This will produce a very neat and greatly enhanced script, but with many commentaries and proposals that will probably need some editing and additional work. Recovering a hard worked script like this can be daunting, but do you know that it dramatically improves your typing abilities and helps you recognize your shortcomings.

NEW: Have a look at our literature related activities! Round-three: One last round of proof-reading to enhance your re-written or revised paragraphs after you've had a chance to think about our proposals and commentaries. It' essentially like the Quick Kill or steroid proof-reading process, and again we'll chop, cut, re-write, correct, optimize and enhance everything we can, but this is not going to be commenting on the larger image, and we really will refine the small detail, eliminating repetitions, cutting the text and making sure everything is as good as it can be.

When you have approved all our changes in the last round, but have not revised or rewritten any of the topics we marked, there may not be much to do in this round - but it will be rewarding even if we only get a few typing errors. NEW: Have a look at our literature service!

High quality book styles from Enhance your book for printing and e-book. Find out how with this course on book marking. Selecting an editors is a big one. Words, clearness and fluency. When your typing is already tidy, then they will talk to you about larger figure things, such as topic, conception, purpose, audiences, potential markets and branding in ( (including titles, subtitles and taglines or lift spacing).

As soon as you have become familiar with the competence, skills and know-how of an editorial staff member and are prepared to continue, we will provide you with an account for the first half of the number of words, so that the editorial staff can get to work. As we know, the number of words can be changed by rewriting: That's OK. Submit a copy of your book and get a free evaluation copy of several of our astonishing writers.

This is a brief Polly Courtney videotape about the four phases of the editing. We have used our decade-long experiences in working with contributors to create a system that..... The most important part in the creation of a paper is editing. Skilled editors are of the opinion that the editing of.....

Okay, so you have 1502'how to' reading volumes on this. So I took a brief course in book editing, self-editing, selecting an editors and the editing workflow.

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