Top Authors of the World

The world' s top authors

They are also the richest authors in the world. Writers The best writers of all time. Those who play a major role in the world of publishing, however, can see that their efforts are extremely fruitful. He worked as a jazz musician after World War II before going to college. You have the magical ability to distract us from the rich and put us in their fictional world.

We' ve always heard that the hardest thing for an author was to get paid, but it seems that these authors have found out.

20 wealthiest authors in the world

Authors may devote years to composing fiction and send it to publishing houses just to get a letter of refusal. To have the skill to think of a story that will bind a reader and make them type such that editors are keen to work with you and forced readers to buy your books is something that many writers will find next to impossible. What does that mean?

Those who play a major role in the world of publication, however, can see that their endeavours are highly productive. Indeed, the top authors are often on the list of the world' s wealthiest souls. Those gifted authors have the skills to make interesting works that encourages you to buy the next book you are writing.

Often, the wealthiest authors have also written a history that is well deserved to be included in a film or to have one made. The 20 wealthiest authors in the world, their wealth and how they have made their fortune. With a net value of 145 million dollars, Dean Koontz is known for his thriller series.

You are also often located in Orange County. Up to now he has distributed over 450 million volumes of his works worldwide and his work has been released in 38 different tongues. A $150 million figure, David Oyedepo is a Nigeria minister, the creator of World Wide Faith Church, also known as Winners Chapel.

His work has included more than 70 works that are generally motivating and inspiring about Christianity. He publishes these works in his own ecclesiastical publisher called'Dominion publishing house (DPH)'. He is a $20 million-a-year US writer with a net value of $160 million.

He' s best known for writing'The Da Vinci Code'. The bestseller was launched in 2003 and on its release date almost 6,000 units of it were shipped, making the New York Times bestseller listing in the first few weeks of release. Michael Crichton, a US writer who had accumulated a net value of $175 million before his November 4, 2008 deaths, was originally British.

He began his authoring carreer in 1966 when he was writing a novel entitled'Odds On'. Besides his work as an writer, Michael Crichton also worked as a scriptwriter, movie maker, stage manager and TV-maker. One of the most productive authors of all times, Jackie Collins has a net value of $180 million.

Not only is she an writer, she has also worked as a scriptwriter, actor and movie-maker. Her first novel "The world is full of married men" was released in 1968. Throughout her authoring history, Jackie Collins has authored 32 works, all of which are on the New York Times bestseller lists.

Eight of her works have been processed into movies, among them "The Stud" and "The Bitch". It was a serial of five fiction entitled'Hollywood Series'. is a $200 million net value. He' s known for authoring children's literature in the terrible world.

After graduating from Ohio State University, he went to New York, where he began comedying. It was in the 1980' that he composed his first children's novel "Blind Date". Well-known for his book serial "Fear Street" and "Goosebumps", he has published over 400 million examples of his novel all over the world.

It has the award as a bestselling writer of children's literature serial. The British writer and political figure is 200 million dollars net. More than 250 million volumes of his work have been distributed worldwide. During his imprisonment, the jail diary collection was an inspiration. A further well-known set of Archer works was the series'Kane and Abel'.

He has recently published a range of textbooks entitled'Clifton Chronicles'. and she' s a writer and a media personality. Allison DuBois and her book are the basis of the TV series'Medium'. There are four volumes, all of which are psychological.

The UK writer, actress, film maker and philanthrope has a net value of $275 million. For the Beatles she has authored and co-authored the book'George Harrison': The first edition of Life in the Material World, which was released in 2011. He is an Amerindian writer whose birthplace was in Baltimore on April 12, 1947.

He has transformed many of his novels into videos and videogames. Several of the most popular titles that have been released on the basis of his book are'Patriot Games','The Hunt for Red October','The Sum of All Fears' and'Clear and Present Danger'. A native of Germany, he is an auteur, scriptwriter, movie maker, television actor and solicitor.

In the course of his professional life, the US writer has written more than 300 million international titles. This was first refused by many publishers before it was eventually released by Winwood Press in 1988. A Woman of Substance", her first novel, was released in 1979 and is still one of her best-known works.

This was the first of the Emma-Harte sagas and six titles followed in the group. Bradford-Taylor has also written a number of children's literature and a number of interiors architecture work. She' s an American author, teacher, entrepreneur and journalist. It is known as the designer of the trademark African Girl, which comprises puppets, textbooks and related goods.

Whilst she obviously hasn't made most of her living doing her paperwork, it is fair to say that her efforts in the field of typing have certainly helped the creation of the US based AMACHILD. He is an Amerindian writer whose birthplace is Silver Spring, Maryland, October 10, 950. But Silhouette Book took up her application and published 23 of her works between 1982 and 1984.

Their first best-seller was "Playing the Odds", which was released in 1985. Now she has composed a whopping 209 stories. It has authored over 70 novels, illustrated textbooks, children's literary and literary works. Productive US writer, Stephen King has an estimate of $400 million net value. More than 350 million examples of his works have been distributed around the world.

Most of his novels and scripts are in the categories fear, imagination, gothic and tension. Several of his most beloved works have become films. Afterwards he travelled through Spain and described his experience in one of his companions. The Alchemist " is one of his best-known works. It was not only a bestseller, it is also the most widely read translation of a live novel.

But not all her wealth comes from her work as an writer. Other heirs, businesswoman, actress, philosopher, theatre maker and socialist. He is a man who was happily ever after his death. She was wed to Aaron Spelling, the producers and entertainer, until he passed away in 2006. The best-known work of his is his book about Alex Cross, a fictitious shrink.

The first novel in this cycle was The Thomas Berryman Number, which was released in 1976. Besides the book serie Alex Cross he has also authored the serie Witch and the Wizard, Women's Murder Club, Maximum Ride and Michael Bennett. He has also authored many independent works.

At a net value of $1 billion, JK Rowling currently has the distinction of being the world' s wealthiest writer and is also the first writer to have achieved this monetary achievement through his work. She' s best known for authoring the Harry Potter line of textbooks from which she has earned cash through booksales, the films and the broad array of Harry Potter-related goods that are available.

He has also authored several adult literature under the pen name Robert Galbraith.

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