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Founded in 1999 and based in Cromer, North Norfolk, Salt is a leading independent British publisher. Max. number of holidays: 20; sick days: These statistics show the 20 leading publishers by sales in Germany in 2017. Is your literary fiction too low for some manly fear?

Chart 12 The 20 main physical export destinations for books in the United Kingdom, 2016.

Best 20 List: World' s largest publishing houses

There has been a profound change in the publishing environment in the 20 biggest publishing houses in the word. RĂ¼diger Wischenbart from Publishing Perspectives in Germany provides the graphic below. It has provided some good insight into the changes in the publishing sector. I' m offering my analyses about the state of the sector and its prospects.

A number of publishing houses are in a much better economic position, while others are constantly slipping down in their sales and worldwide position. This year' s rankings have been influenced by the dynamic changes between the areas of career information, training and commerce. It is good to know that publishing houses that have re-invented themselves (responding to the demands of the markets by paying attention to the customer) have done much better than most.

Forty out of five US dollar are earned through the digitally embedded value creation process. Today, the publishing industry's fast-growing sector is the global market for business information products. We see the present scale and opportunities of the online market only weakly as an industrial sector.

Educational and specialist publishing houses have difficulties developing. There' s a great need for competent professionals, seasoned strategists, a scaleable and adaptable technological structure and optimized workflows/processes that enable publishing houses to implement up-to-date strategy driven projects. As in many other markets, publishing houses in Asia are becoming a permanent fixture.

This includes companies such as the Korean Kyowon and the Chinese Higher Education Press. Its strength is the "localization" of contents (i.e. adapting to culture) and the strength and economy of a vast, expanding population. Specialist publishing houses that have to accept a constant drop in sales are badly placed to face competition. We will have to wait and see whether the specialist publishing houses can turn into a lasting economic concept.

In the retail sector we have had lengthy discussions about the use of electronic price structures and the search for new types of music. These include writers, agencies, publishers, galleries, distribution companies, wholesale dealers, bookshops, online bookshops, printing companies, services companies, medias, reviewers, technological companies, etc. When publishing houses bury their minds in the dust by not experimenting with new contents, price schemes and distribution chains, there will be serious problems.

Conversely, when publishing houses are aggressive about new ways to share information with their channels and are looking for non-traditional channels that have the audience with the demands for their product, there is the ability to not only keep the actual sales but actually increase the cake as well.

This is a far-reaching message, I know, but the "book" is being re-defined, and publishing is becoming something new. Most of the top ranked world' editors are European. Professionally/knowingly, STM publishing houses have revised the course and are doing well. Asia's first large publishing houses are positioned as top international player in the competition.

The educational system is fragile. Specialist publishing houses are and will be affected the most by the fast developing world. Publishing houses that have re-invented themselves....are thriving! I' m placing high expectations in the publishing world. If we can reach this value, the branch will be well again. I' d like to help our customers to develop a strong publishing business that focuses on enhancing the literacy world.

The Global Ranking of the Publishing Industry is an annually initiated by Livres Hebdo, Paris, which has been investigated by RĂ¼diger Wischenbart Content and Consulting and edited jointly with bookreport (Germany), The Bookseller (UK) and Publishers Weekly (USA).

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