Top 10 Famous Authors and their Books

The Top 10 famous authors and their books

The War and Peace of Tolstoy. The book became the best-selling book of 2014. I will share my 5 best French writers with you today! 10 most successful authors in the world: In the end, "Little Prince" are famous and successful, but only with one book.

Ten famous authors share their favourite books for the 10-year jubilee of Goodread'.

Part of a month-long ceremony to celebrate its 10 years of existence, 10 of your favourite authors were asked by goodreads to divide their 10 favourite books with the world. Collect your TBR', get your own TBR', get your own Herds, because you will have to bring in a whole host of new tracks.

It is my belief to hear from your favourite authors, especially if you want to be a novelist yourself. Authors, especially authors, need to be able to refine their work. So what better books can there be than those that have inspire your Hero?

So, if you like Stephen King, Khaled Hosseini, Brit Bennett, Brian K. Vaughan, Ken Follett, Colleen Hoover, Atul Gawande, Sarah J. Maas, Karan Mahajan, Danzy Senna or Lily King, I have 10 books that you don't want to queu. The best of all, although each of these authors has only one of their decisions presented here, each of them has chosen 10 of their favourite books to be shared on Goodreads, which means there are 10 x more good reads awaiting you on their list.

Have a look at 10 favourite books by your favourite authors below and tell me your 10 favourite songs on Twitter! The popular bestselling novel Stephen King has chosen this volume, which concentrates on the road to Bremerhaven in 1931. Please see Stephen King's complete listing.

For the first a long while after the traumatic deaths of a girl, her whole household gathers together and begins to collect reminiscences and tales of her forebears in this beautiful novel, one of the favourite books of In The Woods writer Tana French. Look at the complete listing of Tana French. Brit Bennett's The Mothers will be loved by Tayari Jones' Silver Sparrow, who focuses on a couple of teenager beststies who find out that they really are nurses.

Please see Brit Bennett's complete listing. The Invisible Man has been featured on more than one of the authors' books which gives him an outstanding array of references that are not missed. Please see Brian K. Vaughan's complete listing. Though his work has very different topics, it is not surprising that the historian Ken Follett counted this classical novel by George Eliot among his favourites.

Please see Ken Follett's complete listing. Each of the books on Colleen Hoover's It Ends with Us feel like a true inspirational resource, but I had to choose Isabel Allende's historic romantic about a Lithuanian migrant and her gardening partner's sire. View Colleen Hoovers full listing.

The selection of this volume on whims in the face of drama is exactly what one would expected of Atul Gawande, whose latest volume, Being Mortal, looks at the state of end-of-life caring. Please see Atul Gawande's complete listing. Please see Sarah J. Maas' complete listing. Karan Mahajan, writer of the Association of Small Bombs, has chosen this melancholic novel about two kids who got entangled in a shattered home for his Top 10 listing.

Please see Karan Mahajan's complete listing. Rac and Representaion is one of the favourite books of New People writer Danzy Senna. Please see Danzy Senna's complete listing. While Jhumpa Lahiri is perhaps best known for The Interpreter of Maladies, who won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 2000, her 2008 Unaccustomed Earth line adorned Lily King's favorites bookbooks.

Please see Lily King's complete listing.

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