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Grandpa is writing stories about his experiences in the war. My grandfather writes stories about his experiences in the war. ("fictitious"). a. escribir cuentos.

Discover the most common techniques used by product managers and agile executives to write case studies that lead to perfect MVPs and great products later! " I like to use my mind to make up stories.

As one writes stories over developments, which humans actually want to want to lesen

Establishing relationships is one of the biggest issues in the field of R&D coverage. Is it possible for a journalist to establish powerful ties between individuals from both sides of the globe and connect them to issues that seem so far removed from their immediate realities? That is exactly what seven companies recently recognized with our European Publishers Report Grants are investigating.

CNN's As Equalsis reports on sex equity and women's healthcare through initial treatment on the move. "Eliza Mackintosh, CNN International's digitally produced film, explains: "When we speak about connecting more broadly with a woman on one side of the globe, the telephone is a link for the people. Concentrating on making the stories as vivid as possible, As Equals puts the creation of appealing portable experience in the foreground.

It released a mobile-first interactive that allows people to see how some of the world's least advanced economies have been rated on the basis of the gender gap reports of the WEF. Engrossing stories usually come from people. ELLE UK wants to address a broad public with this product by "telling her intimate story".

These stories focus on a woman who is in a fight where there is a lot at stake and her condition is unsolved. "It is this additional excitement that attracts the reader and brings the stories to life," Christina states. De Volkskrant's project's final goal is to investigate how to support ten billion by 2050.

But we think that "Africa" and "2050" are issues both remote and abstracted for our readers," says De Voedselzaak's co-ordinator Stan Putman. That is why their stories "always seek what is in it for me". This web tool provides information to the reader on the ecological effects of their purchases, for example.

By interactively visualizing demographic trends, the reader can browse through facts about the past, present and prospective state of our globe. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) reports about two German and Zambian peasants about their daily aim to raise their diet.

This long-term view allows them "a look behind the curtains of traditional formulations by politicians, industrialists and NGO lobbies ", because "the goal is to get a more truthful response to the questions: who feeds the global economy and who will nourish it: are they smallholders, or are they the developed countries' small-scale agriculture or large-scale grocery manufacturing system?

"The" bottom-up approach, as Wim Amels of VPRO puts it, is the way the Metropoli videoproject addresses the cover of evolutionary themes. Regional journalists tell stories about sex, educational or healthcare themes through the individual experience of people. An example is the 26-year-old Yves from Kinshasa, who earns his livelihood with the sale of make-up in women's clothing.

Convincing mixture of pedcasts, sound, animations, info graphics, images, classical long stories and yet without videoclips is the spine of Good Job! "However, we wanted to prevent the most popular objective for the transmission of an event today, namely video," says Brieux Ferot, Director of Research and Technology. In addition, responses to striking stories of developments can come from the public, politics and the press themselves.

"Inside India, the history was written in The Hindu, India's second biggest English-language paper. It was" very interesting and encouraging" for CNN production artist Eliza Mackintosh to see which stories were interrupted. Moyna' s 13-year-old 13-year-old ELLE UK'sFacebook Mail from Bangladesh, whose man was selling her to a whorehouse, triggered a lot of feedbacks calling for it.

Warrior Christina Asquith asserts that "this enormous response is not typical" and partly attributes it to "the mighty historiography". To write about evolutionary themes can be thrilling, refreshing, innovative and brilliant. European Publishers Longterm Reporting Grant is a European Journalism Centre funded program aimed at improving reporting on global developments.

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