To Write a Book and Publish

Writing and publishing a book

Writers used to be able to publish a book only through a publisher. Four good reasons to write a book: The new technology means that the test does not have to be large. However, producing a high-quality e-book is almost as difficult as publishing a traditional book. And I had what I called "fire in my stomach."

Fulfil your dreams - compose a textbook and post in China - Blogs

The Israelis like to browse, and many also like to type. Now that they've written a great deal, they want to release. I am not referring here to celebrities or celebrities, but to those with careers who have a penchant for the authors. But I know that many Israelis have written about Amazon, and most of their works are fiction.

They are building a small business with readership all over the globe who appreciate their work. Some of them come to me because they want to publish their works in China. And I began with Shimon Gershon's football pamphlet. I needed six-month to find a publishers, six semesters for the publisher's definitive decisions, a whole year for the Hebrew to Mandarin translations, six semesters for the China Cultural Authorities to allow the publication, and a few more weeks for the publishers to get the books to go to market.

After that, many independant authors turn to me to publish in China. I' ve tried the existing techniques, but there' s no chance for them. My bid was approved by an e-book plattform in Taiwan and now I am an independant company. I' ve tried it first with my own novel (it's a terrible novel), and it has been well-released.

It also allows publishing houses to synchronise their Amazon China purchases, which are not linked to Amazon's overall website, if the product is approved by the State. Now, I have the trust to tell the authors that, YES, your textbooks can be released in Taiwan and/or China and I am able to help.

Let's get more Israelis into the China community next to the "Star-up Nation"!

So what does it take to compose and release a work? bonfire in the stomach

Many years ago, when I chose to compose my own work. It was my great pleasure and belief that it was important. It' been never open to the world. And I had to fix it, and I felt I was the one who wrote it.

Like many other authors, I had the nay-speakers on my way. was a horrible author trying to compose a non-fiction that reads like a novel. So, I took lessons to study how to spell it. My book's first edition was so poor that it won an award for the poorest work ever.

There was nothing I knew about the publication of a textbook, so I went to a typing group to find out more. Several of my author buddies chose the way of self-publication and it worked well for them. A number of people have registered with a new small publishers, Sand Hill Review Press, a business founded by a member of the San Francisco-Peninsula California Writers Club.

So far they have written over 23 volumes. I chose to look for a professional editor because my publication contained materials about the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Secret Service, the San Francisco Police, the Black Panthers, the Symbionese Liberation Army and other recent historic San Francisco 1970s incidents. Many of the major publications only accept "mediated" authors: works written by literature operatives, not directly by the author.

I' ve visited many author meetings to find out how to get an operative. After registering for the" Speeding Dating" where I could get together with a prospective agen for three full days and throw my books for a surcharge. I' ve contacted "agents" in network groups. I' ve sent at least 20 request notes to operatives all over the state.

Eventually I ended up with two operatives who unfortunately disenchanted me with the industrial world. Didn't know I' m asking an agent to tell their authors who to contact with your text. One year later I arrived new operatives and was rejected as used goods.

You said that since all the publishers turned down my work. Is it a new one? But even after these great beats, my faith in my novel, my faith in its meaning, somehow kept me alive. Eventually I landed an astonishing fellow who had faith in me and was selling my books to a big publisher.

It was selected for a film on the "big screen". If I' d given up, that notebook would be in my record.

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