Top 10 Short Story Writers

First 10 short story writers

His name is Arthur Conan Doyle and he is listed on The Best Short (or 10th place). The Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges at home in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1983. The Top 10 successful short story writers in India 1. I will be adding another list of the best short story writers of the 19th century. All the story and other stories.

Brief Stories: Who' the best short story writers?

Short novels were one of these scarce gifts. They were written in Bengali, Hindi and German. In fact, he translates several well-known British tales into Bengali and Hindi. They' re short stories: The Sompotti Somorpon, Kabuliwallah (The Kabul Fruit Merchant), Ghare Baire (The Home and the World), Jogajog (Relations), Nastanirh (The Broken Nest), Shesher Kobita (The Last Poem or Farewell Song), Gora, Char Oddhay, Bou Thakuranir Haat, Malancha and Chokher balli are some of his outstanding works in short story.

Writers, playwrights and, above all, short story writers. He' also used to write little tales. On the one side, his thought-provoking short novels were both real and moving. The short story-telling always bore some kind of societal embassy while they entertained the reader side by side. Later he was chosen as Progressive Writers' Association in Lucknow.

They' re short stories: Krishnaswami Iyer Narayanaswami (born October 10, 1906) was an Hindu author known as the Man of Sobriety. Sympathetic humanitarianism of each of his short and small tales. They' re short stories: Gods, Demons and others, The story of the grandmother and selected tales, A Pferd and two goats and other tales, Malgudi-Tage ("Book"), Under the Banyan Tree and other tales and The World of Malgudi.

Russkin Bond (born May 19, 1934) is a great author of English ancestry. Wrote many great children's novels and was honored with the Sahitya Academi Prize to honour his literary work. Rusty, who has been part of various roguish activity since his birthday, is his icon. They' re short stories:

Born on February 2, 1915, Khushwant Singh was an Hindi writer, attorney and reporter. He has a collection of short stories: Signs of Vishnu and other tales, The Voice of God and other tales, A Bride for the Sahib and other tales, Black Jasmine, The collected tales. Minh-mulk Raj Anand:

Born on December 12, 1905, Mulk Raj Anand was the first English-speaking author from India to stand in the foreground. He has a collection of short stories: Prodigal Children and Other Tales, The Barber Union and Other Tales, The Tractor and the Corn Goddess and Other Tales, Reflections on the Golden Bed, The Power of Darkness and Other Tales Lajwanti and Other Tales, Between Tears and Laughter, Selected Short Tales by Mulk Raj Anand, Tales by an Idiot:

A selection of short stories. Born on July 11, 1967, Jhumpa Lahiri is a Pulitzer prizewinner and is known for works of the fictional genre such as Interpreter of Diseases, The Namesake, Unaccustomed Earth and The Lowland. She' s known for the thoughtful thought she gives to each and every one of her characters and the fascinating emotion she has with him.

Seth Vikram: Vikram Seth (born June 20, 1952) is an indian novelist, author, poet and travelling author, known for his short novel "A Fitting Boy". As Anita Desai: Anita Desai (born June 24, 1937) is one of the most important English literature artists in India today. A Bengali sire and a Bengali dam were responsible for her birth.

Since then Desai has been publishing fiction, short story and children's books.

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