Top 10 Book Publishing Companies

First 10 book publishers

Simon & Schuster £27. 2m (1. 6%) Choosing the best self-publishers can make a big difference in the performance of a book. The top 6 of the best book publishers. O'Reilly Media is on the list of the 10.

Established in 1987, this company is today a company with an annual turnover of 10 million dollars. Both Kluwer and Penguin Random House are also the world's leading book publishers.

Nigeria's top 10 book publishers: Favourite Lists

Many people overlook the book publishing sector in Nigeria, probably because it is widely believed that Nigerians do not actually write. However with the new setup of bookstores either printing or electronically, it is only natural to say that Nigerians are reading. Let's take a look at the top 10 book publishers in Nigeria, which are regarded as the best in the state.

Litamed is Nigeria's currently largest children's book publishing house. Founded in 1969, the book publishing house has since developed into one of the best publishing houses in the state. He is the editor of the much-loved "Lantern Books", which are well known among Nigerians and throughout West Africa.

It is headquartered in Ikeja, Lagos. University Press PLC, formerly known as Oxford University Press Nigeria, is one of the oldest publishing book companies in Nigeria and was founded in 1949. Founded with a view to collegiate education, most of their books are instructive and they are an important book publishing house in Nigeria.

It is headquartered in Ibadan, Oyo State. It is a nigerian publishing house. GSAP's primary goal is to spread the words of Jesus Christ through literary and published material. Your offices are in Illupeju, Lagos Nigeria. Established in 2006, Cassava Republic is now a major African book publisher.

Founded to address the issue of identifying and reading foreign publications of Africans far from home. Founded in Nigeria in 1966, the firm has since fought for its survival and is today one of the world' s foremost publishers of nursery, primary and middle schools books.

It is headquartered in Ibadan. Founded twenty years ago in Nigeria, Book Craft Africa has since released a large number of publications covering a wide variety of topics, including political science, literary, biographical, historical and more. It is headquartered in Ibadan. Like Grace Springs African Publishers (GSAP), Black Tower Publishers is a forerunner.

It' in the Black Tower publishing house, property 1, GRA, Awka. The Kachifo is one of the world' s largest publishing houses with an Africa focus. It' s the publishing house Farafina Boks, FarafinaTuuuti, Farafina and Prestige Dogs. It is a publishing house in Lagos, Nigeria. It is a publishing house in Nigeria that offers a broad spectrum of publishing activities in the field of popular culture, ranging from journals, literature and even picture publications to photography and illustration for printed and on-line publishing houses.

It is headquartered in Lagos.

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