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The marketing of your self-published book involves a lot of concentrated work, usually as much work as was necessary to even write the book. 8 Must Have tools for self-publishing and e-book. For the list click here. You can find authoring tools & tips and other self-publication resources at B&N Press. Self-publishing tools and resources for formatting, publishing, promoting and selling your books, indie author.

12 best tools before self-publishing a book

The publication of a textbook with conventional publishing houses can be equally daunting for new and existing authors. However with the advancement of the notebook and the availability of publishing tools, it is possible for any writer with a great work to make outcomes. These are some of the most useful tools available on the web to help you self-publish your novel.

Sites such as Proofreadingpal can offer a webmaster. While there are free tools, they often do not have a data base as large as some more expensive, higher value sites. Regarding e-books, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is an all-in-one self-publishing authoring software package. Uploading your novel to web pages such as KDP requires a specific file size.

A number of useful tools are available on the web for self-published writers and have been licensed by Amazon. First, there is Amazon author central. In this way, the writer receives the important publicity in digital form that every businessman must have in today's age. Amazon Autor Central lets you advertise all your titles to increase your sale in all ways.

When you decide to sell your books for free for a small amount of time to boost your sale, there are sites like Bookbub that market your offering to its million subscriber.

The journey through my own business life

I' d like to give you some hints for the release of "kindle-tastic kindle"! So for the next 12 working nights, I will give some self-publication hints and instructions to help you get started with your Kinderle release, build a solid base of earning and finally finish your work! This will help us to maintain the operation of this website and to keep on publishing useful contents.

Today I will be talking about the top 10 best tools for self-publishing writers. Being a self-released writer, you have to put on many different types of helmets, from typing, processing, formatting, design, publishing, promotion, advertising, blogging and linking with your readership. Hopefully these top 10 of the best tools will help you spend less of your precious free day and more of your free day doing what you do best.

Childle keyboardwords are an important part of self-publishing. The choice of good key words leads to hundrets of extra visits and brings more books for sale. I' ve got it on my chrom expansion to proactively correct my photo galleries, blogs, emails and more. I' ll be uploading them into the application as MS Wordfiles to proof-read and edit books.

With Canva, designing a simple process. Featuring production features and an easy-to-use user friendly user experience. Now you can make a free personalized dust jacket. You can quickly sketch and produce visual appealing artwork with the many ready-to-use artwork and free stick pictures. Everything is simple and possible without complex programming.

It' a fast and simple way to make an appealing eBook album! You can use this program to make 3-D covers to attract readers' interest and increase sales. I' m happy to use this tactile covers in my e-mails, blogs and my work. In order to start, just select your preferred artwork pattern, load up an artwork of your covers and the artwork will do the work.

Once you have a number of eBooks on Amazon, eBook Tracker makes it easy to keep an eye on all your book purchases, rankings and prices. They can see the effects of your merchandising strategy and changes in prices on your selling rankings and prices. When you want to keep track of other writers' works, watch and analyse their selling status, eBook Tracker is a great way to benchmark your work against your competition.

Rather than chasing page by page on Amazon, you can now simply trace and watch all your information in one place. is a must-have for all self-published writers. Work on your description and information and add your own comment. It also allows you to control your rank for all your titles, Kindle electronic accounts, as well as your selling record.

However, the information is restricted to your own work. The ConvertKit is created by Blogger for Blogger, but it works really well for self-published writers! Selling your book is the simplest way to start is to start by building an audiences of faithful people. The best way to get this public established is a blogs.

Having built up a respectable public through my various blog niches, I can market my titles more effective and efficient as I push the Amazon ranking ever higher. One of HostGator's most sought-after ISPs, where you can quickly and simply set up your own website with a single click.

If you want to become an established author or win prospective clients for your book, a blogs is a must! One of the best ways to conserve your valuable resources, improve your efficiency and keep in touch with your audiences is to learn how to plan and administer your SMBs.

Later allows you to plan your community contributions to increase your fan base and simply advertise your work. A complete eBook management system - Calibre allows you to build, modify, view, share, and more! There is no question that writers should include this utility in their arsenals. The program provides outstanding conversion capabilities for the conversion of text files into various file types (epub,. wobi, html, AZW3 (Kindle)) and the processing of their meta data.

Have you got any favourite tools I haven't mentioned in this article?

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