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The most popular authors in Mystery, Thriller & Suspense. The Top Authors allows you to list your top authors with many options. Name of author, total rank, total score, total views rank, engagement rank, discussion rank, number of posts. While we continue our top ten series, we look at some of the great British writers who have shaped our literary landscape. Indeed, the top authors are often on the lists of the richest people in the world.

Fifty-fifty authors

1Lovecraft, H. P.H. P. Lovecraft101American creator of phantasy, horror and sci-fi. 2Howard, Robert ErvinRobert Ervin Howard78American novelist of the world of imagination and anecdotes. 5Doyle, Arthur ConanArthur Conan Doyle35A Scotish man of irish ancestry, known for his tales of the investigator Sherlock Holmes. 7Shakespeare, WilliamWilliam Shakespeare33English poets and playwrights regarded as the greatest novelist of the British-speaking world.

8Tennyson, AlfredAlfred Tennyson27The UK Prize -winning writer after William Wordsworth and one of the most loved British writers. 9Donne, JohnJohn Donne26Jacobean Metrophysical writer. 10Harte, BretBret Harte25American writer and writer known for his reports on groundbreaking California outreach. 10Keats, JohnJohn Keats25One of the most important writers of British romanticism.

12Bierce, AmbroseAmbrose Bierce22American Satiric, Critician, Poet, Authors, Publisher and Joun. 14Wilde, OscarOscar Wilde20Irish dramatist, writers, poets and authors of comedies. 15London, JackJack London17American Writers and Popular Sociologist. 15Stevenson, Robert LouisRobert Louis Stevenson17Scottish man of letters, poets and travelling writers, renowned for his books on adventures, romanticism and ghoul.

17Dickens, CharlesCharles Dickens16An Englishman whose figures are among the most catchy in England's literary genre. The pseudonym Henry was the pseudonym of the US author William Sydney Porter, whose skilful use of the word twin ends made the concept "O. Henry Ending" popular in his tales. 20Blake, WilliamWilliam Blake15English poets, painters and graphic artists. 29Brontë, EmilyEmily Brontë13British author and author, sisters of Charlotte and Anne Brontë.

29Shelley, Percy BysshePercy BysshePercy Bysshe Shelley13One of the greatest romantics in England, regarded as one of the best lyricists of the english-speaking world. 29Tagore, RabindranathRabindranath Tagore13Indian writer, Nobel price for 1913. 29Frost, RobertRobert Frost13American writer who won four Pulitzer Prizes. 19British writer, often described as a champion of shorts, in comparison with O. Henry and Dorothy Parker.

36Pope Alexander Alexander Alexander Pope12 Many consider him one of the greatest British papists of the 18th cent. 36Alighieri, DanteDante Alighieri12Italian poem, politician and linguistic theorist. 36Fitzgerald, Francis ScottFrancis Scott Fitzgerald12American author, narrator and dramatist. 36Joyce, JamesJames Joyce12Expatriate lrish author and poem, one of the most powerful authors of the twentieth centenary.

36Spooner, LysanderLysander Spooner12American writer, politician, anarchist, abstractionist and jurist. 36Kipling, RudyardRudyard Kipling12British writer and poem. 36Coleridge, Samuel TaylorSamuel Taylor Coleridge12 An Englishman writer, reviewer and thinker who was one of the founding fathers of the Romantic movement. 36Gray, ThomasThomas Gray12English writer, classic and teacher of literature at the University of Cambridge. 36Woolf, VirginiaVirginia Woolf12British writer and figurine.

47Smith, Clark AshtonClark Ashton Smith11American writer, sculptress, painter and writer of phantasy, gruesome and sci-fi comedy. 47Burroughs, Edgar RiceEdgar Rice Burroughs11American writer of adventure and sci-fi story. 47Millay, Edna St. VincentEdna St. Vincent Millay11Lyric poets and playwrights; the first women to win the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry.

47Longfellow, Henry WadsworthHenry Wadsworth Longfellow11American poets and educators. 47Swift, JonathanJonathan Swift11Anglo-Irish author of fiction, poems and essay. 47Tolstoi, LeoLeo Tolstoi11Russian author. 47Austen, JaneJane Austen11English author. 57Franklin, BenjaminBenjamin Franklin10American scholar and one of the founding fathers of the United States. 57Darwin, CharlesCharles Darwin10English researcher. 57Coates, Florence EarleFlorence Earle Coates10American poets. 57Yeats, William ButlerWilliam Butler Yeats10Irish author, playwright, mysterious person and personality of popular life, who was one of the mainstays behind the IRL.

67Russell, BertrandBertrand Russell9British Logicist, Scientist and Mathematic. 67Faraday, MichaelMichael Faraday9British chemist and physics expert. 67Dostoevsky, Feodor Feodor Dostoevsky9Russian romanticist and belletrist. 67Byron, George GordonGeorge Gordon Byron (Lord Byron)9British poets and a Romantic leader. 67Thoreau, Henry DavidHenry David Thoreau9American Writers, Natural Scientists, Transcendentalists, Pacifists, Ph. 67Browning, RobertRobert Browning9English poets and playwrights.

67Rohmer, SaxSax Rohmer9English author. 67Tout, Thomas FrederickThomas Frederick Tout9English history professor at the University of Manchester. 67Hardy, ThomasThomas Hardy9Novelist, author of naturalistic writers and poets. 67Hobbes, ThomasThomas Hobbes9English philosoph. 67Mare, Walter de laWalter de la Mare9English poets, narrators and writers.

84Stoker, BramBram Stoker8Irish scriptwriter. 84Potter, BeatrixBeatrix Potter8British designer, illuminator and mystery artist, known for her children's work. 84Maupassant, Guy de Guy de Maupassant8French national. 84More, ThomasThomas More8English playwright, political figure and solicitor. 84Hugo, Victor Victor Victor Hugo8French romantics. 84Davies, William HenryWilliam Henry Davies8Walisian poets and writers.

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