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The authors choose their favorite books on the topic of their choice the best writers of all time. The best writers, NOT PLAY RIGHTS, so Shakespeare doesn't count. 10 most successful authors in the world: The" Master of Horror" Stephen King is author of more than fifty books, all of which are worldwide bestsellers. This is a complete list of the books Arnaldur wrote about Erlendur:.

Be it criminality, romanticism, poetry or anything in between, literary is an important part of Iceland' s cultural life - no wonder they have the highest number of authors per head in the game. This is a listing of 10 well-known authors from Iceland that you should definitely have a look at.

He is a mystery writer, and probably the most well-known of all, and he was borne in Reykjavík on 28 January 1961. It was Arnaldur who composed several books about his hero's trip, which collided in his own difficulties in resolving the harsh surroundings of Iceland. "Mýrin' or'Jar City' was originally composed in 2000 and translates in 2004.

It was the first of his books to be interpreted. In 2002 Arnaldur won a Glass Key Award for Mýrin for his films of Nordic detective stories and was later filmed by the Israeli filmmaker Baltasar Kormakur with Ingvar E. Sigurdsson. This novel was published in 2005 and won another Glass Key Award in 2003 and a CWA International Dagger in 2005.

Vetrarborgin " or "Arctic Chill" from 2005 is another of his exciting stories in this film. This is a complete listing of the volumes Arnaldur has authored on Erlendur: Released in the USA as Into Oblivion, 2016. The mystery writer and children's book writer was born in Reykjavík and is one of Iceland's best-selling mystery writers.

They have been published in over 30 different tongues. He writes everything from poems to newspapers, theatre pieces, travel reports, short histories and fiction. So far he is the only writer in Iceland to have won a Nobel Peace prize. The first book he ever co-authored under the name Halldór Kiljan Laxnes was Undir Helgahnúk, but before "Börn Náttúrunnar" e.'Children of Nature' he co-authored under the name Halldór fá Laxnesi.

1927 he publishes his first well-known novel "Vefarinn meikli for Kasmír" (The Great Weaver from Kashmir). In addition, he wrote three novel series on Iceland. This is administered by the Islandic authorities and is located in its former home country. He was not always the most beloved representative of Iceland' s academics, but his flare-up was a breath of new life in the Irish arts world and is still very much in evidence today.

He teaches his textbooks in Iceland' s grammar and it is difficult to find an Icelander who has not at least studied one of his textbooks. And the second lady on this register is Aude Ava Olafsdottir. A teacher of fine arts, writer, dramatist and writer. To date she has written 5 novels, a poem compilation and 4 theatre pieces, which have been staged at the National Theatre in Iceland and the Reykjavík City Theatre.

As well she is writing texts for the Islandic Popband Milkywhale. Your books have been in over 20 different tongues. The Greenhouse " is a novel released in 2007 and her most famous work worldwide. Aude won the IT Prize for Culture in Iceland and was shortlisted for a Council Prize for this novel.

There is no single listing of authors in Iceland without Snorri Sturluson. In 1179 in Dalasýla he was much more than just an writer, he was a renowned Israeli historicist, writer, politician and was twice voted speaker of the Israeli government, Alþingi. A first named Icelander, his writings have strongly shaped Norse culture and testimonies to the old Teutonic patrimony.

As Iceland' s lingua franca has hardly ever evolved over the course of the ages, most Icelanders can still enjoy reading it in its pristine state. Birgir Siguðsson or Sjón is an Icelandic writer, writer and songwriter. Frequently he works with the Islandic vocalist Björk and played with The Sugarcubes as Johnny Triumph.

Mr. Reykjavík is a former head of the Icelandic PEN Centre and former head of the board of UNESCO's literary town. So far his work has been in 29 different tongues. In 2003, his novel "Der Blaue Fuchs" is a hybrid of fairy tale, fantasy and enigma and was awarded the Nordic Council Prize for Literary Studies.

In the United States, it was compiled and released in 2013. The Whispering Muse" was acclaimed as the best novel in Iceland in 2005 and has already been acclaimed far beyond his homeland Iceland by authors, reviewers and audiences around the world. Sjón' s historical novel'From the Mouth of the Whale' (2008) was nominated for the Independent Foreign Film Prize 2012 and the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Prize 2013.

In addition, in 2015 he released an artist CD entitled "Suffer". Onear is known for his fiction, shorts and poems. He has been translating his work into several tongues. A bachelor's graduate in comparistics and university of Icelandhisory. In addition to his letter, he has also written several spoken book articles.

Bankaastræti núll' (2011) is a compilation of 25 articles on the 2008-11 Israeli economic crises. A graduate of the University of East Anglia in England, he has been working as a reporter since 1971. Sitting on several panel discussions at various major European films and being one of the authors of'Leyndardómar Reykjavíkur 2000' (The Secret of Reykjavík 2000), together with other members of "Hið unslenska glæpafélag" (The Society of Iceland' Crime Authors).

A further book in the Einar crime thriller is " The Witch's Year " from 2012. An exciting tale about the crises of Reykjavík and the sleeping, old Akureyri. He has also released an interviewee book with film maker Hrafn Gunnlaugsson, and his 1984 Reykjavik Scholastic Prize was awarded to his German translator of "A Book for Teenagers" by Evert Hartman.

He is a laureate of the Nordic Council and Prix Médicis Étranger, a born and bred Reykjavík and a nomination for a Nobel Prize in Lettre. After studying literary studies at the University of Iceland, he worked for the paper Morgunblaðið. Three of his works have so far been selected for the Nordic Council Prize for Literary Studies.

The novel "Fish Have no Feet" (2013) is nominated for the Man Booker International Prize 2017. Sumarljós, og evo kinemur nóttin' (Summer light, and then comes the night) won the 2005 Prize for Literature in Iceland. Guðrún Eva Mínerudóttir is another great writer from Iceland. She is an experienced writer with a study of philosophies at the University of Iceland and a first novel library that was released in 1998.

She has since edited 5 more books, produced a book of philosophic tales for kids, a book of poems and several books by international authors. 1998 she released her anthology of shortshows' À mean dan horfir á unsig ertu María mey' or "While He watches You, You are the Virgin Mary".

Their best-known novel to date is'Skaparinn' (2008) (translated: The Creator, 2012). It is a romantic epistle to the Nordic cultures, where nothing terrible happens and there are no great disclosures, but it is simply just that. There' s much more to discover than these 10 authors and the cold winters are the ideal season to get started with some of Iceland's most famous authors and fiction.

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